Bachelor 17 Ep. 8 “Crazy” in Love –

February 19, 2013

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photo (1)What a week! I think this is the first time where Chris Harrison’s “most dramatic week ever” actually may ring true! Hometown dates are here and our Dallas bachelor is making his rounds to meet the families.

I have to say this is by far my favorite week of any Bachelor season – you can always tell a lot about someone when they are around their family and it’s a HUGE step. So as Sean steps into each family temple to gain clarity I have to say what he gets out of it is a whole-lotta mess! P.S. Fun sighting of him this weekend at a local bar in Big-D – he’s looking a little skinnier these days and John Wolfner was in town on a date with a Dallas-local. (Fun fact “Wolf” is losing a little fur on the head if you know what I mean…) Clearly this journey takes a toll. At this point in the season recaps get shorter – drama gets “somewhat” lighter and we find out which Dad can puff up his chest larger than Sean’s. Without further ado let’s see who start’s poppin’ buttons first as we head to H-town!

Hometown #1 – AshLee Fraizer, Houston, Texas –


In any case Sean heads to Houston to meet AshLee Frazier’s Parents – and as the Nicholas Spark’s novel shifts its light to these two – he meets AshLee in a meadow with her little yorkie. As much as I am a dog lover you couldn’t help but see Sean’s eyebrows possibly say – “I wonder how far I could punt you?” But inevitably the dog is on a retractable leash and Big Daddy Frazier was waiting so yorkie-superbowl would need to wait another day.

Sean meets AshLee’s parents I can’t help but first think how AWESOME it is that her Dad is bigger than Sean. For that he will ever be known to me as “Big Daddy!” Now if only they could take their shoes off and have a shoe size contest… that would say a lot about what Bruce is all about – the bigger the boot in Texas… But as they sit at the gorgeous outside picnic table like a scene out of Diane Lane’s Under the Tuscan Sun (an outdoor picnic like this is so on my bucket list) AshLee begins to tell the poem of a story – and I am literally waiting for her to pump her fist in the air – oh wait, she already did that, recite a limerick, oh wait did that too… and just when I think she has run out of cheesy lines, AshLee discusses the emotional “Baptism” that happened in Canada.

I swear this girl is straight out of a Nicholas Sparks book. She may be gorgeous but in a moment I am expecting her to get up in front of the school and crying let everyone know she wants the world to be full of rainbows and butterflies! (Mean Girl reference – call me Regina – I accept – just not Karen, boobs can’t tell the weather….)After a self-professed submergence and her rolling around in the sand – Big Daddy does exactly what my father would to – raise his eyebrows and solidify his father-dom with table commanding story.

I have to say I think this was my favorite part of the episode, I have a special place in my heart for Bruce because he reminds me so much of my Dad – proud of his daughter, proud of the home he built and all he wants is her happiness. With a few tears you can tell “Big Daddy” is rather moved and I can sympathize with that too because PRBlonde’s Dad cries at even Extreme Makeover Home Edition… you have to absolutely love a man with such a big heart! So I have to say we leave Houston with a blessing and warm fuzzies about this one – rose worthy for sure!

Hometown #2 – Catherine Giudici, Seattle, Washington –

image_5Rockin’ the double V-neck tees Sean heads to rainy Seattle where is met with a few rays of sunshine and Catherine’s happy face. I love that these two are so playful around each other but there is no mistaken that there are serious feelings brewing.

I have to say this is the most envious I am of all the relationships – life’s too short and for what we have seen of Sean he’s a bit more of a serious guy – so it’s nice to see him do things like chuck fish like a football, do a jig to a banjo and try the arcade game love meter- (would have been a total buzz kill if it read “stay away” instead of “on fire”….. crickets!)

image_4As we head into the lioness den that is Catherine’s home we meet her Mom, Grandmother and sisters. While Granny is so impressed with Sean’s respect for an elder Phillipino tradition and she’s ready to grab her walker and steal him for herself it’s the two “step-sisters” we have to worry about. As Catherine heads into her headroom straight out of the eighth grade – India and Monica start to grill her on all of what seemed to be the general skepticism about The Bachelor. What is the most interesting about this conversation is this is the first time that Catherine admits she didn’t start this journey to really find love – and now the game has changed. Does this edit sound familiar! SHE’s LE ONION!!!

