May 5, 2017

So, I booked another trip. Shocker!

But aside from where I’m going next it got me thinking (okay worrying) about what to pack. While I have my go to outfits, footwear, bags and eyewear – what I often don’t take into account is my “flawless” beauty routine.

After battling acne for years, I am a skin evangelist. I have a regimen that works, I know my triggers and more importantly I know how to take care of it about 80% of the time. But recently, my friends at SK-II reached out to me and shared that not all skin protection is created equal. In fact, with all of my travel, my at home skin regimen doesn’t always work abroad. Climates change and so should my skin care routine.


So let’s take a step back and chat about skin treatment must haves against the backdrop of one of my favorite places I’ve ever been to – Ephesus, Turkey.

If you recall I spent about two weeks traveling around Italy, Greece and Turkey last year. Turkey was hands down my favorite destination. As we sailed into the port of Ephesus, it was a sight unlike any other – dense redish fog, sun breaking over a mix of arid and forest filled land and more intensely a sea of red flags masted every building, home and structure in an overwhelming welcome of middle east nationalism. I have never witnessed anything like it – nor have been so quickly reminded that I was somewhere I hadn’t been before.

Now while I’m a huge fan of exploring, preparation to tour around Ephesus was lacking. It was hot the ruins were dusty and the sun was strong – but the site was amazing.

The site of Ephesus, Turkey is a site of ancient Greek ruins that date back to 10th century BC and considered seven wonders of the ancient world. I was fortunate enough to walk what are considered sacred grounds. While we were asked to cover our shoulders, nothing could compare to the sun that lit the walls of the Temple of Artemis, The Library of Celcus and a theatre with the capacity to hold 25,000 people used for gladiator fights, theatre and spectator sport.

Abandoned for thousands of years it felt as if we were facing the overgrown wild but with stories hidden in every stone, bust, statue and structure. Our tour guide Oz shared the most amazing narratives along the way and each vignette felt like something different and new.

Now if we’re bringing this full circle – I wasn’t ready for any of it. The emotional history, the call of the wild in a middle eastern country and I certainly wasn’t prepared with a product to protect and hydrate my face in the hot hot sun. Plus I had just come from Greece, a coastal seaside climate and was returning to a major city the next day. So in the context of my trip, my friends at SK-II shared how Facial Treatment Essence could help protect me from city to city, climate to climate. Think about it? From the dusty streets of New York to the coastal salt of Greece to the dry and dusty ruins of Turkey – my beauty regimen wasn’t going to cut it. Cue the bags, the bumps and the dry skin.

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Recently – SKII partnered with fellow traveller Chiara Ferragni on a video series called “Face the Wild” a beautifully shot series of vignettes spotlighting how easy it is when you travel to put your skin to the test. As I continue my travels this year, it had me rethinking the make-up bag. Like in Turkey, I needed something that was nourishing, filled with vitamins, minerals and what SK-II calls Pitera™ a secret ingredient meant to soothe skin surface concerns that can be caused by a range external aggressors such as harsh UV and pollution. Ephesus conditions, checked all the boxes.

So here’s to the next wild adventure and being fully prepared for whatever comes my way – to check out SK-II’s video series, hit play below.

Thank you to SK-II for partnering with me on this post.