Bachelor 17 – Sean Tells All –

February 20, 2013

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…and Sean let’s be honest can you really afford this therapy session…”


First off let me say thank you to ABC for giving me back one hour of my week and making this “Sean Tell All” / a whole lot of stuff we already knew – only an hour long. If you’re a blog reader like myself – I would love to say there were jaw-dropping things that we learned about our blonde bachelor’s journey that we hadn’t seen or some past cast member hadn’t already exposed before. But, in case you missed it – I counted down a few things that we DID magically take away from this episode calling it –



The 11 things we didn’t know before “Sean Told All!”

  1. Sean calls Des’ brother a jackass and then tweets #jackass!
  2. Sean doesn’t like how Sarah kisses – maybe it’s a balance of the chakra thing?
  3. Selma the “non-kisser” and Sean love Eskimo kissing
  4. Lesley M and Sean were really good at quoting Seinfeld and dirty talking and what sent her home wasn’t wearing her heart on her sleeve!
    1. Questionable quote includes – “Give it to me. You know how daddy likes his brownies!” (Anyone that refers to himself as Daddy recreationally – needs to stop, your not Eddie Murphy and this isn’t his flop of a movie – Daddy Day Care.)
  5. Sean was really badly sunburned in St. Croix
  6. “Tierra should have never come on the show.” – Basically she only took the Courtney Robertson amateur class.
  7. There are signs for women’s and men’s bathrooms in the house and a sign pointing to the vending machines – Yahtzee!
  8. Ashley P.’s Mom was in love with Sean more than she was in love with Christian Grey…
  9. Catherine loved writing weird nerd notes – and she noticed Sean’s arms are hairless.
  10. Sean appreciates Catherine’s flexibility as she wedges herself in the wheel well of a HUGE snowplow.
  11. Sean thinks that the fantasy suite overnight dates…. Are NONEOFYA BEESWAX!

I’m confused… why are Billy Bush’s tweets on my screen. This is my show. My TV moment… plus I have better hair.” – Chris B. Harrison

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