Weekend Reading – Vol. 41

June 18, 2016

One of my favorite things about weekend round-ups is that they are often fueled by other people’s honest moments, links they read and passed along and other bloggers round-ups I read.


My favorite this week, the birthday girl, Meghan of Wit & Whimsy. (HBD lady!)

So in the spirit of her round-up leaving me inspired and to help breathe a little life to where I am when I’m not on the blog, I’ve added two new sections, “This week” to share a few updates on my whereabouts and “Next Week” to share what’s coming…

But for now – here’s this weeks links:


  • Minus working till 10 two nights this week – all the rose and outdoor dining.
  • I met up with Jess and Lauren for drinks and dinner and the NBA Finals, arguably finding a “Ruschmeyer” in NYC at local WV hotspot – The Happiest Hour.
  • I’m finally in town for a hot minute – headed to Greenwich to see my family this weekend and spending some much needed time beachside with Lobster Rolls! Happy Fathers Day Daddio!


BUY THAT: Already thinking summer holidays?

  • Everything on Asos! (For my upcoming TWO WEEK – trip announced Tuesday on the blog!)
  • This boater hat – perfect for a little time on the water.
  • These keds! I know – I can’t believe I just ordered Keds but I think my feet are going to thank me…
  • The perfect 4th of July dress for a backyard patio party!

REMEMBER THIS: Perfect topics for a beachside chat! 

NEXT WEEK: ALLL the travel announcements! 

  • We’re going to talk about work… or in my case werk, werk, werk, werk, werk!
  • We’re through 5 out of our 8 cities and the last three – are MAJOR! Like overseas MAJOR! Tune in Tuesday for the announcement!

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Happy Weekend!