But what’s a hometown without someone giving the Bachelor a hard time right? So as India and Monica drag Sean into a really small kitchen – Monica tries to tell it like it is. After coming up with a whole lot of nothing with zero specifics and the only thing he could possibly get out of that is “she’s not ready for kids” and “if you don’t support her dreams she’ll kick you to the curb.” But nonetheless – it’s Mama Giudici that comes in with the hard hammer – no blessing for you little blonde boy! BURN!! So after setting up a possible elimination the “multi-ring” wearing island girl sends Sean on his way to meet the General.

Hometown #3 – Lindsay Yenter, Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri-


First, where the hell are we!? I think I saw a sign for E Historic 66 which makes me think were in oh ya THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE! But as the black Tahoe rolls into the center of this small town Lindsay stands waiting with tons of blush for Sean. Hint – purse your lips and blend darling, you think Cassie Lambert could have helped with a little buffing on this one….

As Sean and Lindsay walk around town going to small shop after bar after small shop – we learn two things – Lindsay likes cupcakes and she likes her hometown. Such meaningful conversation… but the crux of the diagnosable issues is what to call her father…. Mr., General maybe instead of kissing and talking about what we have in common which throughout this whole season has been kissing – we can just settle on Sir? But as we are left wondering how Sean will address her dear father, Lindsay feels that running him through a ropes course that includes sitting on his back and whacking his fanny a few times is what it’s going to take to get Sean in shape to meet “The General.”


As they roll up to the house – and I swear I start hearing “proud to be an American” by Lee Greenwood playing in the background. This is literally THE MOST All-American date that can ever happen – let me paint the picture – high school football hero Texas boy falls in love with the two-star general’s daughter who’s an adorable teacher with a slight sense of humor. I swear – you can’t make this stuff up!

I absolutely love Lindsay’s mom – she reminds me so much of my own – bubbly and literally a TOTAL MOM – asking all the poignant questions. (Yep, mix Bruce Frazier with Lisa Yenter and you have PRBlonde’s parentals…). Alas, however the time has come for the All- American football player to ask the 2-star general for his daughter’s hand in “possible” marriage – and welcome the 21st century turn to the plot line of what was turning out to be a 1940’s movie. But in all of his soft center – General Yenter gives his daughter’s hand quite willingly…after two hours… and he’s making decisions for our country… ya Mama Giudici lasted longer than this! But after comparing his daughters “hand-giving” to a Paratrooper jump we leave Fort Leonard wherever we are with another good feeling – rose #2’s a comin’!

Hometown #4 – Desiree Hartsock, Los Angeles, California-


What’s one more house without a little drama right? Heading to his fourth and final location – Sean meets Desiree Hartsock’s family. Now I could say how perfect the hike was but that would just be wasting sentences when all we want to know is what the heck happened?

So at the start of Sean’s visit – and Des deserves all the credit in the world – Des gets Sean back with a harmless prank, hires and actor and fakes that and ex-boyfriend is back to claim her. While Sean stands there with clenched fist as an actor professes his love for Des, she gets him back for his little “artwork” breaking stunt from Ep. 2. But though this may have gotten Sean’s blood pumping it was nothing compared to what was about to boil over.

Sean meets Des’ mom, her sweet (Kirk DeWindt-esque) Dad and the tatted-out, hardcore may or may not have just been bailed out of jail ex-tent dwelling brother. Although Mom and Dad’s conversations are clearly swift and easy, the verbal abuse with a lot of annoying cackle starts and ends with Nathan. image_1After pulling his sister Des, aside, Nathan makes it very clear that Sean is not the one.

Now I can sympathize with a harsh critic – my little brother is by far the biggest road block that anyone is going to face but flexing your tatted-muscles and calling America’s Golden TV Boy a “Playboy” – your messing with a very hormonal 18-34 female prime time demographic there buddy! They have twitter accounts and they will virtually terrorize you… As Sean fields questions from a very “tough” brother on the attack with about as good a response as he can’t Nathan still isn’t buying what Sean is selling.

Unfortunately – I would love to say that just like Phil Collin’s said ‘Against the Odds’ Sean is able to see past the hatred but congrats Nathan all because of you – you cost your sister a rose with your tatted mockery and hyena laugh – uh uh, not cool! So after hometowns we are left with this:


Catherine – Rose – No blessing

Lindsay – Rose – Blessing

AshLee – Rose – Blessing for the second time

Desiree – No Rose – No Blessing and a total Ass for a brother, thumbs up dude!


In any case join me tomorrow as I watch “Sean Tell All” and follow me on Twitter at @LaurenAPruner for some commentary! I’ll have a short post with my poignant thoughts… because we all know I am full of them!

Happy Hometowns!

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