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PRBrunette: California Dreamin’

Fullscreen capture 3282013 125227 PMAll the swag’s been given, the recaps have been written and it’s been a little over a month since our favorite blonde jet-set to the Left Coast for a long weekend in fashion blogger nirvana… making it about the same length of time that this dark-haired counterpart has been super jealous of PRB’s FABBulous vacay!

I’m only halfway kidding. Of course I was more than excited to catch up on all of the Lucky action through the eyes of our favorite bloggers, but I am in a perpetual state of California Dreaming, and during no time more than springtime in Texas. You’ve heard about the April showers bringing the May flowers… Throw a drought somewhere in that mix, a few dashes of a cold front, a touch of a dust storm and some severe high winds, and you might have a more accurate portrait of how emotional our regional Mother Nature can be. Did I mention that this isn’t a pattern necessarily restricted to one season? I was actually referencing real life changes that all occurred in just this past week.

So the temperature consistency of southern California calls to me, like a siren in the night. Seeming both so close and so, so far away, the Golden State’s offerings of moderately warm days and mildly cool nights constantly taunt me and my runny nose. Do people in California even have seasonal allergies? A few things, though, are able to aid me in taking a vacation of the mind.

Fullscreen capture 5292013 110810 PM


|WildfoxBel Air’ sweater | Wildfox‘I Scream L.A.’ destroyed sweatshirt | Wildfoxpineapple coverup tank dress| Von Zipper ‘Digbysunglasses | Essie wedding collection ‘Instant hot’ nail polish  | Bumble and Bumble surf spray| Women’s Escada ‘Pacific Paradise’ eau de toilette | Carol’s Daughter coconut dry oil mist | MARC by Marc Jacobs tall fushia and red stripeysocks | Vans classic slip-on |


None of this is to say I don’t love my home. As a born-and-raised Texan, I can’t just like anything about the best state in the union… We love it all and we certainly love to brag about its brilliance to everyone we know. Even when I get the opportunity to temporarily leave and explore someplace new, certain products and trends will always remind me of The Big D and draw me back.

Fullscreen capture 5292013 110839 PM


| Kenneth Cole New York short sleeve pocket v-necktee| Peter Pilotto ‘Stamp’ print sleeveless dress | Alexander McQueen lace ruffle dress | Ralph Lauren cable knit cardigan | Kendra Scott ‘Danielle’ oval statement earrings in turquoise | Tory Burch flower leather headband | Acne ‘The Pistol’ brushed leather ankle boots | Banana Republic pearl twist necklace | TIGI Bead Head ‘Masterpiece’ massive shine hairspray | Essie resort collection ‘No More Film’ nail polish | Hidden Valley original ranch dressing


Wherever you are, take a minute today and take a walk to somewhere you love on a vacation in your mind. From Sunset Boulevard to Harry Hines, dream on, dreamers.

PRBrunette: Blast From The Past –

Fullscreen capture 3282013 125227 PMThere are few things in life I enjoy more than a good theme, especially when it is accompanying a costume party. My best friend and I recently had a quick brainstorming session after she and her boyfriend were invited to a 90s party and had no idea what to wear. We concluded that there are roughly three routes one can take when styling a look reminiscent of our formative years. Inspired, I decided to publish my findings here, complete with visual aids to help you prep for your next soirée, est. 1994.

You are everyone’s favorite big sister. Your family thinks you sure are a peach. You try your hardest to stay on-trend to keep up with the popular girls at school, but at the end of the day, you’ll always be Daddy’s little angel, and when he says no wearing makeup, he means it. You have a pair of ruffled socks for every day of the week. Where’s my scrunchie? (more…)

PRBrunette: Prints with Purpose

Fullscreen capture 3282013 125227 PMEven though our trusted adviser The Groundhog, of the well-known holiday Groundhog’s Day, may have steered us in the wrong direction weather-wise this year, Spring has officially sprung and I’m desperately seeking a new outfit for Easter Sunday. One of my favorite things about this season are the light and bright prints and patterns that emerge after months of thick, monochromatic winter wear. I’ve already spotted a few trends:

