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Saturday Reading – Vol. 11

Well we all know where I am – yep, bed snuggled up where I usually am until at least 11AM on any given Saturday. The only other place I would rather be – horizontal (slight chair tilt for max UV exposure – sunscreen of course), in the exact same position on a beach. But that’s not the case – so I’ll settle for the second best, my bed with good old “Lucille the Laptop” keeping my legs warm as I catch up on some reading…

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PR POV: What you need to know – Blogger v. Influencer

Good Morning! Happy Monday! I’m back, rested and I don’t know about you but some good R&R kept from my PR jargon cup/jar running over last week.

In my case the old joke “You know you’re a PR Pro when,” came up at dinner when I started throwing out terms like social listening, PR-able and blogger/influencer. All were rolling past my lips like my lovely glass of wine becoming as much a part of my daily vocabulary like ‘le fruit du vin.’

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Monday Reading – Vol. 10

Well today I am forcing myself to dream of sunshine since one of the snowiest winters ever have clearly led us into new buckets of rain. But the beauty of a new week is that it means new opportunity to bring a little sunshine…

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It’s like every dead celebrity joke – too soon? Well that was last night’s episode of the Bachelor. Everything just seemed a little cringe worthy and wildly premature. Well after a world-wide tour of three countries – I am sure the girls are happy to be sitting in normal size non-hobbit houses, wearing tighter skirts and all getting along, back on U.S. soil. Well most of that is true…

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Blonde Files: Meet Nikki

I guess you could say I am a bit of a procrastinator. With January already whizzing by I intended to bring you all my “yearly feature” much earlier in the month – but its funny, I didn’t have a good idea until now what I wanted to share and more importantly who I wanted you to meet.

So consider last night my “light bulb” so perfectly timed to the last day of January! I love when great ideas sneak in like that. In 2014, we’re bringing it back to the “roots” of PRB and showcasing some of the most influential blondes across PR, Fashion, Lifestyle and more! And today we’re kicking it off with Nikki – both a good friend and a fashion blogger who’s So-Cal style is “crushworthy” and influence enviable. Meet Nikki – of My Style Diaries.

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