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New York, New York – Vol. 1

I thought I would wait 13 months before celebrating my full 1st year in New York. 13 seems to be a lucky number for T. Swift and like her, I feel like I have undergone somewhat of a transformation year.

Now while Vol. 1 in New York may not have included dating a One Direction band member, I can cross ‘boy-bander bar spotting’ off of my bucket list, I’ve had my share of “semi-love” losses and still somewhat feel 22 just now with some sick “#GirlBoss” pants on.

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Okay maybe I’m a little skewed on what “news” is but there are very few things post age 10, I legit “lose sleep over” excited about. At 25, christmas morning, my birthday and the fourth of July round it out for the holiday’s. But there are two other institutionalized times of the year where I find myself setting alarms at obscure hours and legitimately failing to get my beauty rest. Black friday and… Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2014 (more…)

Gone ‘Ananas!’

I’m the queen of being two steps behind. Not because I’m clueless, I just tend to have this adverse effect to new trends and then ultimately start loving them at the 11th hour. Consider the recent Birkenstock revival? I thought we were over those circa 2004 – but you never know, you may see me in a pair like this come indian summer. (Sorry Mom!)

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BACHELORETTE ANDI: EP. 9 – El Farmer En Fuego

There’s only two time’s America has ever really cared about Iowa – during the caucuses and when #ChrisForBachelor start’s nationally trending on twitter. Kidding…sort of…

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Save the…. Undies?

I’m back – with my blonde ponytail between my legs but back. I know – last week was equivalent to this song, and it’s taken me the weekend to recover but hey that’s a PR girls life for you, sometimes we just have to play the Houdini every once in a while.

Save The Undies - U by Kotex 1 (more…)