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A Classic Anniversary – Yr. 2

It’s finally spring! Easter eggs have rolled/been hunted like Katniss and now we get to look forward to Memorial Day and summer – perfectly made for white t-shirts, jeans, dresses and fun heels. Pure classics!

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PR POV: Dating a PR Girl

So if there is one subject I don’t tackle often on PRB it’s dating. Who am I besides a fashion enthusiast, PR Professional and clearly outspoken blogger to tell you how to date, psh! PR girls date? But hey it’s Friday – The first night of the weekend is in sight and now is as good a time as ever to have a “come to Patti Stanger” moment as any right?

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Correspondence – Vol. 2

Remember the days before e-mail? (I know basically a parallel universe for you kiddos) but nonetheless it existed. You would get home from school/work and wait for a birthday party invite, a card from your Grandma or that pen pal you happen to find through some Stanley around the world program. Nonetheless – it was mail, a simple gesture that someone somewhere was thinking of you…

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PR POV: What you need to know – Blogger v. Influencer

Good Morning! Happy Monday! I’m back, rested and I don’t know about you but some good R&R kept from my PR jargon cup/jar running over last week.

In my case the old joke “You know you’re a PR Pro when,” came up at dinner when I started throwing out terms like social listening, PR-able and blogger/influencer. All were rolling past my lips like my lovely glass of wine becoming as much a part of my daily vocabulary like ‘le fruit du vin.’

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“Saying we made it to Friday,” – sweeter words we’re never spoken. No matter if you’re celebrating week’s end or for me the full completion of week 1 at the new gig nonetheless – it’s Friday.

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