Does anyone else get that itch around March/April to make a change?

Cleaning out closets, planning warmer vacations – anything to make it feel like a spring renewal is at my doorstep! Please dear God give me that Vitamin D!

OUTFIT: Ralph Lauren Turtleneck (on sale!) | Ann Taylor Skinny Leg Jean | Nine West Slides (under $50!)| Apolis Market Bag

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Funny thing – the itch of change.

Come spring I’m ready for spring clothes but no idea what to buy. Come vacation season, where to plan and go? So, I often go searching for inspiration. Online carts overfloweth!   

But though those new “change agent” jeans sit in my Shopbop cart (hello rebellious ripped knee), and doodles of floor plans seem teeming with possibility, I still end up with eyelet in the closet and my bed in the same sunlit corner. So, why am I such a creature of habit?

After batting this topic back and forth with a few friends, we figured that habit was just a foundation to make changes on. That go-to black dress is the confidence on your first date, those favorite jeans, a comfy Saturday around town with coffee at a favorite spot. Habit, even when you’re itching for a change, keeps you centered.

So habit got me thinking beyond my purchases and favorite New York coffee spots and more into the guiding advice that has been my bedrock for change. In fact, it’s some of the best advice I’ve ever been given.

On Career: I had a very senior leader at my very first company give me this advice when I was leaving my Dallas office and moving to New York. I live by this cycle especially in business. It’s my favorite gut check for anything career related.

Your career moves through 4 boxes, which one are you in?

  •    Box 1: Unconsciously, Incompetent – You have no idea that you are totally unqualified to take on this new job.
  •    Box 2: Consciously, Incompetent – The “Oh Shit!” I don’t think I can do this light comes on but it doesn’t last long.
  •    Box 3: Consciously, CompetentWelcome to cruise control – you know it, can do it and have found your groove.
  •    Box 4: Unconsciously, CompetentAuto-pilot – you’re no longer being challenged. Disinterested and could do your role in your sleep. Time to make a change!

On Life: I took a class on communication performance in college – while we were reciting poems in front of a class of 100 – it was the subtext of that class, to tame the voice inside your head that was the best lesson I’ve ever learned.

“If you don’t like something, all you have to do is change your mind.”

Change what you can control – your thoughts and perception. Harness the power to change your mind. This one seems the simplest, but to me – the most powerful.

On Relationships: Someday I’ll write the book of idioms that shaped every piece of great advice my grandmothers gave me. This one, just like spotting a bag, is the easiest way to spot a fake, a blowhard, a bragger and someone desperate for change.

“Empty barrels make the most noise.”

Now while these “principles” may not get me to hit purchase on those ripped jeans, they do help me walk a little taller and put a smile on this “in need of sun” face. So here’s to change, and spring, may your words to live by guide you into a new season too!

March 26, 2018

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Mastering The Open With Chase

There’s a checklist for winding down summer. First, my birthday (read all about the milestone here). Second, a final Beach BBQ’s and cocktails. Lastly, a visit to the US Open.

Ever since I returned to NYC four summers ago, I’ve made it a point to venture out to the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center. A subway ticket and quick ride on the 7 train from midtown will get you there and the grounds are a great way to spend a Saturday.

The past two years I have been thankful to work with Chase, title sponsor for the US Open. As a chase customer you get a taste of the VIP experience with access to the Chase Lounge a place to grab drinks and a few signature honey deuces before matches begin – you can make a reservation here. Last year I attended an event at the Chase Lounge with Andy Roddick. Nothing like watching a tennis match with one of the greats!

This year, Chase was kind enough to help me get in on the action and watch another great, Roger Federer (SUI), take on Frances Tiafoe (USA) if you watched the match you know it was a doozy with Federer winning in the 5th set. There’s nothing better than being inside Arthur Ashe for a killer match. When the roof is closed (thank god it was because it was raining the night we went) the place gets really loud and with only 23,000 seats it can get really exciting with the whole stadium going.

Since the open is also only once a year – you often see a few celebs in the stands. While he was about the size of a Polly Pocket, I was in the same room as Sean Connery, fellow birthday buddy! (OMG!)

Thanks so much to Chase for making it another memorable year at the US Open. There’s still so much tennis left too, like the men’s semi’s tonight and the finals throughout the weekend. Even if not to attend a final match – there’s still grounds passes and Chase Customers get great access. See what’s available here.

Thanks to Chase for sponsoring this post.

September 8, 2017

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This is 29. A Birthday Story.

I know it’s been a while, but what can I say, I’m a sucker for tradition.

(Photo – St. Petersburg, Russia)

Back home this one will involve a birthday story, champagne and a pointy hat, but with my travels this year – raising one to 13 new passport stamps deserves a toast just the same. So grab a glass because…

Happy BIG 2-9 to me! (I know, I can’t believe it either!)

