FROM THE DESK: Cleaning Up Your Personal Brand

March 11, 2016

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Happy Fri-Yay all! It’s the weekend!

I feel like this is the point where we’re pretty proud of our “How To Land A Job In PR” work to date. We’ve found the contacts, written the cover letter, beefed up the resume and applied until, we realize oh Sh!t – le internet.

Ceres Ribero

Now while we might be heading into boozy brunch Saturdays (one more please!) and/or spring break antics – employers are doing their research. Where will they start? Le internet. Cue flashes of your college years in album form.

A treasure trove of your sophomore year table dancing antics, that stint working at the ice cream shop you just don’t want anyone to know about, all the theme party outfits on your Instagram and then that Tumblr you created when you thought you were going to become a world famous blogger. Sh!t, Sh!t, SH!T! (not like I’m speaking from experience…).

But if we’re being honest with ourselves, if we can stalk our bumble matches just as well as any CIA operative – you can be certain that potential employers can do the same. PR pros are paid to know and find the dirt so while you may be asking if you’re totally out of the woods as you apply for your first PR job, actually – you’re not in the clear till all those selfies are nicely hidden. So to make your clean sweep quick and painless, here’s a quick to-do for the weekend to keep those fireball shots, behind firewalls:

  1. Google Yourself – What comes up? It’s a sure fire way to aggregate the top listings of what you’ve created. Go one by one updating information where applicable and including pertinent information that may be interesting to an employer. Need a filter? Don’t share anything that you wouldn’t want to tell your professor.
  1. Instagram – As one of the most popular platforms, switch your account to private for a bit. No need to take down the fun photos, all those that still follow you can see your content. However those bikini photos from SB15 – we’ll leave those behind a private wall.
  1. Facebook – Same thing. The time for the great Facebook purge can come post college – you’re still enjoying your last few months, we get it! But to keep those moments masked, access your security settings and update how you’re viewed. You can even preview your profile for how others can see you to make sure you got it right.
  1. Twitter – Make your tweets private. No one wants to see a Kanye Twitter rant or a RT to showcase your #FridayFeeling. You can resurrect your publicity post internship acceptance.
  1. LinkedIn – This is your time to SHINE! With your resume on full display, and that flawless sorority head shot, use the description area to say a little something about yourself. Like: Aspiring PR professional with past internships at AA and BB with interest in XX, YY, ZZ. We’ll get to know a little bit more about you while also seeing your accomplishments.

So what do you say we get a jump on spring cleaning by starting with your personal brand? Though it may seem like your cutting yourself off from the world, and preventing you from sharing your witty Tweets with the world on Bachelor Monday – you’ll be fine. Trust me, come internship offer a little bit of housekeeping will feel just as good as unfriending the exes!

Happy sweeping!

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