“13 IN 13″ with Law of Fashion

Lynsey Law of Fashion


“13 in 13” is back with a fall edition dazzled with wit, smarts and a killer sense of style from our October pick. Hailing from Texas to NYC to LA to Texas, and a Law degree later, there is nothing this super-blonde (ya, that’s a step above Superwoman!) blogger can’t do. I was lucky enough to meet this lady at our GLAM NY Fashion Week Dinner after a long e-blogger friendship. Let me tell you she is as glamorous and funny in person as she is on her blog. With a new exciting project in the mix and a fellow GLAM-er and Instagram fiend, I am so happy to finally call this girl a friend. Meet Lynsey from Law of Fashion. (more…)

October 14, 2013

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“13 in 13” With Advice From a 20 Something

Fullscreen capture 872013 113608 AM“13 in 13” is BACK again! 13 Blogs 13 months – featuring some of my favorite and most inspirational bloggers from around the community – this month, we’re getting back on track with a blogger who preaches some of the best advice for busy millennials.

Between our careers, style and all the guilty pleasures that make us – “us” this blogger knows how to strike that ‘oh so perfect’ balance! With an endorsement from her 75-year-old grandma as the best advice around – Meet Amanda from Advice from a Twenty Something. (Oh and she basically has my DREAM job!) (more…)

August 7, 2013

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13 in 13 with NYC PR Girls

Fullscreen capture 7242013 115714 PM


13 in 13 is back! 13 Blogs 13 months – featuring some of my favorite bloggers. This month we made it official! I am now a PRGirl in PR Mecca. So in honor of me putting my PR girl stamp on New York City it was about time that we reach out to some of the best bloggers in the “biz”so many of which are located on this “small” island. So what do you get when you cross PRMecca  with some of the best and most kick a$$ bloggers in NYC? A pretty killer and savvy portal shining a bright light on a fast-paced Industry. What better way to kick off this month’s 13 in 13 feature than a PR and NYC blogger extraordinaire; one half- (more…)

July 24, 2013

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13 in 13 with Corals + Cognacs –

Fullscreen capture 572013 122520 AM13 in 13 is back! And trust me this one was worth the wait! By definition – I’m a baby in the blog world but if there is one thing LuckyFABB taught me – its blogging is measured in dog years. So if that’s the case than Hallie Wilson of Corals + Cognacs is one seasoned and gorgeous Golden. Hallie has been a blog mentor of mine since I started over a year ago and if there is one girl that balances color block, community management and NYC fabulous best  – well, it’s absolutely Hallie of Corals + Cognacs. (more…)

May 7, 2013

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“13 in 13” With Your Coffee Break –

Fullscreen capture 3272013 110210 PM-001“13 in 13” is BACK! 13 Blogs 13 months – featuring some of my favorite and most inspirational bloggers from around the community – this month, a BONUS post! This time we’re spanning the continents, crossing the pond over to meet an entrepreneurial woman who isn’t afraid to go after it all.

Online Mag Your Coffee Breakbrings rich reads to inspire the professional woman. With writers spanning the globe, content reaches even us PR girls all the way in Dallas. But what is a popular digital-mag without a fearless leader?  At the helm – a world traveler with a enviable Rolodex, meet Charlotte Giver, Editor-in-Chief of YCB. (more…)

March 29, 2013

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“13 in 13” with Jen’s Reality –

Fullscreen capture 3132013 112559 PM“13 in 13” is BACK! 13 Blogs 13 months – featuring some of my favorite bloggers. Especially the ones that are all about the guilty pleasures. Just when you thought you had escaped it… just when you thought you would wake up from the nightmare that yes Sean Lowe did in fact join DWTS – we decided to bring you more from Bachelor Nation.

But this time its not about the train wreck of a show. Rather a member of the elite squad that takes time out of their Monday nights to bring you hilarious recaps of PRBlonde’s favorite guilty pleasure – The Bachelor. Our “13 in 13” featured blogger Jen Marcus of Bachelor Recap blog – Jen’s Reality! (more…)

March 14, 2013

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“13 In 13” with Vanilla Extract –

Fullscreen capture 2122013 70948 PM“13 in 13” is BACK! 13 Blogs 13 months – featuring some of my favorite style and lifestyle bloggers from around the blog community. I have to say this is one of my favorite parts about PRB and being a blogger. The “virtual friendships” you make can introduce you to some of the most interesting and courageous people.

Today I’m lucky enough to share with you one of my favorite lifestyle bloggers Nichole Ciotti of Vanilla Extract. Her inspiring story about “going after it all” will really want you to get off your couch and change your world! And…she does it one inspirational, fashion, foodie post at a time! (more…)

February 13, 2013

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13 in 13 with Haute Off the Rack –

Fullscreen capture 12192012 102353 AM


I love blogging – but there are only a handful of times that I have gotten really excited about a feature or a post – like butterflies in stomach excited. This is one of those times and I couldn’t be more elated (yes – a different word was needed) than to bring you the first of many new things that will be happening on PRBlonde in 2013!

In 2013 I will be featuring 13 bloggers in 13 months! Yes, I realize I’m a year late for the 12 in 12 thing but 13’s Taylor Swift’s Lucky number so I am sure it’s going to bring me some luck too, right? Well to kick off the first of the amazing bloggers that will be a part of the series meet (more…)

December 19, 2012

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