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Weekend Reading – Vol. 18

So a nod to my last 5 posts – Weekend, weekend, beach, weekend, the power of positivity… either I’m REALLY enjoying my summer or PRB is my safe haven of jet setting and happiness. Maybe its both!

New England Summer Vacation So – if your kicking back to enjoy some reading of your own….

GET LUCKY // Clearly I’m not the only one feeling lucky this summer – have you checked out Eva Chen’s latest move?

LABOR DAY // IS around the corner – WTF^$%@*^! While I may not be ready – this may be one of the first times that I will actually be able to pack for it!

MAN REPELLER #TBT // I found this interview with Leandra and her husband Abie – after reading her book it was pretty cool to put a face to a name…

VIDEO STAR // Have you been following Vogues video series #73Questions – Check out the latest with……well click and find out!

SUMMER NOM // First if you haven’t checked out Love and Lemons do! I’ll be breaking out my cooking magic to recreate this AMAZING flatbread Pizza.

ROUNDING UP // With my birthday around the corner and each passing day inching closer to the day in which I officially STOP counting – I found comfort in “30 Things in 30 Years” from Victoria… a lot of her writing tends to have that calming effect on me. (Also she did something really COOL this week…)

MOVIN’ & SHAKIN’ // A few new things will be popping up on the blog next week – and some last minute tweaks are in place! YAY!

Happy Sunday!

A Weekend In Montauk

After a few lobster rolls and a bit of a sunburn that brought me to lobster status I am back in New York, and after this weekend the concrete jungle just seems to be a little harder to bear… What made this weekend so special – one hashtag – #Blondetauk….

photo-001 (more…)

Weekend Reading – Vol. 17

The sky is blue the grass is green and yes amazingly so this ed. of weekend reading isn’t coming to you from the horizontal position of my bed. Rather I am at the gorgeous Montauk Yacht Club for some R&R and if you include last night a little over-serving…

Pool (more…)

Let’s Go To The Beach

I’ve finally come up for air. Even though I have been MIA for the week it seems like you all have done just fine without a BIP recap, pineapples are still cool and like me I hope your ready for a vacation!

Hamptons - Truck (more…)

The Power of Positivity

This past weekend was no exception to a fun and unpredictable summer. I haven’t said no to much this season – in fact I’ve done the exact opposite. Trying to jam pack, explore and experience as many new things as possible – crossing off summer bucket dreams like a PR girl to her to-do list.

Power of Positivity (more…)