Ya’ll! It’s official – Christmas music is playing at my desk and I am sipping on the most wonderful Gingerbread Latte! The holidays are around the corner and since we’re all about to eat ourselves into some serious couch time next week – There’s a way you can still get “some” serious exercise.

pink wrapped gift

There are studies that prove it – 1 click = .00142 calories. So I’m thinking – if I spend 3 – 4 hours online stashing my cybermonday favorites and getting ready for that “click-a-thon” – I’ll burn at least 1 carrot off. But before we start indulging candied sweet potatoes and green beans – here’s a few of my favorite picks that will get you through the work week and even in your travels wherever you land this upcoming holiday.

And in case that wasn’t enough – here’s a few more:

More gift guides coming soon and make sure to check back on Monday for some killer Cyber Monday steals/deals! Remember 1 click = 1 calorie.

Burn baby Burn!