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Call me a little late to the party but let’s be fully honest – who has time to plan for Halloween?

Halloween I’m the queen of last minute Halloween-ing and normally suck up the crowds and buy something a little to expensive and a little too short. Consider this year a revamp. My unborn children will thank me later as I perfect my crafting skills now. But what to do in New York when the last place you want to venture is a three story costume store filled with every New Yorker from Central Park South to Bowery?

Some close friends and I banded together and went about the holiday Martha Stewart, craft prowess style… After growing out my signature long blonde locks and being identified as everything from an “amish” barbie to having quite a mane, it only took one dinner with friends before my hair dominoed into a full fledged holiday theme. To save both time and wallets for more sustainable fashions – Enter credit card, our Wizard of Oz theme and the interwebs…


Thanks to ASOS I was able to find this not too short beige acid wash dress – a perfect blend to create the ultimate DIY Lion costume.

photo 1

Okay – maybe all wasn’t found online since a quick trip to Michaels to get some yarn was a must… I love getting lost in there. It makes you think that you can basically DIY a whole years worth of holidays.

A quick red bow and ordered tail and ears and I was ready to go home drink way too much wine and craft. Starting with the yarn I cut about 500 pieces – (250 short around 5″/pc. and then 250 long around 10″/pc.).

photo 2 Then to form furry layers I cut two slits about 1′ apart, took two pieces of the longer yarn – thread them through and tied it. By going across the dress, and then tying smaller individual strings to fill in the holes I had a furry frock in about 3 hours. (Tying takes quite some time with vino). 

photo 4

Though I have to say that though my fingers were numb I was quite pleased with the result! Follow me on Instagram to see the final result tonight and how I styled my DIY frock. I’ll follow up with a Part 2 – hair/make-up (non-Phan-style) a bit later tonight!

Best of luck to those venturing down the DIY path this year – may the scissors be in your favor… 

PR POV: OktoPRfest

It’s a thing. ‘OktoPRfest’ and if its not I’m hashtagging/coining/’making fetch happen-ing to it like yesterday – because if there is one thing that is worth #allthebeer, it’s the terrifying month of October in PR.

PR Blonde - Desk

Across all agencies there will be a proverbial sigh of relief once Oct 31 has come and gone. The time of year where KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) are slacking, holiday gift guides are about to take over and the boogie man (aka. client) is knocking down the EOY (End of Year) ’14/Plan for 2015 door.

Never will you work longer hours, complain, breakout and snap more, sleep, eat and smile less than October. So during this month there are some keys to success that will keep your E-mail lifeboat from taking on too much water and a few things to keep in mind during what may feel like mercury in PR retrograde…

1. Commit to the Cause – In the sh*tstorm of OktoPRfest there are two things that you can do, bail and leave your teammates and accounts semi-floundering as you try to coast through the month like its July -OR- shave off some of the outside activities (for me it was, “see ya PRBlonde!”) and give your job your all. You had summer to play . Holiday’s which are a notoriously quieter are around the corner. Committing to the cause will not only help you focus but certainly best position you amongst your colleagues, help build trust and also a killer condiments drawer from all the late night office sushi dinners. #SoySauceMe

2. Manage Up – Truth is, you’re not the only one with an inbox taking on water like its the effing Titanic. The shift to frown faces across the office becomes a universal one which leaves the door open for all sorts of things to fall through the cracks even at the highest levels. So, to stay extra put together and minimize those mistakes set up additional check-in meetings with leadership, lean on a trusted colleague to proofread your work, help out when someone is stretched too thin and the key to the PR kingdom –>>

planner and inbox

3. Over Communicate – I swear the second someone gives you this directive shake that persons hand because they are the mayor and just handed you the key to the PR city. Not only will over communicating allow you to brag a bit about your rockstar effort, it will hold leadership accountable for the work getting done. It’s the best CYA (Cover Your Ass) trick out there and to be honest satisfying at times when you catch ‘little miss perfect’ in a not-so perfect spot.

4. Plan an Out – It’s a grueling month with an occasional working Saturday and towards the end of it you’re ready to punch the client through the phone – (It’s not you clients, it’s us – okay, maybe it’s sometimes you.) Going out with friends, may not cut it since your in full-scale PR mode with a side of their mello-drama to top off dinner. No I am talking about taking a day or two away from the office, a mental health/spa day perhaps. Dare I say a long weekend vacation in the midst of chaos? Just you, away from your devices for a sanity check – don’t worry the world wont implode while your gone…

5. Lastly, Take It in StrideWe’re in PR, we don’t cure cancer and we aren’t sustaining the life of a small country in Africa with our efforts per se. What we do is important but to maintain perspective is the most important thing of all even when we have our Olivia Pope ‘wear the white hat’ meltdown moments.  

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So for the rest of  you – inquiring minds want to know – how did you make it through #OktoPRfest?

Image Source: Northern Belle Diaries , #2


I’m back from my vacation and gals, I woke up this morning, early. #shocker. You would think as a PR Girl I would have those 6AM e-mail scrolls on lockdown – puh-lease. More like snooze bar with a side of latte…

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