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A Classic Anniversary – Yr. 2

It’s finally spring! Easter eggs have rolled/been hunted like Katniss and now we get to look forward to Memorial Day and summer – perfectly made for white t-shirts, jeans, dresses and fun heels. Pure classics!

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Diaries of Dry Shampoo

New York will keep you on your toes. Morning routines after late night engagements somehow get shortened and right around Wednesday AM I am arguably faced with one of the biggest decisions of my week…

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This past weekend I was inundated with an influx of Snapchats all coming from the colorful world of Coachella. With friends donning headbands, bloggers partnering with some of our favorite brands and catching up on all the emergence of industry news it’s like social media was calling me (by hashtag of course) to Indio, CA.

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An Ode to Spring & Tax Returns

Let me just say – GOD BLESS AMERICA. Thanks to a little something called “tax returns” – I am doing the exact thing everyone shouldn’t do with my “hard earned” cash (moving pays people…) and making a few “investments” in my wardrobe to hopefully leap into summer. Save, save, save blah blah blah blah… What would make you happier, $250 in some IRA or a this beautiful tote… oh in the name of vanity.

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The White Dress

The beauty of living close to home – the closet space. New York City living, though with all of its outer perks, the innards of an apartment include cramped space and the attempt to maximize every inch that you have – thus common luxuries like closets, yep they rarely exist.