Since velour sweatsuits vacated the closets of housewives long ago, every retailer at the mall is capitalizing on their yoga own pants and brand of activewear. While wearing clothes intended for exercise became acceptable for wear 24/7, until recently, these particular bottoms didn’t stray far from the realm of solid and black. While I still maintain that anything so stretchy and tight best serve their purpose at the gym and in your home, I’m loving the fun prints I see on clothing aimed at proving comfort. It’s reminiscent of your favorite quilt hand made by great-grandma. In a totally great way.


Peter Pilotto Eli monochrome dotty print trousers | Ugg women’s exotic zebra slippers | Pip studio blossom khaki mug | Marc by Marc Jacobs printed wool scarf | Mother of pearl Umiko floral silk top | Tribal print leggings | Fair+True knitted sock boots | Keds Champion dot sneakers | 3.1 Philip Lim pony hair print pj bottoms

It was the overwhelming trend of the 60s, and it doesn’t look like ready-to-wear will be abandoning mod inspired-prints and color blocking any time soon. I’ve seen lots of geometric shapes on lots of blouses and pants and especially in jewelry, and I don’t hate it.


Coach hinged geometric bangle | Zara polka dot blouse | Dorothy Perkins Ge0metric Cuff Bracelet | YSL Signature gold-toned geometric earrings | High waist leggings | Peter Pilotto Michon geometric dotty-print shirt | Miu Miu sunglasses | Style Twist geometric dangle earrings | David Koma blue silk/neoprene top | Geometric colorblock iPhone 5 case

Progressing slightly from the prints of the 60s but still not catching up to our modern times are some retro patterns that have yet to fall to the wayside. I swear, recently I can’t tell if I’m browsing the racks of my favorite retailer or looking through the throwback wardrobe from my parent’s old photo albums. I’m a huge fan of vintage, especially if it’s paired with other pieces in a subtle way – almost like an inside joke that only the fashionably old-at-heart will understand.


Adriana Voloshchuck floral print trousers | Sonia by Sonia Rykiel graphic print dress | Andre Borchers printed head scarf | Cross leggings | American flag crop bralet | Ron Jon’s Spring Break Cocoa Beach tank | Fair+True African print peplum top | Bed of Begonia’s silk organza dress | Topshop striped satchel

And just because we can dream, below are some of the most outrageous spring fabrics that could definitely put a hefty dent in your wallet.


Preen Odette dress | Vintage oriental bloom silk dress | Louboutin daffodile multi-print platform | Moschino Cheap and Chic leopard print voile jacket | Rodizio printed cotton-silk coat | Kenzo leopard-print biker jacket | Sass & Bide printed and embellished jacket

For more info and details on the images I chose, go to

PRBrunette: Nicholas Sparks-Style Heartthrobs’ Hits and Misses

Fullscreen capture 192013 14047 PMMy best friend and I recently had a half-hour conversation about the predictable plot lines of the Nicholas Sparks’ stories. How does it go? Character X runs away to a beach town in the south, falls in love with Character Y, keeps a deep dark secret from everyone, someone dies, and somehow everyone ends up happy.

And we love it every bit of it.

I had been eagerly anticipating the arrival of Safe Haven since I first saw the teaser trailer months ago, in the theater before another movie that I’ve already forgotten. I could hardly wait. Julianne Hough and Cobie Smulders had made their way into my dreams, I was so excited about the movie’s release.

I’m not in the business of spoiler alerts, but I will say that I saw the latest Nicholas Sparks story-turned-film this past weekend the only way one can: inhaling popcorn and french fries with your best gal pals. Upon reflection, we discussed how interchangeable the male leads of these movies seem to be- which is not necessarily a bad thing; they are all overwhelmingly gorgeous, but seem to dress out of the same closet every morning.

