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PR POV: Work Hard, Play Hard

Alrighty PR gals,  I know – it’s been way too long since I did a PR POV and I will admit it – I feel guilty. To you it may look like I haven’t spent much time à la office and too much time having fun and throwing glitter bombs. But turns out life is panning out to be the exact opposite…

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NYC is a total rat race! One that can often keep our heads down and in my case out of the blogosphere for a hot second! (Sorry all!) Last week was the mother of all busy weeks – but funny how brunch with friends and a few reminders about our badass city/job /lives really are to snap you back into a very thankful reality. So how did I get to such a place – let’s recap….

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PR POV: The Campaign Break-Up

One of the best/worst things about PR is that most people that work in this field certainly have a hunger and love for the job. The connections, clients, communication impact and constantly being on the forefront of what is now a social media revolution is EXCITING!

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PR POV: Chill Out!

It happens to all of us (like me this week), late nights, early morning meetings and a to-do’s as long as Santa’s naughty/nice list. Spring is in full swing and it’s taking all of you to push through the last stretch of insanity before celebrating a highly anticipated Memorial Day weekend break… You’re seconds from pulling your hair out and your stress cup runneth over…

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PR POV: Dating and PR Boys

Apparently dating is alive and well and so are the stories behind dating PR Girls. Last week we tackled the complexities of the ladies - but what about the guys? It’s not ALL a shoe switching, tampax loving, Scandal-fest. And while I may be watching too much millionaire matchmaker – it’s less about finding a match and more about growing your “Gaggle” right?

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