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The Bachelorette Finale: We Were All Wrong

Chris and Des reaction Yep, I was wrong! Bachelor Nation just rolled off of what seemed like a 48 hour rose colored bender and were completely blind sighted by anything and everything that we have heard about this season. I’ve watched 10 seasons, blogged 4, tweeted 5. As close as I was to it all, it was Chris who would end up with the final rose.

Now that I am off the shock wagon – let’s recap a nearly two hour montage of the newest and happily  engaged Bachelorette couple Des and Chris! (more…)

A Diamond and A New Bachelor?

Last we left Desiree – she was ready to wrap up bachelor pack her bags and head home. Her eye was on one prize and Drew and Chris simply weren’t the guys she wanted in the end. With Brooks “gone” what was to fill a two hour finale and an After the Final Rose special?

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If Des doesn’t end up with out a diamond – Helzberg is making sure faithful Bachelorette watchers don’t go “un-rosed.” I tweet along every Monday and as we watch and hope Des finds her true love, Helzberg is tweeting along with @BacheloretteABC & giving away a rose pendant necklace for those that follow @Helzberg diamonds and Tweet with the #IAmLoved and #Bachelorette.

Follow the @Helzberg account on twitter and watch for clues for your chance to the stunner to the right! (more…)

The Bachelorette: Desiree Part 1 Finale –

Oh my cheese and rice BANANAS! I am pretty sure there aren’t enough handles of rum to help Des off her cry train or enough Xanax bars to keep Brook’s from hitting another tree! All and all – more tears were shed than to cure and African drought and we were left with our mouths open and empty bottles of wine…

When everything we knew about The Bachelorette Franchise was shaken to its core – I can officially say I will never call Chris Harrison a drama queen, fibber, or pre-menstrual angry teen ever again. When the music turns into a freaky ass – “white stripes” drum beat, that’s when I start chugging wine. So – since that was about, oh 30 seconds in, (more…)


Fullscreen capture 7292013 61724 PM (more…)


image 7 Well, this is what the world of men has come to. Finger pointing, no sock wearing, poor pocket square folding boys. At least that’s what we saw on last night’s Bachelorette, Men Tell All. Honestly I am not sure what ever made wearing no socks with dress shoes cool (James – I’m lookin’ at you) but I am pretty sure your jersey shore cousin Ronnie doesn’t even do it like that!

Each season it’s the same story, there’s always 1 who: (more…)