It’s like every dead celebrity joke – too soon? Well that was last night’s episode of the Bachelor. Everything just seemed a little cringe worthy and wildly premature. Well after a world-wide tour of three countries – I am sure the girls are happy to be sitting in normal size non-hobbit houses, wearing tighter skirts and all getting along, back on U.S. soil. Well most of that is true…

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February 18, 2014

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Monday Thoughts

Well so I guess I didn’t get all my “Y’alls” out since the travel gods came calling and blessed me with three more days in the Lone Star State. A little more Tex-Mex, higher hair and heels everywhere certainly does make me feel right at home! Check out some of the weekend photos on the Facebook page.


Congratulations you crazy kids!

STYLE // While I’m here I have been taking a look at a few of my fellow Texas Ladies fashions. Like this killer TBT blazer from Lynsey and basically anything Merritt is wearing these days. Sometimes there’s just one blogger you get attached to for a while – guess we will just call Merritt Ms. January!

DALLAS AND MY WALLET // So if there is one thing that this city has its shopping. I raided a few Dallas favorites this weekend and ended up fairing well with this neon long-sleeve dress, this top from The Impeccable Pig and this Kendra Scott Rayne necklace to add to my growing collection.

HAPPENINGS // Watching “The Fashion Fund” has me really excited for Fashion Week. I feel so privileged to live in New York and be able to participate in one of the greatest artistic/inspired weeks around the world.

THE BACHELOR WEDDING // Last night my thumb stayed on the “back” button as I felt like frogger jumping between the Grammy’s and The Bachelor Wedding. Now though I am not going to give you all a whole host of my “would ditch those chandeliers” snarky comments on Sean & Catherine’s special day. I’ll give you at least my Top 5 moments:

  1. Watching Sean and Catherine asking his Father to officiate the wedding was about the most adorable family moment I have ever seen.
  2. Watching Sean pick out Lingerie at La Perla made me feel about as uncomfortable as an episode of Honey Boo Boo – for the record that is VERY uncomfortable.
  3. For the record I find it hilarious that Catherine got a Bible from Sean and she gave him racy photos for a wedding gift.
  4. Hearing Arie, Jeff and John (All guys from Emily’s season) ask if Emily was going to show up was pretty darn funny. Anyone else catch that awkwardness…
  5. I’m not a crier but those vows were pretty tear worthy – however watching Sean bawl like a baby after going back down the aisle married was about the most adorable thing. He was so proud.

* I know I’m a big pile of mush…

See you tonight for more Bachelor – Juan Pablo fun and if you dare follow me on Twitter for live show updates. For you that already do – may God have mercy on your Twitter feed tonight… God knows I wont!

Happy Monday!

January 27, 2014

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City vs. City – The Dating Game

Its a subject we all talk about. Dating. Boys, girls and the troubles we are having, how confusing they are and “Why is it taking him/her two days to respond to my text?”


As the old saying goes – can’t live with them can’t live without them right? (more…)

October 15, 2013

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After 25 Seasons: Bachelor Bloopers –

BDg1xufCUAAormW-4432793789399709481So if we can’t have Bachelor Pad where we can watch cast off’s get drunk and hook up with each other we may as well put together an hour long blooper reel, right? Well it clearly worked since the Bachelor’s Funniest Moment’s hashtag #BTM was trending on twitter. (and if you’re a social media nerd like I am – well that’s 140 characters of GOLD!) So ABC’s Scandal thanks for warming up that top spot for us – BACHELOR NATION is BACK!

After 25 seasons there is no doubt that we have our fair share of DUM&$$ moments to showcase with hours of footage – but pack it into an hour and you will see the sole reason why we keep flocking back to our Television set’s week after week – with only 3 marriages and 25 seasons you still thought it was for the love and romance? Pshhh – please! (okay well maybe a little…). But all it took was one hour to get Bachelor nation back on our feet and after 25 seasons Chris Harrison and crew have a lot to be remembered for…

After 25 season’s we know this:

  1. The driveway will always be wet.
  2. The fountain never shuts off.
  3. Girls will always be advised that stripper heels and sparkle dresses are the go to attire of choice.
  4. Every season is 1 bajillion times more dramatic than the last.
  5. All the therapy hours had by past contestants may arguably cost as much as Chris Harrison’s salary.
  6. The pool guy is a saint for cleaning that sess tub.
  7. The interior decorator is never satisfied – she/he changes the house décor every season.
  8. Chris Harrison’s hairstyles will truly stand the test of time.
  9. Someone always cooks naked in the kitchen.
  10. On night one – booze tears and pass out fears never fail! Who will it be this time?

