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Pshhh, and you thought that goodbye was truly final from my Bachelor blogging days. Oh you sweet, sweet readers. Well now comes the time and the episode none of us know NOTHING ABOUT – every detail, every twist, turn and tear is a total surprise… but then again I don’t think anyone expected what went down ‘After the Final Rose.’

Chris Harrison


Tonight Chris Harrison brought us all back together to not only congratulate “The Murrays” but more importantly to reunite Andi with the heart she left broken – the one and only Nick Viall.

Nick Viall

I have to give it to Nick – if he wants it he will work harder than anyone else to get it. As we watched one of the most painful rejection montages of tried and failed attempts to get Andi to “rethink” her decision – even wrote her a letter, when it came down to it, it didn’t matter – Andi “wasn’t ready to see him.” More like she just didn’t really care…

So before the two face each other Chris invites Nick on stage clad in black (I think he looks great – other’s in the room cried, lost puppy, funeral garb, etc.) to relive the heartbreak for now what seems to be like the 8th time. At this point my heart is aching in my chest, Nick is shaking like a leaf and he looks like with one comforting touch he’s about to burst into tears.

Nick and Andi - Bachelorette No sooner do we find out that Nick has been barely able to get out of bed, Chris invites Andi on stage for the most F-awkward reunion. Now we all know that while she drags her hand on stage with the new ice rink set atop that oh so important finger that somewhere Josh is huffing like a bear backstage.

The two faux-hug, Andi realizes that he not only followed her to Mexico but to the MTA and wrote a very long letter – which he THANKS her for reading. Yep, its official we have hit rock bottom. So with a multi-tude of word fumbles and hearing how “watching it back” was painful and what “we didn’t see” made it worse – we witness one of the most “below the belt” bombs we’ve ever heard on ATFR – and I quote: “If you weren’t in love with me, I’m just not sure why you made love to me.” SAY WHAAAAA?!?

Andi Frown Face

Now this is where we could have gotten a little more creative. While Andi’s frown face took only a second to take over we wanted to see Josh’s reaction! Come on show him ramming a wall or something! But nonetheless we kept it as classy as we could – Andi’s walls went up and she came out “swinging”… hmmm wonder who she learned that from?

Poor Nick left more misunderstood and shot down. Normally we will hear things from the Bachelorette like – “I wish you the best,” “I have so much respect for you,” “I had those feelings for you,” etc. NOPE, NADA, ZILCH from Andi. Girl was drumming her diamond ring counting the seconds to when her “baby” would take the stage.

Don’t worry Nick as I said here – I’ll buy you a drink… but the rest of the round is on you.

Andi Dorfman and Josh Murray

Andi and Josh Reunite -

Now what more is there to say about a happy couple besides that they a) can’t keep their hands off each other b.) Josh is trying really hard to mark his territory aka. knock her up (so there Nick! Boom!) and c.) They may or may not indulge in a TV wedding… All we know is that Andi has been publically embarrassed on this episode and Hy can’t be thrilled that she “made love” apparently role play’s with blonde wigs. How 50-shades-ish – then again Josh does seem a little freaky…

The Next Bachelor

Well if you haven’t already guessed, the nation has a good hunch that next season is going to be plenty “corn-y.” But in true ABC Bachelor Franchise fashion ‘Grumpy Cat’ was clearly more important and “stupid…” speaking of can someone please explain this to me? Guess we are just going to have to wait and see who’s going to “churn our butter next season!” See you on the twitterverse!

What did you think about last night’s emotionally charged ATFR?

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2014 – Images and video courtesy of ABC Entertainment©, Next Entertainment (NZK).


Well it’s official we have restored all that is good to The Bachelorette Franchise post-Juan Pablo! Despite the fact that I currently would love a cerveza – maybe we should switch to Champagne to congratulate “The Murrays!”

Andi and Josh - Bachelorette

Andi has chosen Josh as her final rose wearer and ultimately fiancé and the whole world couldn’t be more thrilled – pshhh please like we didn’t see this coming when his blinding white teeth emerged from that limo and that smile!

But this season’s finale was not remiss of bumps and bruises. From Hy’s side stares, to Mama’s back door “southern charm” and a heartbreaking exit from Nick there’s a lot to lay one last snarky comment down on… so let’s get to it!