I love writing these birthday posts. In a funny way they hold me accountable for the year past, help me set intentions for the one ahead and all the while, remind me of the themes that make any year just a bit more bubbly – champun intended! Don’t worry flutes and balloons are on standby.

So in keeping with tradition, I dove into the archives to find what 26, 27 and most recently 28 forecasted. I can check #1, #2 off the list and a valiant effort on #4 made for an epic year. 28 was arguably the best yet, one I’m slightly hesitant to say goodbye to as it was filled with…

Adventure – this year 13 countries, some repeats some new. All I can say about my passport is that sh*t needs framing!

Epic Accomplishment – this year professionally came with a Super Bowl, an ode to America and eclipsing the eclipse – thank you Bonnie Tyler. I have been so fortunate to work on so many big and amazing things.

Vulnerability – welcoming new people into my life with open arms and hearts. Xo B!

Stability – While I was off conquering the world, my best friends and family were always by my side of which I will always be forever grateful.

But now, 29.

I’d be lying if I said this one didn’t feel different. It just does. The hangovers are longer, the stressors greater and that “get your shit together” age of 30 now has a countdown clock. It was nice to wake up this morning looking and feeling the same as yesterday. As if my use of night cream was going to now magically turn me into a geriatric.

Yet, here’s to embracing the almost 30! (I know I said it!) and framing up the last year of my 20’s with a few PRB Originals to set the intentions for the last year of what has been truly amazing decade.

  • Believe in yourself and the lens through which you view the world. Just because it isn’t the same as others, doesn’t mean it’s wrong or any less valuable. And embrace other’s lenses as well.
  • You only get what you give. Continue to invest in others in the same proportionate capacity which they invest in you.
  • Know your worth. Any don’t let anyone or anything undervalue your personal stock.
  • Take risks. Professionally, personally and globally that raise your personal capital and earn you respect and light your internal fire.
  • Be thankful. For health, family and the experiences of your 20’s – it’s one hell of a foundation worth building an amazing life on!

So here’s to marking the last year of the best decade with style, excitement and a little bit of grace. A new dress is bought, the mimosa is in hand – so I’d say I’m off to a good start.

To my friends, Elie Goulding said it best, you’re my army. B, your the best thing about my 28th year and beyond. Lastly, to the Power Pruners – they don’t call us superheroes for nothing. I love you all. 

Now who’s meeting me at the bar?


August 25, 2017

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Moving Forward with Dove

If last week’s post was a springboard into a new year – this one is all about moving forward and upward!

PRBlonde - Dove Shake Spray Go-5

Between tons of end of year 2016 celebrations, navigating the crazy streets of New York to shop for presents and see the lights. and spend family filled holidays regaling my travels – I was pooped! (more…)

January 23, 2017

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Holiday Gift Guide – For Him

for-him| 1. Leonard and Church Watch | 2. Charles Tyrwhitt Button Down Shirt | 3. Copper Hammered Bar Tool Set | 4. Rustic Leather Card Set | 5. Misc. Goods Underhill Cologne | 6. J.Crew Pacer Boots | 7. Leather Tech Envelope Carrier | 8. Leather Sunday Golf Shoes Bag | 9. Hard Stuff Decanter | 10. Charles Tyrwhitt Sweater | 11. Shinola Shoe Shine Kit | 12. Ray-Ban Caravan Sunglasses | 13. Bulleit Bourbon | 14. Dakine Party Bucket | 15. Mistletoe Socks | 16. Michael Kors Bifold Wallet | 17. Anthropologie Food and Beer Book | 18. Areaware Key Target |

It’s official! We’re in the throws of the 12 days of Christmas and Fifth Ave in NYC is certainly showing it.

NYC definitely has the Christmas bug and my hunt for presents for the guys is on. From Dads to brothers to significant others I take pride in finding the perfect and most personalized guys gift. It’s no secret that men are hard to buy generic gifts for – but simply leaning into their interests can even make giving a Darth Vader mug seem cool.

So I’ve rounded up some gifts inspired by the PRB guys from fine leather goods to bespoke bar necessities. A quick reminder – dates for free shipping, last day shipping, etc. are coming up soon. Here’s a cheat sheet that’s worth bookmarking:

December 18 – Last Day for STANDARD SHIPPING

December 16 – FREE SHIPPING

December 19 – Last Day to RUSH SHIP

December 21 – Last Day for SECOND DAY AIR

December 23 – Last Day NEXT DAY AIR


Happy hunting!

