Moving Forward with Dove

January 23, 2017

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If last week’s post was a springboard into a new year – this one is all about moving forward and upward!

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Between tons of end of year 2016 celebrations, navigating the crazy streets of New York to shop for presents and see the lights. and spend family filled holidays regaling my travels – I was pooped!

2016 was a year of eye-opening experiences (which we’ll reflect on later) and perfecting time management. In all honesty, until taking time to reflect I didn’t even realize the strides I made learning how to manage my time and maintain my sanity. So many new year’s resolutions are dedicated to being both active and mindful. A mantra I could certainly readopt for 2017.

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So I guess you could say I spent the first 17 days making some changes. The trick was to not to do things faster in 2017 but spend less time watching Netflix or grabbing only one drink with friends instead of five. This year I instead of making resolutions I’m going to resolve to apply 2016’s lessons in time management to become 2017 habit and it all starts the moment I open my eyes first thing in the morning.

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My morning routine is a coveted one. From a lathering shower to my makeup regimen what matters is like the caffeine in my French press coffee I need those things that I know are going to get me through the day. For instance – I find myself using moisture-infused foundation, lotion, and even an anti-perspirant I can depend on. Dove Dry Spray Antiperspirant is my go to. Running around the city, especially in and out of the subway – subway sweat is real especially in the winter with all those layers! NYC’ers you know what I’m talking about. So I like when I can use something that goes on instantly dry and provides 48 hours of odor and wetness protection and is kind to skin.

Same with my foundation – I can’t live without a good tinted moisturizer and eye-liner with staying power. I love not having to worry about whether or not I have makeup running down my face as I take on the workday, workouts and warming hot toddy’s with friends or a look that can role into a weekday date night.

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Taking some time to find beauty products I can wear all day – put on once and can quickly shake, spray and go has taken minutes off my day. Well that and watching a little less Netflix!

What’s your resolution for taking back your time this year?

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