#PRBGIFTGUIDE – Entertainment Maven

There’s nothing like starting Thanksgiving off with some holiday cheer. Mine usually comes in the form of a glass of red wine or a hot toddy as my mom and I scramble to figure out what to bring to the obligatory family parties that commence right after stuffing the turkey. Thanksgiving in our house is always interesting. There’s a lot of family, a lot of opinions, several empty wine bottles and a few games and jokes to keep the mood light. To the naked “non-decked” eye it’s a clust- f#ck for sure. However the holidays wouldn’t be the holidays if it didn’t start with our Thanksgiving palooza. (For those that know me well – you have heard the storiesI).



But a festive Thanksgiving still comes with my mom minding her P’s and Q’s (minus the wine intake) and that always comes with a hostess gift – with a lot thought and a little personalization. You can’t put a price on a well picked out candle – like this ‘Champagne’ Pop from Jonathan Adler (20% off with code: BLACKFRIDAY) or these festive guest towels from Mark & Graham. She has also always been a fan of keeping cozy & warm (just like yesterdays outfit) and give a cozy blanket like this Kennebunk Chelan Throw (40% off at Nordstrom) that you can curl up and watch football or christmas movies! Count me in! 


Wishing you a happy and healthy Thanksgiving Holiday and on Friday – get ready! The #PRBGG Shop is coming! Just in time for Cyber Monday. <– See what I did there?

xx, LP/PRB