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PR POV: Dating a PR Girl

So if there is one subject I don’t tackle often on PRB it’s dating. Who am I besides a fashion enthusiast, PR Professional and clearly outspoken blogger to tell you how to date, psh! PR girls date? But hey it’s Friday – The first night of the weekend is in sight and now is as good a time as ever to have a “come to Patti Stanger” moment as any right?

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Diaries of Dry Shampoo

New York will keep you on your toes. Morning routines after late night engagements somehow get shortened and right around Wednesday AM I am arguably faced with one of the biggest decisions of my week…

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This past weekend I was inundated with an influx of Snapchats all coming from the colorful world of Coachella. With friends donning headbands, bloggers partnering with some of our favorite brands and catching up on all the emergence of industry news it’s like social media was calling me (by hashtag of course) to Indio, CA.

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Saturday Reading – Vol. 11

Well we all know where I am – yep, bed snuggled up where I usually am until at least 11AM on any given Saturday. The only other place I would rather be – horizontal (slight chair tilt for max UV exposure – sunscreen of course), in the exact same position on a beach. But that’s not the case – so I’ll settle for the second best, my bed with good old “Lucille the Laptop” keeping my legs warm as I catch up on some reading…

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Correspondence – Vol. 2

Remember the days before e-mail? (I know basically a parallel universe for you kiddos) but nonetheless it existed. You would get home from school/work and wait for a birthday party invite, a card from your Grandma or that pen pal you happen to find through some Stanley around the world program. Nonetheless – it was mail, a simple gesture that someone somewhere was thinking of you…

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