On Turning 28 – A Birthday Story

Here we are, another year older, wiser, stronger, better. Happy Birthday to me!

PRBlonde Paris France-1

I think I spent the better part of writing this post scouring Susan Miller’s website for the statement that would define my 28th year, which led me to Brene Brown, then Pinspiration and then an Instagram feed on fancy cocktails – likely story! Shall we pour the rosé?  

Like years prior I went back and read my 26 and 27 birthday posts to see if life had been living up to previous expectations. Here’s to crossing #1 and #4 off the list in a big way! But, before we dive into the prophetic state of 28, I want to raise a glass to 27.

27, you brought me back to find my groove.

27 was like being set-up on the best first date and finding that relationship groove after being screwed over by so many before it. 25 – all the changes, 26 a rebuilding year, and 27 was:

An Investment  – In my professional career and its growth, one that I am beyond proud of no matter what the outcome.

Adventurous – 5 countries and 15 cities. An expansion of the mind that made the most consuming of problems seem small and seeing the world a priority.

Accomplished – It may have only been a half-marathon but what people don’t tell you is the mental strength needed will push your boundaries farther than you ever thought possible.

Appreciative – Of my family, friends, s/o’s, co-workers, roommates – and those that had an impact on shaping this last year.

Now while my name may not be Stella, what’s great about this “groove” is I can wholeheartedly say I have poured myself quite a foundation in which to build the last stretch of my 20’s. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to a decade that’s been so unbelievable – thankfully, I don’t have to, just yet!

So let’s ring in 28! I’m ready for a year of celebration, pushing boundaries and building on all that’s been created. So in what’s become a birthday tradition – here’s a few PRB Originals to lay the path to good ol’ 28:

Lean into the discomfort – challenge your peers, challenge your bosses, challenge yourself.

Vulnerability is a birthplace for joy, success, love and creativity – go there!

Push yourself to be the best version of you you can be – even when the comforts of who you are now feel like 800 thread count Egyptian cotton sheets.

Tell the inner critic to sit down shut up and grab a glass because it’s going to be one hell of a party!

Here’s to today and to fellow birthday buddies – Sean Connery (86), Claudia Schiffer (46), Blake Lively (29) and Regis Philbin (85), who I’m convinced will all have voice overs in my autobiographical audiobook someday!

To my family – words can’t even describe how thankful I am for you. To the #girltribe, here’s to our groove that just keeps getting better.

Cheers to 28! Pop. Fizz. Clink!

August 25, 2016

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Weekend Reading Vol. 42 // I’m Off To Montauk

There’s a let down when you come back from a whirlwind trip….

Photo Gray Malin

Photo Gray Malin

So why revel in the loss of wanderlust? Nope, no thanks! I’m picking up again and headed out East this weekend with some fun in the sun in Montauk. From days on the beach to nights at Surf and a fun event hosted by my friends Lauren, Amanda the brilliant Crowns by Christy, I’m ready for seersucker dresses and wicker chairs.

But before we kick back and don our flower crowns here’s a few things to share this week!


BUY THAT: Summer is so not over!

REMEMBER THIS: Perfect topics for a beachside chat! 

  • A woman made history this week and the reaction of little girls everywhere we’re captured everywhere.

As always follow along on Instagram | Snapchat (@LaurenAPruner) | Twitter. I’ll be heading out east with Krista and you can be sure we’ll have Mimosas poured bright and early!

Happy Weekend!

July 29, 2016

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Weekend Reading – Vol. 41

One of my favorite things about weekend round-ups is that they are often fueled by other people’s honest moments, links they read and passed along and other bloggers round-ups I read.


My favorite this week, the birthday girl, Meghan of Wit & Whimsy. (HBD lady!)

So in the spirit of her round-up leaving me inspired and to help breathe a little life to where I am when I’m not on the blog, I’ve added two new sections, “This week” to share a few updates on my whereabouts and “Next Week” to share what’s coming…

But for now – here’s this weeks links:


  • Minus working till 10 two nights this week – all the rose and outdoor dining.
  • I met up with Jess and Lauren for drinks and dinner and the NBA Finals, arguably finding a “Ruschmeyer” in NYC at local WV hotspot – The Happiest Hour.
  • I’m finally in town for a hot minute – headed to Greenwich to see my family this weekend and spending some much needed time beachside with Lobster Rolls! Happy Fathers Day Daddio!