Memorable Bachelor Moments:

  1. The one with the 50 Shades of Grey tie meets booty shake meets falling on her &$$ then pouting about it.
  2. The one where an exit leads to a discussion about reproduction – Favorite line: “My eggs are rotting!”
  3. The one where the girl wants to get home to her kitty cat! “My cat is the love of my life at the moment – I can’t wait to hear her purr again.”
  4. The one where Courtney, Jillian and several others lose their tops… Courtney by choice I may add! “When in Panama???”
  5. The one where we learn that as sweet as she is Ashley Spivey is dubbed not only tone deaf but tone deaf with a southern accent. Now that takes talent.

Memorable Bachelorette Moments:

  1. The one where our first bachelor Alex Michel puked in the helicopter – like a three year old on the dragon coaster at a state fair.
  2. The one where Ed Swiderski gets drunk… then drunk again…
  3. The one where we learn that Kasey Kahl is not only also tone deaf his freestyling skills are up there with my grandmother’s. “Jump in my heart – stay a while!” (Blagh!)
  4. The one where Tanner Pope imitates sucking on toes. That… was just WRONG.
  5. The one where Ryan Bowers tries to “build-a-wife” in front of Emily… “trusting, loyal, she will serve me!” ummm, no.

Chris Harrison Facts:

  1. The man knows how to rock a pocket square.
  2. His vocab extends beyond, “will you accept this rose?”
  3. His affinity for glass clinking may arguably be his hidden talent.
  4. He likes to play the “pull my finger” game.
  5. He’s still the best thing that ever happened to this show! (swear…I’m not biased.. okay, a tad!)

So there you have it – 25 season’s 25 stats and a whole lot of sh*t left to show! We’re only just getting started and by the looks of the fisticuffs, love professing and flat out cheating that is going to come with the start of Desiree Hartsock’s Bachelorette season, the good stuff is far from over!

Next week I’ll be back blogging Night 1 The Limo’s – can’t wait to see what these first impression stunts these suitors have cooked up for our Bachelorette.


P.S. Need to study up before next Monday? Here’s all you need to know about Desiree’s MEN! (click: here!)

p.p.s.…and if you haven’t seen enough of these men making a fool of themselves – well here’s a little more…

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© Copyright 2013 – Images courtesy of ABC Studios, Next Entertainment (NTK)


May 21, 2013

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Washington DC: A Tinderella Story –

This story was written by Courtney Webb and is a first hand account of her experience. You can follow her at @CWebb711

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Once Upon A Time, there was an App called Tinder, which appeared superficial in all of its presentation. The App was a modern day matchmaker, pairing attractive photos with one flick of a finger. Swipe left if you’re not interested swipe right if you were – simple. Well, for this particular story it all started with one swipe to the right – yep, the good kind!

Feeling spontaneous, on a girl’s weekend to Philadelphia I decided to download Tinder. Not expecting much, I started to ‘swipe around.’ 30 left/no swipes later a handsome young man appeared on my screen and to the right/yes pile he went. To my surprise we were a match. Now, let me describe what that really means, because let’s face it, this is not eHarmony where I am paying good money to have all my character traits match up only to conclude by some computer analysis, we were destined for marital bliss. Frankly, it just means we thought each other were attractive.

So, he begins the conversation and I coyly respond. Next thing I know a few chat bubbles and days later, I’m back in New York, dead asleep, woken up on a Sunday morning with by him – calling.

You never hear about people meeting up with Tinder matches, you just hear jock-like banter about how sexy this chick is. How lucky you are that she thinks you’re hot and what y’all WOULD do if you ever met. How romantic, right?  So, to my friend’s astonishment, me being the girl who doesn’t really date, I decided to take a huge chance. No different than any girl that would have done the same on so I guess I found comfort in that.

Yet, there I was, and hour and half later in Union Square standing in front of a McDonald’s thinking, what possessed me to meet this rando! (No offense to him because you’re about to find out how great he really is.) I see him across the way, and I wave. Not just any wave, a Betty White, anxious full body rocking side to side wave, because I’m so nervous. Note to self and anyone else, STAY CALM! Luckily, he begins to slightly jog over to me like David Hasslehoff circa Baywatch days, so I laugh a little and the nerves begin to fade.

