Hey y’all! I’m Lauren – and welcome to one of my favorite places to play – PRBlonde.com!

I live and work in the New York PR Industry and love my job. Our favorite PR Girls paved the way to show us what happens behind some of the biggest brands in the industry but what I love about what PRBlonde is it’s a little industry and a little fun. Here you will not only find tips and tricks of the trade but style, entertainment and life lessons that make PR Girls who we are – those guilty pleasures that make us – us!


I know what you’re thinking, I must have taken a wrong turn around Arkansas but as a twenty-something PR Gal I am doing exactly what I want where I want and I can’t put a price on that – well maybe for some killer heels. So move over Samantha Jones – because there is a new gal in town!

Happy Reading!

Here’s What You NTK:

Current City? New York City – for now!

Current Job? Consumer/Digital and IRM for a Top PR Firm in NYC

So you’re a social media geek? I prefer expert or connoisseur!

Item in your closet you can’t live without? Gladiator heels, carry-all totes & white tops. No matter tee, blouse or tank form – I will always have a white top.

Dress up or dress down? Always UP! You can never be overdressed, just underappreciated.

Red or White Wine? Both, but pour me a dirty kettle one martini with 3 olives and we will be friends forever.

Why PRBlonde? I’m Blonde and work in PR – boom! The End.

Camera? Nikon D90 85mm f/1.8 lens

Who made this killer site? That would be Lauren of Restored 316

You’re fun. I like you. Friends? Sure Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest & Facebook. Email: Lauren@PRBlonde.com.

January 18, 2012

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