The Boy’s become Hy’s Men

At the top of the episode we waste no time bringing the boys to Hy’s D.R. door. Let me just say I have been waiting all season for this and to watch Hy bring the “hammer.” He’s one kick ass Dad and like Andi has the frown face to boot– clearly it runs in the family…

Hy Dorfman Bachelorette

Nick meets the Family

Now while I had a couch of fellow watchers drinking cans of “Nick-hater-ade” what made Nick’s fam time more interesting was how the tongue tied and overconfident the salesman got when finally confronted with Hy Dorfman. The Father of all father’s wasn’t going to let anyone down easy and Hy can smell ego like a dog beggin’ strips. But after a sit down with Big Daddy and a few more fumbles of words Nick managed to eek out an “uh, can I marry your daughter sir?” and “without a shred of doubt” Andi was the one for him. If only he had his scarf – maybe he wouldn’t have gotten so tongue tied.

Josh meets the Family

Coming in like a kid on a pony Josh is happy as a clam but also shaking like a leaf. Flushed he sits on the couch – entwines with Andi like 2 sixteen year-olds and Josh proceeds to articulate to an already skeptical Hy how much he loves his daughter. When guy time comes around we see Hy give Josh the side glare – “whatever my daughter decides I will support” is essentially the jist of Hy’s pep talk, when come on we all really know if he’s going to be able to score season tickets to Bulldog and Rams games…

Last Dates

Now while this may have been the most underwhelming part of the show – we learned one thing. That there was absolutely no question that either guy loved Andi or had any hesitation that this episode provided Andi wanted it was going to end in a proposal and a visit from Neil Lane.

Josh and Andi

As Josh ventures out on a boat – he’s already talking home, wedding and babies. I’m sorry is his biological clock ticking? Pretty sure we need to get to the end of this f*ckd up fairytale first. But nonetheless these two jump off the boat in hopes of taking a similar plunge the next day.

Nick and Andi Finale bachelorette

Nick takes a bit of a rougher road. Did anyone see the parallels here? “Off-roading” – Nick “the road less traveled” – holy shit this show is straight up POETRY. But besides ABC’s new artful nature, Andi and Nick talk, make-out and Nick proclaims for the 500th time that he’s going to get engaged to Andi. They are going to get married. “That’s all, that’s it, its over.” Welllllll… not so fast cutie pie…

Nick Gets the Kick Out the Door

With 40+ minutes to spare the world finds out what we wait weeks to learn – “she’s just not that into Nick.” Plain and simple. Now we will get to the AFTR special in a post later this afternoon, otherwise this would be a novel post and my bachelor gossip could potentially get you fired – but I will say this, if there was ever a time to look like a dog with his tail between his legs this is it.

Nick Viall - Bachelorette

I feel for Nick I do, maybe if he had less curls and more gel, maybe if he always wore a scarf (it was a good luck charm) maybe if he wore looser jeans… there’s too many factors for why this relationship really didn’t work out, but with surprisingly only a few tears shed by Andi, and the poetic rain storm that caused Nick to straight up “Mesnick” on the balcony – her mind was made up. She wanted a younger (33 v. 29) more southern model, can we blame her?

Nick’s Back on the Market 

Now what I am about to say may turn into an OkCupid ad for Nick Viall but if that’s the case – so be it. Over the course of the past 14 weeks we have seen Nick take every measure necessary to go after what he wants. He has fought for time, maintained an extremely positive and sometimes overconfident attitude but has truly fought tooth and nail for this girl. Now while I have had my “haterade” moments I will say this, for the late nights dinner conversations and all of the bitching women do about NOT having a guy that will fight for them, make up their mind, work to hold on and do everything in their power to make a relationship work and a woman to feel wanted – Nick did it. And while it seems that ‘play nice with other men’ may not be a descriptor – this is the Bachelor, there is no escaping these dudes – I mean hell, Brian could barely escape Dylan’s pickle threats.

Andi Dorfman Bachelorette Finale

So ladies – while Nick may not be the next Bachelor, (more to come this PM on that) he sure as hell back on the market and if you’re a sucker for guys in white shirts and aviators – this will be reason enough for you to Insta-stalk this dude till People Magazine tells you he’s either a. Married to me (doubtful) or b. With some kick ass girl, like some down to earth ABC family actress.

While I’m all for #TeamMurray – I am truly a fan of Nick. Best of luck, and if you’re ever in NYC – I’ll be the first to buy you a drink…

The Final Rose

Morning comes; Andi’s glam squad retouches her post-break-up rain hair. Dress goes on and I can only hope that while she’s putting on the final touches there’s some serious pump up music playing in the background.