Let’s review some of the ‘hits’ and ‘misses’ the Nick Sparks’ wardrobe crew have styled over the past few years:

Hit: Noah in The Notebook – 

Photo 1

Anyone who knows anything at all about chick flicks knows that The Notebook is a classic, and possibly the only reason a large majority of women know about the wonder and glory that is Ryan Gosling.

I don’t think it’s a stretch to say that Ryan, as Noah Calhoun, single-handedly put newsboy caps back on the map. My hats off to these stylists: The character’s wardrobe looks genuinely fashionable for the 50-ish years ago time period of the movie, and somehow still looks uber cool in today’s age. Let’s also note the canoe scene as a testament to a pair of gray dress pants and a classic white button down (though that hair’s a looking little rough). Embrace your face, boo.

Miss: Logan in the first part of The Lucky One -

Photo 2

No. Maybe you’re into the “totally homeless in a sort of hot way” thing, and I’m not here to judge, but I also am not feeling the drifter look. It’s just that there are other comfortable options, okay? Also embrace your face.

Hit: Logan in the next part of The Lucky One – 

Photo 3

I firmly believe every man should own a military-style dress shirt. Epaulettes are one of my favorite things, in men’s and women’s fashion, and the buttons straining over Logan Thibault’s giant arms are one shirt size away from popping off his shoulders entirely… in the best way possible. It also did not escape me that Zac Efron’s character, rocking those serious guns, pronounces his name the same way America’s Sweetheart and favorite quarterback does (Call me, Tebow).

Hit: Will in The Last Song -

Photo 4

Liam Hemsworth’s stylist really hit the nail on the head with this one: the filmmakers wisely chose an appropriate ratio of shirt-on to shirt-off with Mr. Hemsworth which, in all honesty, is what pays the bills when it comes to these movies. His character’s kind of beach-preppy aesthetic always looked effortless and young, which was totally appropriate, and the deep v-necks and collared polo shirts Will commonly wore highlighted Liam’s broad shoulders so well, it’s no surprise the movie’s on camera romance turned into a real-life relationship.

I’d also like to talk about the women’s fashion in The Last Song because that purple, ruffled Betsey-esque dress they put Ronnie in for the wedding scene is absolutely precious, but I really don’t have the time or energy to discuss that Cyrus girl’s train wreck of a hair cut right now. (Am I right, Babe Walker?)

Miss: Alex, when we first see him in Safe

Photo 5

Saving the most recent in this series of chick flicks for last, what we see above pretty much summarizes only issue with the whole movie. Okay… I get it. Josh Duhamel’s character is a dad, as the actor is also soon-to-be, but honestly, there is no excuse for this atrocity of a Hawaiian shirt. None. Not a one. I’m done with this.

Hit: Alex, in the second half of Save Haven – 

Photo 6

Like every other Sparks leading man, Duhamel’s character, while giving off the impression that his only concern in regards to clothing is comfort, blossoms toward the end of the film. The tees got a little tighter – check. The printed tops got a little more subtle and trendy – check. The jeans didn’t look so dirty – check.

Casual plaid tops should be staples in any guy’s wardrobe. Paired with a nice pair of dark denim and a beach landscape, nothing can go wrong! Outfit-wise, of course. It’s unpredictable, the crazy, dramatic world we live in for a couple of hours when we escape to watch our favorite weekend novels come to life.

Thank goodness, though, that the fashion choices our male leads make don’t actually reflect their personal style off-screen. These men definitely clean up well, and I think Fergie Ferg would agree.

For more details or info about the products in my images, go to

PRBrunette: Spreading The Love

Fullscreen capture 192013 14047 PMHelloooo lovers! Today marks exactly one week until that fated Hallmark-holiday we anticipate every year: Valentine’s Day.

As many of you PRB fans may know (by my shameless admission) I am single, and when I say single, I mean very single, watching wedding shows on TV and binge eating carbs.

But V-day waits for no man or woman, and it’s right around the corner, waiting to be embraced by us all – single or smitten, unattached or taken. I’m not too worried about it honestly, since I have an exemplary group of girl friends willing to (more…)