Love at First Cyc

You know that feeling when you find something/someone and it just feels right? Well that’s kind of how I feel about today’s post. The end of a love hate relationship led me to a new beginning – to fall in love but in a very different way…

I have been waiting two weeks to hit publish on this baby! Arguably more if we dial back to my 2015 resolution to be “more mindful” – this hits that notion right at its core. So without further ado, here’s the news – I’m now a Cyc Fitness Influencer!


You go “huh?” – It’s fine totally normal, so let’s talk about it!

Well – last October I tested that mind, body theory when a good friend took me to Cyc Fitness. A workout studio located in the heart of Manhattan on Astor Place in New York City. Funny how you find things there… in the middle of the heart. hehe!

I was a semi-athlete my whole life. Always dabbled in sports, but never was crazy about them let alone working out. So the thought of spinning for someone who got more joy out of broadway then out of basketball terrified me. Stuck in the clips, pedaling my heart out wondering if I could keep up seemed to be a bit more than I wanted to handle. Trust me – I had heard the cult rumors. I didn’t get the fad and I certainly didn’t understand the #spincry. (<– It’s a thing.)


But it’s not about the others and their kool-aid – it never has been and never will be.

Rewind to middle school – that horrible awkward phase where we were doing more comparing then loving ourselves. Fast-forward to college where we ultimately found out who we are and then just a little farther to the point where we test that person we’ve become to find out what we are really made of.

Have you ever tested that person in a mere 45 minutes? Several times a week? Can you imagine what you would uncover?

That’s why this is about us – my journey and yours finding that pesky little “seems out of reach goal” – balance thing that we keep talking about. So what if I told you that after 45 minutes you could find it? Would you believe me?


I hear you – it may seem too good to be true. But it’s not, Cyc Fitness is a 45 minute full-body workout. The whole body, the whole time – and yes that includes your heart and your brain. Wouldn’t you want to start/end the day with a balance makeover? Now that’s something I can get on board with!

So what does this mean? No – I’m not quitting my job, No – I’m not becoming a “Cycologist” all it means is that I’ve found something that slaps a smile on my face for a little bit longer every day and here’s the best part – you can come with me and do it too!


Being a Cyc Influencer means one thing – I get to bring you all into the fold! Known by its digital presence – Cyc is #PartyonaBike, #CycSocial, #CycLove and my personal favorite – turns you into a #CycAthlete. So starting today you can sign-up and take a class at Cyc – ON ME! YES, that’s right I said it – with me it’s FREE!*

Cyc Fitness - Astor - Place - NYC

By joining me at Cyc – you’ll leave the class feeling elated, pushed, accomplished – and I promise you, wanting to come back for more. Cyc has 5 city locations and growing – with studios in Austin, New York, Atlanta, Madison, WI and soon to be Boston. It’s is one of the most cost-effective, community fun-filled  environments I have found in New York and I hope if you decide to “clip-in” you will enjoy it as much as I do.


Over the next several months if you want to get in on the action all you have to do is contact me! via E-mail, Instagram, Twitter or Facebook and we will get you set up with one of the best towel swinging “Out of the Woods” riding times of your life! Yes – Taylor Swift is involved and its always a good idea.


I’m looking forward to it and can’t wait to have you all “riding with me.” After all we’ve been doing this digitally for a few years now! And if you come for nothing else – come for the beatz, because when Aaron drops one, it’s sick!

ARE YOU WITH ME? (check it out…)

Let’s do this!


Have questions? E-mail me at

(First time riders ride free with promo code upon request – intro packages available.)

February 24, 2015

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On Empowerment

Team, Today’s a different type of post.

This week I’m feeling particularly empowered and since there are several posts on the horizon this week about that strength, I thought instead of starting this week off with a glitter bomb – let’s grab a cup of coffee and “real-talk” for a second.

