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Today’s Soundtrack

Every morning, I get up, get ready, drink a cup of coffee (AMEN!), grab keys/wallet/phone and head out the door. Next step like most other New Yorker’s – ear buds in. The song that comes on as I walk to the subway can arguably set the tone for my whole day.

Spotify - GLAM

Now while I may not be clicking my heels to Pharell’s Happy “every” day – My 10+ years of music that I have a carefully curated, is still ready to transport me back to some pretty memorable moments. Each walk to then becomes like a trip down memory lane. Do you remember….

1. In 1994, Darius was Hootie? There may have been a time or two that I pulled out YM Magazine and hung pictures of Jim Sonefeld (H&BF drummer) in our playroom He was up there with the likes of Taylor Hanson. I was convinced that because we both had long blonde hair we were going to live happily ever after. I know… you’re judging me… it’s okay – I am judging me too.

2. In 1996I wanted to be baby spice and “made” platform shoes? I was 7 and standing in the grocery line with my mother begging that she buy the Spice Girls Movie on VHS. Then I preceded to go home and craft a pair of baby spice platforms from newspaper, cardboard and tape, though I looked slightly grunge, I still rocked them. “Little Gucci dress?” anyone…

3. In 1997, Julia Roberts loved Dermott Mulroney? It was my favorite movie when it came out – and I was convinced that while Jann Arden sang “You Don’t Know Me” it really spoke to my 10 year old self. I mean who doesn’t want hair that big and two bridesmaids in hideous peach dresses?

My Best Friends Wedding 4. In 2003, I first drove to high school? Oh the days in that blue Jeep and a newly burned CD with the latest from the O.C. soundtrack. Thursday morning was spent discussing the latest on the Ryan and Marissa saga over mediocre school coffee… those were the days.

5. In 2008, I closed down that college bar at 2 am? There were those classics you will never forget screaming at the top of your lungs with some of the best friends you will ever make in the world, during those college days, truly the best days EVER.

6. In 2013, you moved to New York City? Became somewhat of a “clacker” and Alicia Key’s/Jay-Z got me into that perfect Empire State of Mind. It geared me up for every day, every subway ride and every step in this concrete jungle.

We could go on – like when I lasted 2 days at sleepaway camp? Or that time that we flooded my friend Sarah’s Dad’s flatbed and created a pool? So Jimmy Buffett! But with Dr. Pepper – the beers came later. But I figured forget the details – why not just make the most memorable playlist ever -

Fast forward six years and here I am walking down the street to work in the greatest city in the world – with all of those songs at my fingertips and every opportunity to remember all the little moments just like those. Music can change your mood in an instant – it can make you remember, forget, make you happy or reflective and can even be a saving grace during a tireless workday at the agency.

What’s the music that gets you through the day and helps you remember you’re “make-shift” platforms (Spice Up your Life) - maybe you’re first kiss (Linger – The Cranberries – for the record NOT my choice, it was his sister’s car…) , maybe that AWESOME break-up song (Gunpowder & Lead)?

Don’t be shy even if its Chumbawamba we can still be friends…. comment below!


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