This is 29. A Birthday Story.

August 25, 2017

I know it’s been a while, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for tradition.

(Photo – St. Petersburg, Russia)

Back home this one will involve a birthday story, champagne and a pointy hat, but with my travels this year – raising one to 13 new passport stamps deserves a toast just the same. So grab a glass because…

Happy BIG 2-9 to me! (I know, I can’t believe it either!)

I love writing these birthday posts. In a funny way they hold me accountable for the year past, help me set intentions for the one ahead and all the while, remind me of the themes that make any year just a bit more bubbly – champun intended! Don’t worry flutes and balloons are on standby.

So in keeping with tradition, I dove into the archives to find what 26, 27 and most recently 28 forecasted. I can check #1, #2 off the list and a valiant effort on #4 made for an epic year. 28 was arguably the best yet, one I’m slightly hesitant to say goodbye to as it was filled with…

Adventure – this year 13 countries, some repeats some new. All I can say about my passport is that sh*t needs framing!

Epic Accomplishment – this year professionally came with a Super Bowl, an ode to America and eclipsing the eclipse – thank you Bonnie Tyler. I have been so fortunate to work on so many big and amazing things.

Vulnerability – welcoming new people into my life with open arms and hearts. Xo B!

Stability – While I was off conquering the world, my best friends and family were always by my side of which I will always be forever grateful.

But now, 29.

I’d be lying if I said this one didn’t feel different. It just does. The hangovers are longer, the stressors greater and that “get your shit together” age of 30 now has a countdown clock. It was nice to wake up this morning looking and feeling the same as yesterday. As if my use of night cream was going to now magically turn me into a geriatric.

Yet, here’s to embracing the almost 30! (I know I said it!) and framing up the last year of my 20’s with a few PRB Originals to set the intentions for the last year of what has been truly amazing decade.

  • Believe in yourself and the lens through which you view the world. Just because it isn’t the same as others, doesn’t mean it’s wrong or any less valuable. And embrace other’s lenses as well.
  • You only get what you give. Continue to invest in others in the same proportionate capacity which they invest in you.
  • Know your worth. Any don’t let anyone or anything undervalue your personal stock.
  • Take risks. Professionally, personally and globally that raise your personal capital and earn you respect and light your internal fire.
  • Be thankful. For health, family and the experiences of your 20’s – it’s one hell of a foundation worth building an amazing life on!

So here’s to marking the last year of the best decade with style, excitement and a little bit of grace. A new dress is bought, the mimosa is in hand – so I’d say I’m off to a good start.

To my friends, Elie Goulding said it best, you’re my army. B, your the best thing about my 28th year and beyond. Lastly, to the Power Pruners – they don’t call us superheroes for nothing. I love you all. 

Now who’s meeting me at the bar?