A Diamond and A New Bachelor?

Last we left Desiree – she was ready to wrap up bachelor pack her bags and head home. Her eye was on one prize and Drew and Chris simply weren’t the guys she wanted in the end. With Brooks “gone” what was to fill a two hour finale and an After the Final Rose special?

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On Thursday, Chris Harrison spoke to media and leaving more than a few hints about what we could expect from a our 3 hour Monday night date:

Wetpaint: “Well, according to showrunner Robert Mills, a lot. “Who’s ready for the second part on#TheBachelorette finale on Monday?  The shocks start from minute 1,” Millsy tweeted on August 1.”

Buddy TV: “Other than the fact that we have to play this out, there’s still a lot of questions out there, and there still might not be much of anything next week other than her saying goodbye and having her talk to the two other guys. That was definitely a fear.”

The Hollywood Gossip: “And then there’s Brooks. If anybody was ever set to come back and be wishy-washy, it’s him,” Harrison says. “There’s definitely that option.” 

Digital Spy: [on Brooks] “So there’s definitely that element that he probably did regret saying what he did and doing what he did. That’s definitely open as well as we head into next week. Of course – I think it’s absolutely possible for him to come back in the game. She cared about him, she loved him, she said as much, and you saw him in tears.”


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Are all roads STILL leading to Brooks?

Is a triumphant return in the making? At this point we’re not ruling anything out and I wouldn’t be surprised if we see him riding in like a white knight on well maybe faithful ass. But after all of that how is Des’ going to take him back? He basically said to her – “absence isn’t making the heart grow fonder, sweetie.” “out of sight – almost out of mind…”

I can’t imagine how those break-up conversations are going to go with Drew and Chris – do you think she’ll kick one to the curb early to make room for Brooks to meet the family?


Yep, its true – ABC President Paul Lee told reporters at the TCA conference in Los Angeles this weekend - Viewers will find out during the “After the Finale Rose” special that airs immediately following The Bachelorette finale that your 2014 Bachelor will be announced. In the running – (if the above holds up): Chris, Drew, Zak and Juan Pablo who instagrammed a photo of his ticket to L.A. a few days ago. What would he be doing in the ‘city of Angels’?

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