Birthday Celfie // 26

August 25, 2014

Today is my birthday. I’ve closed the chapter to my golden year and now I’m looking forward to another one, older wiser and a few more martini’s deeper. At least they go down easy so I have that going for me…


Up until about 5 minutes ago – I wasn’t excited about this birthday at all, getting older meant growing-up and I still feel 22, with random #26yearoldproblems as attracted to me as the mosquitos this summer. But for all bad saying’s, “something re-inflated my balloons” today and I can’t wait to take the next year and celebrate all I’ve worked towards in my “early twenties.”

Celfie copy

Tee: Boohoo // Necklace (old): Baublebar 1 & 2

So instead of dwelling on my new quarter-life-crisis + 1 clock turn, I’m making a new commitment after what was truly a stellar golden year. I have never worked so hard (b/o radio silence) and cared so much about my personal and professional growth. Though I was tested in ways I didn’t know were possible I did leave 25 with a few life lessons (and PRB originals) that I still have yet to find on pinterest

1. Life’s answers come with time, patience, effort and a lot of green juice/coffee/wine.

2. Give those people that matter to you your all – even if their pride, insecurity or self-doubt may prevent them from doing the same.

3. Leave each day better than you found it – and if you can’t, wake up tomorrow, chug some coffee and try again.

4. Know that there’s a time and a place for everything and when there’s not – there’s wine.

 This year I hope to approach 26 with the same zeal, positivity, energy and humor. The beauty of all of that is I have 364 more days at this age to make it happen!

To my family for welcoming me back home and to my #girltribe. We always said it was funny how we all made it here but without your collective strength, laugher and drinking habits – I am a lesser person.

Now will someone just hand me a glass of champagne already… (clink!)