Weekend Reading Vol. 27

Okay New York – don’t let me down today. I’ve been watching the weather report and you’re looking promising – and as much as I love my winter coats – I’m aiming to dress on the brighter side of things …

Make a caption!

But before I dive into an awesome day I have planned celebrating Mommy dearest – (Make sure to check Instagram and Twitter) for fun updates – I took some time to catch up on reading this AM. Here’s this week’s favorites:

PRB AND THE MOUSE // I got some really fun news at work this week when I was pulled in to help with the Disney Social Media Mom’s event for a client. Yep in my mid-twenties I’m going to Disney. So this packing video for a work trip may be a little too “conservative” to meet the mouse but nonetheless Hitha’s video will surely be on the brain as I prep to go.

GETTING COMFORTABLE // Now while I’ll have time for maybe an hour long trip around the world (Epcot) what’s more important is that I am in total comfy clothes. This outfit from Alyson Haley has it all on the hanger for me. White and jeans – yes please!

SPEAKING OF TRAVEL // Jessica did it again – transported me halfway around the world to one of the most gorgeous of places. Adding the Maldives to my bucket list.

IN THE SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE // Setting new goals and promises for yourself (and your readers) is a great reset – especially when your celebrating blogaversaries. Which is why I’m in love with this post by Brighton Keller as she answers the question, “Let’s make this box a little bigger shall we?”

GOODBYE PINEAPPLES // Is anyone else getting sick of the pineapple craze? Well after seeing this photo from Grace and this gift guide from Lynzy I think a new one just “landed” Goodbye pineapples, hello FLAMINGOS! Check out a few of my favorite finds from the pink bird below:

ICYMI – (It was kind of a big week around here)

PRB TURNED 3 // Bloggers brag. About purchases, life happenings, travel you name it. We have a platform – just like you have Instagram and Facebook. BUT we’re also thankful. I AM SO THANKFUL that after three years I still have a growing platform that has allowed me to be creative and connect with some of the most inspirational people. It’s even steered my career (more on that next week).

WEWOMEN // Thanks to my friends over at WeWomen.com for featuring me as thier #WWInstaStar this week. Check out the article here as I spill my secrets on “doing it all.”

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