Fullscreen capture 3252013 110858 PM

After we say our how-do-you-do’s and hug, I tell him that I’m supposed to go to church in 15 min. and that I guess I could attend the later service so we could get coffee, like we intended to. But for those of you, who don’t know me, I tend to barely make it on time to anything! Then it appeared. The first sign that this guy actually may be normal – he suggested that he come to church with me! I swear my grandmother came down from heaven and picked up my jaw off the ground and put the words in my mouth .“I’d love for you to come!” So, off to church we went.

Side Note: for those of you who think Tinder, is just an App to meet hotties and hook up, I would like for you to stand corrected! We met on Tinder and then went to church – not so devilish after all! 

Now, it may not have been a market – and I may not have been carrying groceries but this story is TINDER-ella. So how did I know he was my “prince charming?” Well for starters (Prince) Charming has pretty amazing credentials. As a midshipmen at the prestigious Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland – he was born and raised in northern California – the wine country to be exact, Thus, the boy knows a thing or two about grapes! Interested in art and black belt in martial arts Charming stands a strapping 6′ 2″ he is also a male model in New York – but contrary to popular belief he is the salt of the earth and about as humble a man I have ever met.  He is a true gentleman in every sense of the word.

Fullscreen capture 3252013 111438 PMAfter our church going we continued our date. He returned to the Naval Academy and we continued to talk stealing any text moment we could throughout our busy day. On Tuesday  of this past week however – the most unexpected of invitations came. Charming was invited to the Naval Academy Marine Corps Ball, and I Tinder-ella was asked to be his date….

Part 2 – coming in a flick of a wand! Follow me on Twitter to find Pt. 2! @LaurenPruner

March 25, 2013

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image_15We did it. It’s finally come to a close, all the roses have been given and Sean has chosen his bride – the lovely Catherine Guidici! Truly from the bottom of PRBlonde’s heart I want to congratulate the happy couple. I hope to see you all frolicking around Dallas very soon and looking forward to calling you all neighbors. Catherine if you need a design job, I can probably help you out there. (Notice the blog title.) (more…)

March 12, 2013

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Bachelor 17 – Sean Tells All –


…and Sean let’s be honest can you really afford this therapy session…”


First off let me say thank you to ABC for giving me back one hour of my week and making this “Sean Tell All” / a whole lot of stuff we already knew – only an hour long. If you’re a blog reader like myself – I would love to say there were jaw-dropping things that we learned about our blonde bachelor’s journey that we hadn’t seen or some past cast member hadn’t already exposed before. But, in case you missed it – I counted down a few things that we DID magically take away from this episode calling it – (more…)

February 20, 2013

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Bachelor 17 Ep. 8 “Crazy” in Love –

photo (1)What a week! I think this is the first time where Chris Harrison’s “most dramatic week ever” actually may ring true! Hometown dates are here and our Dallas bachelor is making his rounds to meet the families.

I have to say this is by far my favorite week of any Bachelor season – you can always tell a lot about someone when they are around their family and it’s a HUGE step. So as Sean steps into each family temple to gain clarity I have to say what he gets out of it is a whole-lotta mess! P.S. Fun sighting of him this weekend at a local bar in Big-D – he’s looking a little (more…)

February 19, 2013

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Be My Valentine –

5e1c11b7eee923556d420e026c8d608aHappy Valentines Day!

It’s one of the most interesting holidays of the year – where PDA is totally permissible, singles watch Nicholas Sparks movies with a box of Kleenex or simply go out and hit the bottle a little hard. But this year it falls on a weekday – and if you feel the need to ignore the holiday completely just find the nearest spreadsheet and start computing! But in any case I hope whether at your desk working away, celebrating tonight with your “other-half” or surrounding yourself with good friends and maybe family – that it be filled with love, flowers, hearts, stars and horseshoes .. oh wait – that’s Lucky Charms and next month!

Happy Valentines Day Kiddos!  I’ll leave you with my favorite Love quote and a little SATC reference. Oh and a few inspirational treats at the bottom!

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February 13, 2013

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Bachelor 17 Ep. 7: A “Tierra”-ble Sparkle

Fullscreen capture 2122013 124627 AM - CopyIt’s Week 7 and oh man this was the night we were waiting for in so many senses of the word. Tierra the “Terriable” (thanks to who coined that one) “lost her sparkle” and it was truly the night of memorable quotes both on and off the camera. Six girls left and two were set to go home as we lead up to next week’s hometown dates and another two night special from ABC. I have to say – as much as love this show The Bachelor is asking me to make a big commitment – and though no one is down on one knee in front of me I will virtually take this as a sign of commitment/handing of the remote from Chris B. (more…)

February 12, 2013

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