Diaries of A “Sun-Kissed” Glow

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Yesterday showed signs of spring. Yesterday also showed signs that I was days away from a beach vacation with nothing but white legs and arms that are so fluorescent I could easily stop traffic. So what’s a girl to do when she’s days away from dresses and dancing? Plan backwards…

Tna Legs

Friday –  That dinner, dancing thing // Thursday – Travel // Wednesday – Workout // Tuesday – Event/Pack

Now while that work back plan may be easy enough – it clearly doesn’t solve the issue of my stark white legs that are more likely to glow in the dark than dance the night way. So let’s think logically:

Friday – Sun-kissed glow needed

Thursday – Travel, likely in a seated position where loose leggings may be acceptable traveling to Florida and also post-spray tan (sorry MOM!)

Wednesday – Workout – sweat, unsuitable for ultimate spray tan stick

Tuesday – I just spent an hour coming up with a work back plan for a spray tan? “F that noise!”

New York is lagging on the spring warm weather front and I have to admit my legs are hiding a little longer than normal. But according to my impending jet setting, leg barring days are kicking down the door and though a gambling shade of orange may be worth the “spray” who has time to sit around in their underwear not touching ANYTHING for a few hours while the color sets in? (Even though that sounds amazing – does that come with wine?).

So I decided to swap for a solution in a bottle. When someone says all I have to do is swap out my post shower moisturizer with tan a la squirt – I’m in! Now there’s an art to this stuff – we all know – sparingly on the elbows, knees, ankles – yadda, yadda, yadda but my three deal-breakers with a good tinted moisturizer – Smell, Oil-i-ness and results!

Call it a curse – blonde hair, blue eyes fair skin and with the wrong product I’m more fit to sit on someones porch on Halloween than I am on a beach. Thus those that get my “sunkissed” approval – Jergens Natural Glow Revitalizing Daily Moisturizer for its simple swap in my packed daily routine and Kate Somerville’s Somerville360 Body Self Tanning Towelettes – a guarantee for even application.

What else has left you streak free? Any tips and tricks for those with “tan envy?”

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