BUY THAT: Already thinking summer holidays?

  • Everything on Asos! (For my upcoming TWO WEEK – trip announced Tuesday on the blog!)
  • This boater hat – perfect for a little time on the water.
  • These keds! I know – I can’t believe I just ordered Keds but I think my feet are going to thank me…
  • The perfect 4th of July dress for a backyard patio party!

REMEMBER THIS: Perfect topics for a beachside chat! 

NEXT WEEK: ALLL the travel announcements! 

  • We’re going to talk about work… or in my case werk, werk, werk, werk, werk!
  • We’re through 5 out of our 8 cities and the last three – are MAJOR! Like overseas MAJOR! Tune in Tuesday for the announcement!

Catch me here: Instagram | Snapchat (@LaurenAPruner) | Twitter

Happy Weekend!

June 18, 2016

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My Half-Marathon – Reflections on Training

In exactly 48 hours – the playlist will be done, the course run and 13.1 miles polished off with a big bowl of pasta waiting for me at Sarabeth’s downtown. You better believe I earned every last damn forkful after exactly 4 months and 2 days it took me to train.

Quick Donation Link Here: Team MMRF

Photo Mar 11, 7 21 45 AM

But we’re not there yet. (more…)

March 18, 2016

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Oscar Worthy Sips With Chandon

I’d like to think I had something to do with the good juju that went Leo’s way on Sunday. Or it could have just been the trefoils. In any case Leo came out a winner and my Oscar chocolate lollipops came out of their molds. Take that Wolfgang.

How to Throw An Oscars Party

I love watching the Oscars and especially with friends. So on Sunday I threw a little shindig complete with specialty cocktails and Pinterest recipes. Ballots were filled out, buffalo chicken something’s were made and friends lined the couches armed with celebratory cocktails guaranteed to loosen lips and provide some great “Fashion Police” level commentary. Joan Rivers would have been so proud.

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Chandon Opening Ceremony Cocktail

Having in home soirees in NYC isn’t easy. But I was determined to make this a decor’d fete complete with bow-tied Champagne Flutes (click for the “how to”) and Oscar ballots. Between food spreads, coaster topped coffee table real estate and seating – NYC apartment entertaining always involves moving some furniture and in my case buying some to create a bar that wasn’t a part of a bookcase. Home tour to come, but I will tell you I can work wonders with an Ikea bookshelf. So for a “bar cart” feel I invested in this Acrylic Clear Tray Table from CB2 (Under $80!) to serve up some Oscar worthy sips thanks to my friends at Chandon.

Oscar Chocolate Lollipops

To add a little color to the otherwise black and gold soirée I tried my hand at Chandon’s Opening Ceremony cocktail including Chandon Rosé. A pretty pink ripe strawberry, watermelon and fresh red cherry flavor and aroma with an inherently seductive and defined structure. I feel like that’s how I would want someone to describe my Oscar’s dress, no? Here’s the recipe:


4-5 Wild Strawberry Slices

75 oz. Fresh Lemon

75 oz. Aperol

5 oz. Agave

DIRECTIONS: Using the glass end of your Boston Shaker…

1.) Add Strawberries to Shaker and muddle until completely crushed.

2.) Add all ingredients to the shaker and add Ice all the way to the top

3.) Shake vigorously until frost begins to collect on the brass end of your shaker.

4.) Strain Into Martini Glass

5.) Top with and Stir

Garnish with Strawberry/Thyme Enjoy!

DIY Bowtie Champagne Glasses

A few of these and commentary shunning Bree Larson’s dress, drooling over Cate Blanchet’s, and attempting to make sense of Stacey Dash’s appearance came way too easy. Did anyone else find Chris Rock a bit lackluster? Well my couch full of friendly cynics did – and I laughed and agreed wholeheartedly.

