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Correspondence – Vol. 2

Remember the days before e-mail? (I know basically a parallel universe for you kiddos) but nonetheless it existed. You would get home from school/work and wait for a birthday party invite, a card from your Grandma or that pen pal you happen to find through some Stanley around the world program. Nonetheless – it was mail, a simple gesture that someone somewhere was thinking of you…

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PR POV: What you need to know – Blogger v. Influencer

Good Morning! Happy Monday! I’m back, rested and I don’t know about you but some good R&R kept from my PR jargon cup/jar running over last week.

In my case the old joke “You know you’re a PR Pro when,” came up at dinner when I started throwing out terms like social listening, PR-able and blogger/influencer. All were rolling past my lips like my lovely glass of wine becoming as much a part of my daily vocabulary like ‘le fruit du vin.’

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“Saying we made it to Friday,” – sweeter words we’re never spoken. No matter if you’re celebrating week’s end or for me the full completion of week 1 at the new gig nonetheless – it’s Friday.

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What a week of endings! Last week I broke up with my TV – this week my job.

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Correspondence: Vol. 1

Yes! Reader E-mails!

Ya’ll are rock stars. I have to admit when you invite your readers into the blog/post/creation space you’re always worried that no one will come, no one will ask you anything and much like Juan Pablo did, give you and this whole thing the big middle finger. Ha!

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