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Labor Day-Dreamin’

Happy Labor Day weekend – I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth! Where has the summer gone!? (Insert rosé induced heart attack here). Though I am having a hard time parting from what has been an unbelievable Summer 2014 I’m not done since there is still a few bottles to be drunk and SERIOUS sales to shop…


Despite the fact that I am in near shock that this summer went so quickly it doesn’t mean I need to sacrifice adding pieces to my “indian summer” wardrobe to take advantage of a few more rooftop nights. Check out a few of my favorite sales and items you may not want to miss:

BAUBLEBAR // Spice up semi-summer neutrals with fun earrings like these Clear Carousel drops or this Nordic Rope Necklace. I love Baublebar‘s easy grab an go style and with a few fashion week surprises coming up knowing I have something to spice up my work outfit is going to make a huge difference next week.

BOO HOO // With fall already setting in there’s nothing like those few quick transition pieces without breaking the bank – check out some of my favorites from BOO HOO:

LORD + TAYLOR // As you know one of my favorite dept. stores – is offering 25% off Dresses and 60% handbags with markdowns on shoes! <—YES!

/ / / / /

And if your just cruising for a few good reads for the beach – check out these little notes:

SUMMER BLUES // Though it may be ending there’s something invigorating about fall. If you haven’t checked out Medium – trust me it will give you all the motivation you need for a new season.

INSTAGRAM SSSSHHHH… // Did you know this is what it takes to get  that great “insta-shot?”

A END OF AN ERA // Or it at least felt like that on Monday

NOT ALONE // Clearly I’m not the only one wishing fall never comes! Bows and Sequins feels the same – such is life with us birthday twins… HBD Jess!

TOO COOL // Barbie outdid us all again! Did you see her instagram!? Hats off to Mattel! They are killing it. #outfitlifekenenvy

Signing off for the rest of the weekend to take advantage of a little R&R myself! See you on the instagram-nets!


Oh Instagram. Home of selfies, #ootds and too many shots of food and musings and now thanks to this article the over exposed channel of blunders bloggers everywhere are exposing their secrets to what it means to take the perfect insta-photo.


Birthday Celfie // 26

Today is my birthday. I’ve closed the chapter to my golden year and now I’m looking forward to another one, older wiser and a few more martini’s deeper. At least they go down easy so I have that going for me…


Up until about 5 minutes ago – I wasn’t excited about this birthday at all, getting older meant growing-up and I still feel 22, with random #26yearoldproblems as attracted to me as the mosquitos this summer. But for all bad saying’s, “something re-inflated my balloons” today and I can’t wait to take the next year and celebrate all I’ve worked towards in my “early twenties.”

Celfie copy

Tee: Boohoo // Necklace (old): Baublebar 1 & 2

So instead of dwelling on my new quarter-life-crisis + 1 clock turn, I’m making a new commitment after what was truly a stellar golden year. I have never worked so hard (b/o radio silence) and cared so much about my personal and professional growth. Though I was tested in ways I didn’t know were possible I did leave 25 with a few life lessons (and PRB originals) that I still have yet to find on pinterest

1. Life’s answers come with time, patience, effort and a lot of green juice/coffee/wine.

2. Give those people that matter to you your all – even if their pride, insecurity or self-doubt may prevent them from doing the same.

3. Leave each day better than you found it – and if you can’t, wake up tomorrow, chug some coffee and try again.

4. Know that there’s a time and a place for everything and when there’s not – there’s wine.

 This year I hope to approach 26 with the same zeal, positivity, energy and humor. The beauty of all of that is I have 364 more days at this age to make it happen!

To my family for welcoming me back home and to my #girltribe. We always said it was funny how we all made it here but without your collective strength, laugher and drinking habits – I am a lesser person.

Now will someone just hand me a glass of champagne already… (clink!)

Weekend Reading – Vol. 18

So a nod to my last 5 posts – Weekend, weekend, beach, weekend, the power of positivity… either I’m REALLY enjoying my summer or PRB is my safe haven of jet setting and happiness. Maybe its both!

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Weekends on the Water

After last weekends antics and a quick trip to Boston I’m back out on the water. I’ve been so fortunate pretty much the whole summer to be on or near some type of ocean – it brings you quite the sense of peace after what seems to be turning into a steady stream of long weeks…

Edgartown Marthas Vineyard (more…)