There’s nothing like getting friends together for some of TV’s must-watch moments and my friends would never turn down an opportunity to sip rosé in yoga pants. With several specialty cocktails on the menu – I’ll just have to find another moment to ensure we polish off the last of the brut. Bachelor finale anyone – rosé seems wildly appropriate…

Cheers Leo – and you’re welcome!

Thanks to Chandon for providing the sips! Opinions and commentary are all my own – as they should be!

March 1, 2016

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Monday Reading – Vol. 40

Dear Lauren, welcome home to sub-zero temps.

Sincerely, New York.

Hat on Beach

People re-entry, woof! Coming home to freezing temps had me bundled up on the couch for the first 24 hours of being back. Can we turn-up the thermostat please?! After a week away I’m happy to be back and get back to life in NYC. With the past three weekends out of town – I’m ready for some much needed time with friends and my own bed.

Now let’s get to some required reading shall we?



REMEMBER THIS: You’ll want to pull these out at cocktail hour.


I’ve been away for a hot minute – catch all the ‘grams from the trip here and a recap coming from my trip coming next week.

Happy day off!

February 15, 2016

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Weekend Reading – Vol. 36

And… cue snow globe! My roommate has now reminded me that though we’re surrounded, we do live above a health food store and wine shop so don’t worry all, clearly with the wine-ssentials and Netflix – I’ll be fine!

Winter in NYC

Travel –  News flash, I don’t do cold well. Remember those days when we lived in Texas? Can I winter there? So given the current state of my city, I’m dreaming and pining for my next adventure.  Also after talking to a few friends who have done the solo trip – I’m considering it? Portugal, Thailand? Merritt has great tips when traveling for 1.

Career – You know when they say, “there’s no such thing as bad press, well successful German fashion designer Harald Glöckler has never made that more true. Check out his life musings (and completely unstable ramblings) of what Fashion Week Daily calls “one of  the all-time greats.”

Style – So to escape the cold, I’m starting my packing list a few weeks early. I love this split V neckline chambray dress from Bella Dahl, pair that with my newly purchased grecian sandals and we’ve got at least 1 tropical dinner outfit planned.

New York Life – SNOWGLOBE. That’s all.

And in case you missed it…

Here’s some beach envy. // Why I decided to polish off 13.1 miles. // How bloggers can land a brand collab.

Stay warm, safe and slightly tipsy.

image via @SkirtTheRules

January 23, 2016

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Weekly Reading – Vol. 35

Whoa! Happy Tuesday? Clearly I’m a little late to this week’s party but we’ll blame that on this morning’s overflowing inbox and spotty weekend connectivity. Going to “the end” certainly comes with spotty service…

IMG_3436 (1)

Sweatshirt – Private Party

How was everyone’s MLK day? Restorative I hope. Funny how we need a “day off” come three weeks into a new year. Maybe it’s all those New Year’s resolutions we’ve been working so hard at. We’ll in the interest of feeling inspired, I wanted to share this week’s links of some not to be missed posts from those cozy nooks of PRB that we’ve gotten to know so well around here. So, (more…)

January 19, 2016

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Hello, January!

Now while I may be a day or 10 late on my goals post – let’s just say it was worth the wait. I don’t know about you all but we hit 2016 with wheels on fire, and I’m all about it.

January Goals

Anyone who knows me knows, I’m ALWAYS on the go and unless my downtime involves a beach or my bed, I’m rarely a “turned-off” person. Which is why I love living in New York. It moves just as fast as I do. New York has this feeling of taking things by storm. It’s like a caffeine jolt. One big cup of NYC poured daily. Best served hot and strong – It’s the best coffee too! (more…)

January 11, 2016

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FItness Gear and Goals

Can we be cliche and just call today – Fitness Friday? (Yep, didn’t make it to spin this morning – #ThirstyThursday got the best of me). But in the interest of lofty “goals” – Goals seem to be the theme of the week around here. And even further in the interest of making some of the “not so fun” goals real, I figured by putting them in writing – there’s some accountability in that.

Coffee and Clothes

Y’all – I’m running a half-marathon. (more…)

January 8, 2016

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