13 in 13 with Corals + Cognacs –

May 7, 2013

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Fullscreen capture 572013 122520 AM13 in 13 is back! And trust me this one was worth the wait! By definition – I’m a baby in the blog world but if there is one thing LuckyFABB taught me – its blogging is measured in dog years. So if that’s the case than Hallie Wilson of Corals + Cognacs is one seasoned and gorgeous Golden. Hallie has been a blog mentor of mine since I started over a year ago and if there is one girl that balances color block, community management and NYC fabulous best  – well, it’s absolutely Hallie of Corals + Cognacs.

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1. Tell me about yourself?

I’m originally from Cleveland, lived in Chicago for six years and have recently relocated to New York City. I work full-time in social media, I love addicting myself to Netflix and I have a borderline inappropriate addiction to Zara.

2. What led you to the online blogging webspace?

Where I spend my weekdays from nine-to-five, style takes a back seat to a lot of other things. Since sartorial humor and an expertly crafted color-block can get lost in the boardroom (rightfully so), I decided to create a blog, where I’d hoped my writing, day-to-day styling efforts and arguably unacceptable collection of shoes would be better comprehended.

3. You recently moved to NYC…any reason?

It’s New York! … If not now, when?

4. What about New York has inspired you and corals + cognacs?

The city itself, I’ve just adjusted the ongoing narrative that is my blog – it’s like my readers and I are exploring and acclimating to New York together. It’s fun!

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5. Is there any inspiration behind the blogs namesake?

I’m asked this a lot. To be honest, the name just came to me and clicked. When I began writing c+c in 2011, I worked in market research (storytelling with numbers, if you will), which is why I use a plus sign rather than an ampersand. I’m a big color-blocker, too, and a sucker for alliteration in writing. It just fit.

6. Where do you draw your inspiration from?

Everywhere, which is why I always have a pen and paper on me. It can be as random as a Subway advertisement!

7. What makes your blog different?

On corals + cognacs, you’ll find musings on life, style shoes and champagne from a new-to-New York’er. It took time, relationship building and lots of fine-tuning my writing (which I’m still working on). My humor, I think. My readers and I are on the same page: at the end of the day, its fashion; let’s tell a story, escape from reality and have fun with it.

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8.What’s your favorite social media network to utilize for your blog?

Twitter – it’s the most efficient way to share information and consume knowledge.

9.What is your recipe for success?

Honestly, just be authentic! Have your own point of view and be passionate about building a community around it – the rest will come. Never pass up an opportunity to connect with like-minded, style-obsessed individuals.

10. How do you connect with other bloggers?

I’ve been lucky to make a great group of blogger friends – I support them on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, you name it. We try to get together for brunches and happy hours, too. In real life is always more fun!

11. Why do you think Fashion blogging is important in the world of style? Are there too many #fblogs out there?

Accessibility and realism – in an instant, you can find out how to wear boyfriend jeans, who’s wearing them and where to buy them. No, there may be too much topic regurgitation, but ultimately, everyone has their own personal flair, opinions and perspectives. It’s up to the blogger to harness those things and make themselves stand out.

12. What are some of your favorites that you follow?

Too many to name (visit my blogroll for a full list), but Bows & Sequinswith a CH and Cheetah is the New Black are a few of my local favorites.

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13. What type of style do you capture on your blog?

I listen to what my readers are talking about (via social media listening tools like Sprout, or by using Twitter lists), and I curate my editorial calendars around that. I like to answer the questions that they’re asking themselves.

14. What’s your go to piece you can’t live without?

Any slash all of my many shoes from ZaraLaid-back luxe: Vintage t-shirts paired with statement necklaces! (perfect for a c+c night out!)

15. What elements to you think define your style the most?

Wearing unexpected pairings, mixing prints and layering textures. You can visit the blog to check out more of my personal style.

But of course we couldn’t let Hallie get away without sharing some of her favorites playing into everyone of her healthy Zara and shoe addictions. Check out our “c+c” inspired New Yorker outfit complete with some of Hallie’s signature staples.

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Get the Look:

| Zara Ceramic Printed Blazer | Otte Overlap Seam Tank | ASOS Brady Slim Boyfriend Jeans in Bleach Wash | 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Zip Satchel Bag | Loren Hope Elva Tassel Necklace | Latico – Ashley Cross Body Metallic Copper Leather Bag | City Classified Sadler Pointed Toe Flat | Gorjana & Griffin Kingston Wrap Bracelet | See by Chloe Metallic Wedge Sandals |

Most recently Hallie found her way to Marshalls where she styled her perfect “Sorbet” look for spring – check it out! (p.s. I think I’m going to Marshalls after seeing this!)

I can’t thank Hallie of c+c enough! It was such a pleasure having one of MY mentors on the blog and awesome to work and connect with her. Hopefully I’ll bump into this stylista on the streets of NYC someday. Thanks Hallie!

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