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Goodbye, Summer

Dear Summer, You really did me in.

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Birthday Celfie // 26

Today is my birthday. I’ve closed the chapter to my golden year and now I’m looking forward to another one, older wiser and a few more martini’s deeper. At least they go down easy so I have that going for me…

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Weekend Reading – Vol. 18

So a nod to my last 5 posts – Weekend, weekend, beach, weekend, the power of positivity… either I’m REALLY enjoying my summer or PRB is my safe haven of jet setting and happiness. Maybe its both!

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A Weekend In Montauk

After a few lobster rolls and a bit of a sunburn that brought me to lobster status I am back in New York, and after this weekend the concrete jungle just seems to be a little harder to bear… What made this weekend so special – one hashtag – #Blondetauk….

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Weekend Reading – Vol. 17

The sky is blue the grass is green and yes amazingly so this ed. of weekend reading isn’t coming to you from the horizontal position of my bed. Rather I am at the gorgeous Montauk Yacht Club for some R&R and if you include last night a little over-serving…

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