The Blogger Sins (more…)

February 23, 2015

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The Best of Instagram

There’s nothing like going on vacation and bringing a fierce ‘gram game with it. If I do say so myself – my “Postcards from Tulum” post – coming this weekend, is a game changer. (<- confident, not cocky.) So this week in honor of some of the most enviable feeds I thought why not make you sweat for Tulum recaps a little longer….

Instagram Accounts-3 (more…)

February 18, 2015

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Weekend Reading Vol. 24 – Valentines Day ed.

I’m sufficiently cooked to a golden brown and on this very special day from paradise let me say – Happy Valentine’s Day!


I’ve decided this year I am going to have a very different “relationship” with this holiday. (Years past have been some doozies!) But this year I’m casting a completely different narrative. What’s not to love when you are in paradise carving out some of the most amazing adventures with the people you love most in the world?

So in honor of a different view on this “love”-ly holiday I’m pointing you a short and sweet arrow in a few directions with this ed. of weekend reading…

First, one of my daily reads Clementine Daily took the time to examine the many faces of love – there’s so many to share that love with today.

I’ve been reading a few meditation books lately – post a successful headspace journey. Here are some great lessons on spiritual growth from fellow cyc’ers Well + Good.

Speaking of spiritual journey’s I’m so proud of Hallie for taking on a HUGE new one!

*In PRB News: I’ll have one of my own little nuggets to share with you next week – stay tuned!

I’ve been on a fresh foods kick since the moment we touched down in Mexico – doesn’t this spiralized salad from Julia look so good?

ICYMI – A few pictures from my amazing adventure to Tulum, Mexico. And if you aren’t already following the adventure on Instagram (shame on you!) check it out @LaurenAPruner.

February 14, 2015

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Tulum, Mexico

Postcards and coffee cups – someone snag that blog name. If you haven’t already guessed – my mind is certainly not on work as I’ve traveled to Tulum, Mexico for a little sun, sand, adventure and relaxation. After two weeks of solid hard work and late nights – this girl was ready for her mirrored sunglasses, a good book and tequila!

_DSC7940 (more…)

February 9, 2015

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So I realize this post may be coming to you later than expected but after we put away the crazy eyes and underwent an episode of sheer hilarity, my abs hurt affecting my complete ability to sit up straight and ‘Top 10″ recap this ‘sode. Okay – that’s actually not true – but I do have to hand it to Kimmel, best third-wheel ever!

chris-soules-800 (more…)

January 22, 2015

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The Bachelor Season 19: Ep. 2 Top 10

I guess the thought of living in Iowa would drive me to drink. As if last week didn’t already leave us pointing judgy alcohol fingers, befriending a bale of hay in my spare time may cause me to hit the bottle a little harder than most. Such is the case with the 23 women left on Episode 2 of this season – where Chris Harrison will take on a new role, AA counselor. I heard he’s going to hold meetings in the hot tub…


If you didn’t think The Bachelor could get any more ridiculous – it did. I have to hand it to ABC – I have never found myself belly laughing as much as I did last night – a short list to start of this post: House raids, outdoor showers, ghetto earrings on a tractor, Mr. Potato head, mesa verde and then there was the drunk girl. Doesn’t that sound like spring break circa 2007?

What was even better was though I didn’t get to “tweet along,” reading the flurried hashtag of hilarity that capitalized on tonight’s antics took the cake. (favorites here, here and here) I didn’t even have to get as far as twitters homepage when I took a glance at trending topics and what do you know Ashley S.’ crazy “Mesa Verde” BOOM babbling is up there with national championship. I’d call that a win – don’t you?

But – so as to not disappoint let’s get to this Top 10 recap:

1. Jillian and Megan raid Chris’ bungalow – though a unique adventure, I can’t say that many have the pleasure of their ass being blurred out by production due the to skank factor of their bathing suit (Jillian) while the other bangs her head against a wall in a helmet to “test its safety.” We’re off to a great start!

