17 Days of 17

January 17, 2017

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Wow. All I can say is – it’s been a minute. One of sheer denial that we’re in a new year and more that it’s January again!

2017 (2)

January is likely my least favorite month. January’s past included grappling with the winter blues, nursing broken hearts, lamenting the holidays and all around trying to get a handle on a whole new year ahead.

So instead of waxing poetic about all the thoughts in my brain for the past almost month – I wanted to turn my thoughts into more of a list of reflection and action – 17 thoughts on 17 dedicated to a new year, new resolutions and new goals. A listicle organized.

The past 17 days:

  • I spent an amazing New Years in a cozy cabin experiencing a lot of personal firsts and strapping on skis for the first time in 4 years!
  • 2. Skiing was like riding a bike – I even tackled my first black before lunch – natch!
  • 3. I’ve managed to book 3 trips back to back – please like the wanderlust bug couldn’t stay away for long!

On Relationships:

  • 17 days have come with time reconnecting with friends, visiting new date spots, entertaining family in town and frankly putting some effort into areas that my “on the road” job didn’t allow for in 2016. Sometimes it’s nice to know you’re starting the year off with a good cheering squad behind you as you pursue new things.

On Health/Wellness:

  • Ah – the elephant in the room. A recent injury has me hitting the pause button on my 2017 half-marathon goals but it will happen!
  • I’m maintaining the 3-C’s during the week – NO Cabs, Carbs, Cabernet Sauvignon. My body and wallet will thank me. Till Friday at least.

On Career:

  • If last year was the year of travel – this year is the year of big events. Starting with Super Bowl! Ya – it’s just what you’re thinking.
  • Also – it’s time to bring back the “From the Desk” posts – don’t you think? PR Gals get ready!

On the Blog:

  • I took some time over the holiday and really thought – is this online place something I really can devote my time to? Really believe in? The long short – yes, what matters is that life is better and richer with this corner of the internet alive.
  • But it may be time to refocus on what this blog is and what it isn’t – a cleaner manifesto if you will!
  • We’re coming up on the blog’s 5th Birthday – can you believe it!
  • So I think of it as time to “push myself” what do we really want to do with PRBlonde.com in 2017…

On LIfe/Resolutions: While the last 5 may seem quick and dirty. I find myself finding comfort in waking up and quickly resetting priorities with the simplest of mantras.

  • Travel more
  • Worry/apologize less
  • Be authentic not popular
  • Invest your time in it because it matters to you
  • Be happy!

On my last resolution it took me a minute to get here but I firmly believe happiness is a choice and you are fully capable of turning things around whenever you please. All that matters is picking yourself up by the boots and doing the work to get there!

Here’s to a great year ahead!

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