December 14, 2016

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Holiday Style: Holiday Cape

7 parties down – three to go then my own on Saturday night! Pardon me while I take a Christmas filled, silver birch candle scented breath – I need cranberry champagne and stat!

prblonde-holiday-7-16I am so off this week as my schedule seems to have gone upside down. Workdays are manageable (do you know about the PR EOY slump?) and post-5PM is when things seem to heat up with client happy hours, blog events and friend holiday parties. I feel like a super-elf in a holiday cape.


| Cape Draper James | Clutch Henri Bendel | Sweater Shopbop |

So to match the busy schedule I’ve opted for a more “on-the-go” festive style this week. Low booties or flats make subway running easier and a warm cape or topper coat are festive layers that can be easily slipped on an off are crucial. Subway sweaty – NYC girls I feel you…


prblonde-holiday-3-2This week I’ve also loved taking part in #WreathWitherspoon week sharing some of my favorite Draper James outfits like this killer cape. I’d say it earns me a “super-elf’ title don’t you? Think Santa would hire me? Pair with a cozy sweater, pair of jeans and flats and you’re good to go! Parties 8 and 9 tonight. Follow me on Insta-stories to see where I end up! (…now about that champagne!).


Happy Holidays!

December 8, 2016

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NYC Holidays Vol. 1: Christmas At The Plaza

I don’t know about you but last week’s Christmas shopping and this week’s festive fêtes have me wanting some R&R (and cocktails) bad…Does anyone feel like their schedule cup runneth over?


In truth I can’t complain too much as each event seems to “out-holiday” the last and if there’s one thing I love is this time of year in New York City and celebrating every step towards Dec. 25. While my plans this weekend will be continuing the festive fun (ugly sweaters!) – I did want to share my events from a few weeks back as Krista, Lauren and I spent a festive day of pampering at the Plaza.

During the holidays – there’s nothing like Christmas at The Plaza Hotel. With tons of trees, wreaths in every window, Gramercy Flowers with insatiable New York at Christmas ornaments and kicking back to enjoy tea and cocktails among the decked halls at Palm Court was the best way to get in the holiday spirit!







Our Suite

Thanks to our friends at The Plaza we also had access to one of their Legacy Suites. There are 29 in the hotel and all are newly renovated, elegant and timeless and my favorite sunlit with views of the park. I mean… yes please! So if you find yourself in NYC this holiday season and make it to The Plaza Hotel here’s a few not to miss hotel to-do’s:

Brunching/Lunching in Todd English Food Hall

Opening at 11:30 AM on weekends – make sure to make a reservation. Located on the lower level the marble tables, Bellinis and chicken and waffles are not to be missed.



The Shops at The Plaza

Located in the basement of the hotel – I spent a good 2 hours walking and perusing the shops at The Plaza. From an Assouline bookstore to the Gramercy Flower shop with beautiful Christmas ornaments there are tons of baubles and gift ideas. Krigler fragrance, MCM and a shop just for Eloise are all must-shop-stops. If you’re feeling fancy Armarium in the Beauty Shoppe provides members with borrowed pieces off the runway!


Afternoon Tea and Cocktails at The Palm Court


I first had tea at the Plaza for my 10th birthday mere steps from Eloise and her wall hung portrait. The tradition of tea at the hotel goes back decades and The Palm Court setting is romantic and timeless. With varietals to try and finger sandwich towers and desserts to be had – it’s an absolute must-schedule.



The cocktails at the Palm Court are one of a kind – and while our day didn’t take us back downstairs for a libation (we put on robes and watched Christmas movies!) we are going back because there’s a Chartreusian Velvet Sling with my name on it! The tribute cocktails on the menu are a nod to Victor Jules Bergeron, Jr.’s famous Polynesian-themed restaurant Trader Vic’s, which was located in the basement of The Plaza for 30 years. The two to try – the Chartreusian Velvet Sling or other signature drink Leche Dolce.

champagne-punch_the-plaza thepalmcourt_279a7601_miachelbreton

Thanks to our friends at The Plaza Hotel for hosting us for a great day!

P.S. Fun fact – The Plaza was featured in Home Alone 2 – Lost in New York and in the 2013 remake of The Great Gatsby!

December 7, 2016

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How To Prep For Black Friday/Cyber Monday

It’s that time again! Cue the jazz hands and the gratification I’m going to get when I finally buy that Bendel’s bag for a scary good price! #PopFizzClink.



If last year was any indication – this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are going to be killer and I have my “link list” ready (remember last year’s tips?!). This year we’re going in eyes wide open and ready to take on the best of holiday savings for gifts, investment pieces and who knows – even pull the trigger on next year’s Q1 trip!

So to study up – I’ve created a list of ten things not to miss when shopping post-Turkey day – from the couch of course. A few new and a few old all promised to help you make the most of your click time.


1) Think Holiday – From tinsel to even your tree, sites like Wayfair and HomeGoods “sleigh” the décor game. Anything you’re looking to theme out this year? It will allow you to dive a little deeper into the holiday cheer without breaking the bank on a one time a year investment.

