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A PR Girls Guide to New York Fashion Week

It’s day one. This is the big leagues. The time of the year when I double my coffee intake, burn through shoes, pray I don’t get fired due to my weird out of office schedule and spend wayyyyy to much money on cabs. Bring it on #NYFW

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Goodbye, Summer

Dear Summer, You really did me in.

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Labor Day-Dreamin’

Happy Labor Day weekend – I can’t believe that just came out of my mouth! Where has the summer gone!? (Insert rosé induced heart attack here). Though I am having a hard time parting from what has been an unbelievable Summer 2014 I’m not done since there is still a few bottles to be drunk and SERIOUS sales to shop…

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Oh Instagram. Home of selfies, #ootds and too many shots of food and musings and now thanks to this article the over exposed channel of blunders bloggers everywhere are exposing their secrets to what it means to take the perfect insta-photo.


Birthday Celfie // 26

Today is my birthday. I’ve closed the chapter to my golden year and now I’m looking forward to another one, older wiser and a few more martini’s deeper. At least they go down easy so I have that going for me…

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