2. The virgin Ashley I is calling herself a Kardashian while riding on a tractor. Please tell me that you see what really wrong with this picture… she should have been riding backwards with the Yeezy!

3. On a more sobering note Juelia pours her heart out about her tragic loss. Then we cut to some chick named Samantha. Who da fuq?! Who the hell is this chick?

4. You know MacKenzie hasn’t been on a date in a really LONG time when topics of conversation include the cast of characters from Toy Story. Mr. Potato heads body parts, little aliens…  too much “Kale.”

5. She’s blonde haired, blue eyed and smiles a lot – (how my mother describes me) oh no wait – its Megan, with a heartbreaking story, on the perfect date ever. #meep.

6. Now this was by far the best moment of the entire night – Ashley S. playing paintball. If the terminator and Johnny Knoxville bred and had a daughter – she would be it. Girl is two ticks short of a nuthouse.

The Bachelor Season 19 Chris Soules - Ashley S Gun


7. But as normal as the others seem then we have Ashley I. Telling Chris to make wishes on her belly button ring only to then have him rub it and….turn him on? Now we know how the genie in Aladdin felt.


8. Then there’s always a tried and true drink girl to soften the blow. Jordan clearly didn’t take one out of Tara’s playbook. She went to the bar instead.


9. And then Jillian almost falls on her rock hard ass both figuratively and physically. If truly it hadn’t worked out – that would trump Juan Pablo’s cabbage patch kid incident.


10. Then if this episode didn’t get more hilarious Chris gives a rose to Ashley S.! It’s like the producers decided to give a gift that keeps on giving – Ashley S. may be the dumbest person on this season, scratch that on any season ever – and I dig it!

After an episode that restored my faith in the absurdity in this show – we’re starting to see some connections and a few of the background ‘lurkers’ move to the front. Whitney’s ‘whisky’ move definitely got her on Chris’ radar and let’s not forget about Britt – she can work her hair, tongue and gives great hugs, aka. all that a farmer could ever want in a wife.

We said goodbye to:

  • Tara – Poor Tara there are more bass fish in the sea.
  • Kimberly – “Don’t rose me once shame on you, don’t rose me twice okay fine I’ll go.”
  • Alissa – I hear first class has some hotties.
  • Jordan – TO THE BAR!
  • Tandra – Who?

 Wishing Chris another week of sanity and snuggle seshing which looks like it starts with Jimmy Kimmel. This is going to get interesting. Better yet – let’s put Ashley S. in a padded room with the Kimmel. Now that would be a cage match worth watching.

Till next week’s virgin diaries…

// BEST OF RECAPS // – The Bachelor Recap: The 4 Craziest Moments, Including Ashley S.’s Seeming Mental Breakdown – Chris’ Bachelor Blog – Chris Soules’s Bachelor Blog: ‘I Do Need to Come Clean About One Thing’ (worth the read)

The GaggleThe Bachelor Season 19, Episode 2: Too Many Ladies

Lou What Wear Three Wishes, Five Kisses

more to come…


January 13, 2015

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The Bachelor Season 19: Ep. 1 Top 10

I tried to hold off – I really did!

After last season’s epic ending – I swore off the ABC series. Let’s call it checking into rose rehab. But then as I found myself getting closer and closer to January 5th – the itch to take another drink from the proverbial glass of rose began again…


January 6, 2015

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Pshhh, and you thought that goodbye was truly final from my Bachelor blogging days. Oh you sweet, sweet readers. Well now comes the time and the episode none of us know NOTHING ABOUT – every detail, every twist, turn and tear is a total surprise… but then again I don’t think anyone expected what went down ‘After the Final Rose.’

Chris Harrison (more…)

July 29, 2014

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Well it’s official we have restored all that is good to The Bachelorette Franchise post-Juan Pablo! Despite the fact that I currently would love a cerveza – maybe we should switch to Champagne to congratulate “The Murrays!”

Andi and Josh - Bachelorette (more…)

July 29, 2014

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