2) Get Personal – What I love about giving gifts is that a monogram can make it that much more special. However, monogramming can take time – and may cost extra – look for shops like Jack Rogers, Henri Bendel and L.L. Bean for low cost monogram options and the ability to bake in plenty of lead time!

3) Pull the Travel Ripcord – With all my travels this year, the bug has got me again for 2017. Check out Expedia, your preferred airline (#DeltaLoyalist) and even cruise lines like Royal Caribbean. My exact Eurotrip itinerary with these ladies is even on “sail.”

4) Merry the Masses – This is simple – co-workers, secret Santa’s, Holiday hostess gifts – the little “thoughtful” gifts add up! Consider visiting sites like Etsy to shop for something unique and in larger quantities. But be sure they can accommodate the mass order – unless you plan to couple it with a Super Bowl gift!

5) Get Up Early – If your house is anything like mine, wine brain can lead to buying really ugly jeans at the 12AM break of Black Friday and around 9AM the house starts buzzing with caffeinated aunts making pancakes. So set your alarm for 7AM – bank on everyone else’s food coma and click click click!

6) Make a Wishlist – To ensure you capture everything on your list – create a link list in Google Docs. As you recover from your turkey coma – you can browse without the pressure and have everything ready to go come Friday/Monday.

7) Shop to Save (on shipping) –Big retailers, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Amazon and Target not only have killer sales but great ship/send rates and return policy’s like none other. When pressed for time shopping at big retailers also offer bigger savings, which also means better shipping rates and less boxes upon arrival.

8) Find The Better Deal – While your favorite stores offer great saving options – don’t sell out for just one. For example items from Topshop can also be found at Nordstrom. Couple that with a few other items and free shipping and you can even add that bangle you’ve been after for what you may have paid elsewhere. The beauty of the internet – no walking from store to store to weigh your options – #CouchClicksandCoffee.

9) Social Media Insider Tips – While brands love when you follow them on social, there’s never been a better time. Between Twitter and Instagram top retailers share some of their biggest sale savings via social media. So to save yourself the trouble of finding all the great deals – make a Twitter list of the favorite brands aligned to your wish list. Consider it your Cyber Monday directory.

10) Set a Budget – Hitting “Pay with Paypal” is probably the easiest thing to do on Cyber Monday – no credit card required. However, to make sure you’re not over spending, load money on to your Paypal account and set a budget for how much you’ll allow yourself to spend. Should you need a little less self-policing – work the credit card. Remember point’s people, points!

Make sure to check back Friday for a full guide and the best of sales.

Happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Folks! May your wallets stay merry and your purchases be bright!

November 22, 2016

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Nine Holiday Sweaters

I’d be lying if I said holiday music wasn’t on repeat and spending the day at the plaza hotel didn’t get me in the mood.


With Thanksgiving, Black Friday Sales and Cyber Monday just days away and New York starting to really deck the halls – I couldn’t be more excited to stay in NYC during the holidays. You see – 10 countries in the past year may be a feat and getting out of the city every once in awhile is nice, but if there’s a time of year that being in New York trumps any place else – it’s the holidays!

So to kick off my holiday celebrations – I went for a little walk arriving at Lord and Taylor who seems to be first to the holiday windows this year. While I did spot some velvet heels that caught my eye – it was actually the ugly sweater section that had me in stitches. Every year, on December 23rd, my family and close family friends host one punny party and these are sure to be on the list! Check them out:holiday-sweaters(by row L to R)

| He Sees You When You’re Drinking | Holiday Bow | When The White Runs Out I’ll Drink the Red | Polar Bear | Light-Up Tree Sweater | Emoji sweater Let’s Get Elfed Up | Calendar Sweater | Drinking Santa Ugly Sweater |

BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY TIP: Should you be saving up for some glorified clicking this coming Friday – next Monday – Lord & Taylor is sure to have Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales you don’t want to miss. Bookmark this link here so you’re ready to go!

Make sure to visit the instafeed throughout the week for Black Friday, Cyber Monday deals!

November 21, 2016

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Weekend Reading – Vol. 44

It’s been a big week y’all! I’ll let you in on a few little secrets…


One, jet lag is a b!tch (okay not a secret), Two I actually got back from my time overseas last Sunday (I know!, Three I got promoted when I returned (Again, I know!) and Four I have so many pictures and video to share! I’m almost done checking off my whirlwind year of travel with only two countries planned till settling for the holidays. Someone said Christmas music to me the other day and I got so flippin’ excited!

Bring on the click-worthy sh!t!

READ THIS: All the fun things!

BUY THAT: Going north? I am! (next destination clue!)

REMEMBER THIS: Happy hour fodder of course!


  • Postcards from my trip
  • Where to See, Eat, Shop in Florence
  • Where I’m off to next

Till then.. catch me here: Instagram (now IG stories! #PRBUnplugged) | Twitter


October 15, 2016

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