Andi Dorfman - Bachelorette

Okay – now I’m going to get sappy. To this day, this moment is why I watch this show. Sure I’m the ultimate cynic, critical, skeptical and all around I think “HY”-larious (get it?!) but watching Josh and Andi get engaged after the most unconventional meeting and story warm’s even my Grinch like heart. In what arguably was one of the most well articulated posts in Bachelorette history Josh Murray got down on one knee and proposed to Andi J. Dorfman. An ice rink slipped on her finger a moment later sealed the deal and these two are headed for a Spring 2015 wedding.

This is Goodbye

So with that I leave you. It’s been 7 seasons of blogging The Bachelor and Bachelorette. We’ve seen skinny dipping, ugly breakups, ugly cries, 2 marriages, 6 proposals, some weird bi-lingual stuff and flown all over the world on Monday nights since 2011. I have met some wonderful people through my attachment with the franchise and thank Bachelor/Bachelorette ABC for one hell of a wild ride!

Best of luck in 2015 – Hopefully The Bachelor – Season 20, wont be too ‘corn-y!’

To everyone that’s been a part of this one… see you on the tweeter. Psh we know I can’t give that up!


2014 – Images and video courtesy of ABC Entertainment©, Next Entertainment (NZK).

Is It Friday?

It’s Monday – which means I am already dreaming about Friday and counting the hours where I relocate this chair from my office to the beach.

Beach Vacation

Dress: Jack Rogers // Flip-y Floppies: Haviana // Speaker: Bose Soundlink Mini // Glasses: Tom Ford // Bag: Hayden Reis Zipper Tote

This past weekend I spent time sand side, catching up on some much needed sun tanning – it was touch and go on the pasty status there for a while. It’s funny how New York in the summer turns into this thing that you need to escape from (#8) – and with my trips becoming more frequent with friends – I am cherishing every ounce of Vitamin D I can.

But a trip to the beach isn’t complete without some beach bag essentials like Havianas - (they float!) and my Bose Soundlink Mini that blared my summer favorites much to the rest of my friends chagrin – **note I lost my DJ privileges pretty quick!

And since we know that I pack the world everywhere I go – my friends at Hayden Reis hooked me up with the perfect (i.e. carries EVERYTHING) personalized Flamingo Zipper Tote for this past weekend and my upcoming Montauk adventure (get ready!).


Waterproof, Beer proof, and sand resistant – Hayden Reis sail cloth totes are perfect for you, a fellow beach goer and great for mom’s (with their gazillion pockets!). In my case they’re sure to hold the towel and a six pack of summer brew and a few other sand-ssentials. Let’s just leave our desks already! Who’s with me?

This post was not sponsored by Hayden Reis – but if I had a beach bag spirit animal – they would be it! Thanks team! 

Weekend Reading – Vol. 16

Another weekend may have come and almost gone but I’m still thanking the Sunday gods! As you well know by now – these weekend readers come to you from a horizontal position – curled in bed, one of my favorite places to be especially after a long week…

Watermelon FRUIT // Last week it was pineapple and now this week its watermelons. After one of the best watermelon drinks I’ve had in a while I’ve had it on the brain – so when Buzzfeed shared with me 12 things you can do with a watermelon and I saw this picnic basket from Studio DIY I’m hooked…

PARTY ON // I want to throw a garden party like this – plain and simple.

MEN, BOYS, MEN // Did you miss The Bachelorette: Men Tell All? Well you best catch up – there were cookies….

INSTAGRAM // As you all know I’m hooked – so when I found out that not only are Instagram’s “shopable” it was worth signing up! // And for all of you that are really in tune – you can become a Campus Ambassador. For you PR gals you can learn some of  the most valuable assets of Instagram and the strategy behind one the fastest growing platforms.

SHADES OF GREY // Then this happened this week….


…And while we’re on the topic need a movie to see this weekend? Well, thanks to Lionsgate –  I attended the premiere of My Man is A Loser with John Stamos – and what would have seemed like a general RomCom turned into more Com – and had me BELLY laughing at the nuances of both relationships and marriage. Mike (played by John Stamos) a total player, brings an ode to his ‘Uncle Jessie’ suave yet charming ways helps his brother-in-law and friend put the “za za zoo” back in their marriage. With witty one-liners check it out -

Funny right? Well you can download it here or watch the whole movie on YouTube

Till next week – soak up the last rays while you can!

xx, PRB

PR POV: Work Hard, Play Hard

Alrighty PR gals,  I know – it’s been way too long since I did a PR POV and I will admit it – I feel guilty. To you it may look like I haven’t spent much time à la office and too much time having fun and throwing glitter bombs. But turns out life is panning out to be the exact opposite…

Desk 1 (more…)