Monday Reading – Vol. 29

August 3, 2015

So apparently August is the “luckiest month ever.” Not to be confused with the fact that it’s my birth month (so I guess this means I’m doubling down) but August 26th is said to be the “luckiest day of the year” for everyone. Thank you Susan Miller.

Golden Dice

Now while I’m not one for horoscopes, I am one for some good ju-ju and clicking on obscure links when lounging in cozy jeans. So when my blogging spirit animal Amelia Diamond removed any doubt of some serious “life shade” I felt I had to share with the group, oh and a few other link musings to start off your week:

GET LUCKY // Yep, Susan Miller the astrology queen said it here. 8/26 people. Get on board and make some plans.

CONTOUR QUEEN // As long as we’re talking about queenies – Ashley earned that crown with her contouring post. Now while I mastered coloring in the lines at an early age – beauty contouring is another subject I have yet to master. Here’s ‘How to Contour Make-Up in 5 Minutes.’

TIME SAVING LOOK // And if we’re talking about saving time here – I love this effortless look from Jess. Simple jeans – much like my Target Denim I see an outfit similar in my future. Maybe when we turn down the heat a smidge.

SUN v. SHADE // Don’t get me wrong – I don’t want summer to end. So to get the most out of my “shade wear” and up my sunglass game (newsflash I just lost two pair! I’m devastated.) I have turned to Ditto. Virtual eyewear sampling that promises to take me from “zero to Gosling.” I’ll opt for whoever the “girl-gos” version is.

NEW LOVE // Thanks to this post on Glitter Guide I have fallen in love with all things “Love. Luck. Kisses & Cake.” The site that is. But then again who doesn’t love those things or love this amazing flamingo e-paper.

HAVANA GOOD TIME // Since bold colors seem to be catching my eye I’m loving Ellen’s recap of her Cuba trip. The colors, the cars and the water – I see another passport stamp in my future.

A DOSE OF REALITY // On a departed note of the aforementioned ‘lady luck’ I was recently introduced to a revival publication – The Liberty Project. Call it a national lifestyle magazine, call it a ‘smarter and more curated’ Refinery29. All I know is if you follow them on Twitter and Feedly you’ll have a plethora of cocktail conversation to revert to come 5PM.

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