13 in 13 with NYC PR Girls

July 24, 2013

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13 in 13 is back! 13 Blogs 13 months – featuring some of my favorite bloggers. This month we made it official! I am now a PRGirl in PR Mecca. So in honor of me putting my PR girl stamp on New York City it was about time that we reach out to some of the best bloggers in the “biz”so many of which are located on this “small” island. So what do you get when you cross PRMecca  with some of the best and most kick a$$ bloggers in NYC? A pretty killer and savvy portal shining a bright light on a fast-paced Industry. What better way to kick off this month’s 13 in 13 feature than a PR and NYC blogger extraordinaire; one half- of the brilliant minds behind the very powerful NYC-based blog – Adrianna* of NYCPRGirls!

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1. Tell me about yourself –

Fullscreen capture 7242013 115727 PMI was raised in a small town in New Jersey and went to college in Tampa, FL to escape the freezing weather. While in Tampa I pursued my PR major and interned at a small firm in Tampa as well as a boutique firm in Manhattan over the summer. After graduating I immediately moved into an apartment in NYC and started interning at my first firm, which turned into a fulltime job. After two years in the city, I moved to Jersey and currently live in Hoboken. Just over a month ago, I started at a new PR firm (which you might have read on the blog) and am learning and adjusting each day.

2. What’s the story behind the blog?

During my first job, I met my now closest friend and blog partner Meg. After looking a blogs all day, we decided to start our own that would document our experiences learning and growing in the PR industry. The blog has since become a resource for other PR professionals and we couldn’t be happier.

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3. What led you to be a voice for the 
We (Her co-blogger Meg & A) love to hear this. We still can’t believe our own blogs success. Twitter has been a huge factor in driving our traffic along with word of mouth.“young PR pros?” 

4. Is there any inspiration behind the blogs namesake?

The blogs name came about really simply. We’re PR girls working in NYC. We wanted a blog name that others could relate to and easily recognize.

5. What’s your favorite thing about blogging?

I love connecting with other people. The emails we get from all different places around the world are so inspiring. It really keeps us going. It’s also a great portal to vent. Especially through rough times.

6. What makes your blog different?

We’re very personal and really write about what we’re going through in our careers. Something that’s hard to find on other blogs and we hope others like reading about.

7. What’s your go to piece in your closet you couldn’t live without? 

My little black dress. Sounds cliché, but I really don’t know what I’d do without it. It’s my go to when I don’t have time to pull together another outfit.

Fullscreen capture 7252013 122618 AM8. What do you think are the most important staples in a PR Girls closet?

A blazer to look put together and the black dress that will take you through a client presentation and dinner. Every PR Girl needs a go to bag – I favor my Louis Vuitton speedy. It fits everything, including an extra pair of shoes. Great grab and go bag.

9. What’s the quick switch item that will take you from the office to client drinks to a friend dinner?

Heels always make the difference. Through them on with pants, a dress, anything and you’ll look more polished.

Whether it’s from the press room to the board room Adrianna of NYCPRGirls has become more than a mentor for PRBlonde – she’s a kindred NYC’er and blogger friend! Continue to follow their blog offering great insights on internships, the industry and the quips and quirks of what it means to be a successful PRGirl. Trust me these ladies have your roadmap!

Twitter: @NYCPRGirls

*Placement picture used for representation and not of owners or NYCPRGirls brand. 
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