Island Guide – Grand Cayman

June 18, 2017

I feel like a city/island guide of a locale i’ve been to 5 times is long overdue.

The Cayman Islands have been a haven for family vacations and work destinations for years now and come complete with killer sunsets, island time vibes, cocktails worth drinking all day and some of the best restaurants on any Caribbean island I’ve ever been to. It’s arguably my favorite destination among crystal blue waters and great for every age – families, couples, millennials looking to relax (but not be bored). It’s just the right amount of activity and relaxation and one can dial it up or down however you’d like.

The island is fairly easy to navigate with points of interest like Georgetown, Rum Point and the newly developed Kaibo all reachable by car and boat and no more than an hour in any given direction. Each area boasts awesome hotels, beautiful views and tons of palm trees with a consistent reminder that you’re nowhere near home.

STAY // I have stayed in three properties on the island all on Seven Mile Beach. There’s really nothing quite like a beachfront room and with the abundance of chain hotels with Starwood, Marriott, etc. so your points can go a long way with a great view.

  • Marriott Seven Mile Beach – Now the thing about this Marriott is that it offers it’s beach house experience which is said to celebrate the “summer state of mind.” I mean, when you have a daily mojito bar, beach attendants, morning juice bar, bonfires on the beach and consistent live music during golden hour. What I love the most about this property is the high-touch experience, they’ve basically thought of everything including a Sunglass Concierge who will make sure your sunglasses are smudge and sand free! (YAS!)
  • Westin Grand Cayman – This is the perfect mid-size hotel tucked a little farther down seven mile beach. With the perfectly situated property on some of its unharmed beaches, amazing water activities and a serene walk in either direction down the sand it’s perfect for a true getaway. Plus they just re-did their lobby and if you’ve stayed at a Westin, who can escape that amazing white tea and aloe perfume smell.
  • Ritz-Carlton Grand Cayman – Noted as one of the bigger resorts it straddles both sides of the beach and lagoon. With beautiful ocean front rooms and a huge (but busy) pool area, it’s a great vacation spot while also luxe-ing it up in the best way!

Additionally, the island has plenty of smaller condo options and AirBnb is growing island wide with the same beachfront access to Seven Mile Beach. One that we’ve looked into is the Caribbean Club – a little on the luxe side but full apartments with a great restaurant called Luca.

EAT // Fresh, fresh, fresh! Picture this, sailing out on crystal blue waters and literally catching mahi mahi, grouper, flounder, tuna or island signature wahoo fish and grilling, searing, marinating and cooking it up that same day! What I love about Cayman is that if you’re a seafood lover, there are many restaurants where you can get an AMAZING meal. My favorite is The cracked conch. With a great view at sunset and even night divers that head out, it’s a great view and they cook up some of the best Wahoo I’ve ever had. A few others that top the list for waterside eats include, Calypso Grill, Morgan’s Harbor and dessert favorite, Eric Rippert’s Blue at the Ritz-Carlton. Abacus is also a great eatery in shopping centrale Camana Bay and Catch the newest restaurant to hit the Island. Most restaurants take reservations and I would highly suggest making them especially around 8/8:30 so you can enjoy the sunset but not be rushed to leave the beach.

SEE // Cayman has always been a true getaway where the beach is the main attraction. However, each vacation I’ve taken a special charter trip on one of my favorite fishing boats on the Island, the Oh Boy! The 60’ luxury fishing vessel captained by Charles and first mate Jerry is one of the best days ever spent while in the Cayman Islands. From visits to stingray city, to reef snorkeling and fishing (reef and deep sea) it’s an incredible way to see the Caribbean Sea. Oh – if you go, ask for the ‘on board’ conch ceviche and lobster salad – Capt. Charles makes it fresh! From the ocean floor to the plate – it’s the freshest catch you’ll ever eat!

Other attractions I recommend include:

  • Dolphin Cove – You can swim with the dolphins, an awesome experience.
  • Sunset cruise – With a western facing beach it’s worth the trip and likely available at your hotel Red Sail Sport desk.
  • Caymana Bay – A recently developed shopping center on the lagoon side of Seven Mile Beach’s town
  • Kaibo Beach – If you’re looking for a tranquil afternoon on the northside for a slight change of scenery. Plus a great restaurant!

Nothing is better than island time, enjoy!