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PR POV: Work Hard, Play Hard

Alrighty PR gals,  I know – it’s been way too long since I did a PR POV and I will admit it – I feel guilty. To you it may look like I haven’t spent much time à la office and too much time having fun and throwing glitter bombs. But turns out life is panning out to be the exact opposite…

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#Truth kids. This not so new job – while a total dream come true, make no mistake I love my work has kept me moving VERY quickly this summer.  I will caveat my PR absence with this – I’ve been in the industry a few years now and the posts have evolved with me. I could write about healthy intern tips but my girls Adrianna and Meg (NYCPRGirls) have got that covered. My charge (self-inflicted) is to show you the life that goes with the job – a little of this, that and a whole lot of credit card swipe therapy for both drinks and dresses. Make sense?

So #realtalk – while many of you were making the most of your internships some grinding on the summer and dare I say it 2015 planning (I know – I’m having heart palpitations already…it’s effing JULY!) – I have fully adopted my work hard, play harder lifestyle… late nights or late mornings  extra hours in the walls of the agency have been mounting. Big things are happening friends!

So when you are in the swells of summer work, what are some ways to make sure you swing more towards more Girl Boss and a little less Girls Gone Wild?

  1. Schedule a Vacation – I know it seems counter intuitive but trust me, working for your next time off can give you that little something extra in the motivation department to power through. The guilt feeling of staying late will then be redeemed with your time away.
  1. Over-Communicate – I’m a doer. Someone gives me a task and I am full steam ahead. Now while I get shit done… sometimes other team members can get uneasy in the process knowing there’s lots of action and not enough talking (…if only men worked this way!). So with that said – make sure you are scheduling touch bases, writing daily wrap up e-mails or keeping an activity tracker in excel. Believe in Excel people!
  1. Admit You Need Help – Now with my “get it done” attitude sometimes raising my hand too much, knowing that it’s something I can handle, can make my to-do’s a mile long. So then you’re the one left scrambling, and there are way too many eggs in your basket (now I want an omelet...). Asking for help and even relying on your managers to be the ones to take care of some things that are below their pay grade doesn’t mean you’ve failed. It will just make better to get what you can already get done well.
  1. Plan To Work - There’s always something that is going to come up or get in the way of your plans. So what if you “plan to work!” By nature PR gals are planners – so adjust your schedule. Have a great happy hour you want to network through - don’t stay too late and plan to get into the office the day after a little early. Why? While e-mails kept flying around at 6PM and you left at 5PM, getting ahead at 4PM, that day won’t help. Beat your co-workers into the office and cover off on a few things, it will save you the catch-up and hangover headaches.

What are some of the ways you work hard? play hard? drink of choice? (I need one…) Cheers!


p.s. post-spiration? Tomorrow…. I finally get to be the lucky betch in the office who brags her Thursday/Friday swap!


NYC is a total rat race! One that can often keep our heads down and in my case out of the blogosphere for a hot second! (Sorry all!) Last week was the mother of all busy weeks – but funny how brunch with friends and a few reminders about our badass city/job /lives really are to snap you back into a very thankful reality. So how did I get to such a place – let’s recap….

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PR POV: The Campaign Break-Up

One of the best/worst things about PR is that most people that work in this field certainly have a hunger and love for the job. The connections, clients, communication impact and constantly being on the forefront of what is now a social media revolution is EXCITING!

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PR POV: Chill Out!

It happens to all of us (like me this week), late nights, early morning meetings and a to-do’s as long as Santa’s naughty/nice list. Spring is in full swing and it’s taking all of you to push through the last stretch of insanity before celebrating a highly anticipated Memorial Day weekend break… You’re seconds from pulling your hair out and your stress cup runneth over…

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PR POV: Dating and PR Boys

Apparently dating is alive and well and so are the stories behind dating PR Girls. Last week we tackled the complexities of the ladies - but what about the guys? It’s not ALL a shoe switching, tampax loving, Scandal-fest. And while I may be watching too much millionaire matchmaker – it’s less about finding a match and more about growing your “Gaggle” right?

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