FROM THE DESK: Werk, Werk, Werk

June 20, 2016

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Let’s talk about that time where I almost brought an air mattress to the office.

At least that’s what the past few months have felt like.

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When I sat down to write this post I knew it could go 1 of 2 ways… it could be an emotional dump of all the frustrations of the past few months; or a post that would organize my thoughts and then turn them into something productive for the aspiring PR girls that still read my “From the Desk” section. I know, its been lacking, sorry not sorry… (more on that in a bit).

Then after mulling over a bottle of summer water I decided – the best use of this space would be both. And in the words of grandmother – “sometimes you have to shovel the shit, into your neighbors yard to make room for your flowers.” So in consideration of the greatness to come, which I’m guessing is what she meant by flowers, this From The Desk post is going to strike a balance of pits and peaks.

Pit: My +60 hour work weeks.

You’re not a racecar. Eventually you can work towards a finish line but at some point you’ll run out of gas. Work isn’t a “hobby” and my job wasn’t my life, so why was I acting like it?

Pit: Working weekends isn’t healthy.

Now while many of these weekends came with travels, it wasn’t optional and forced me to be “on” for 12 days straight (week-weekend-week) my coffee/wine intake was in overdrive. 3X in the course of 10 weeks had me like, “please make that a double…”

Pit: Being a work martyr and juggling all the things.

There came a point where I knew I wasn’t Wonder Woman but the words, “sure” and “ya no problem” were coming out of my mouth a little too voluntarily. In all truth – why the F*#@ was I being so nice? “Getting it done” was coming at the expense of everything else. Friends, workouts, dating, etc. Last time I checked I didn’t have intern written on my forehead.


Which brings me to why “From the Desk” shut down for a little while. How on earth can you werk, werk, werk, werk, werk, and then come home only to write a post about work!?!

Maybe it’s a factor of our industry being insanely busy in Q2, or we’re just all working for the summer but in the last few weeks the phrase, “I need a break” has come out of my mouth a little too often.  Partially self-inflicted the other part, a cocktail of a busy spring, straddling the line of doer/manager and not saying no, has lead to many peaks all with a slight hangover.

Peak: I’ve been to two music festivals and 1 UK cruise with work.

While tons of fun, behind the scenes you’re a trip guide, camp counselor, nurse, personal assistant and drinking buddy all at the same time.

Peak: Hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.

With some of the most epic placements, program outcomes and feedback from team leaders, hard work can pay off. Sometimes keeping your head down and doing good work is all you have to do.

Peak: When you plan for a break – it’s well deserved.

After flagging for 6 months that I had plans the first two weeks of July, it’s no secret that now, I completely deserved of it. It’s always nice to hear your boss say – “I got this, you go.” So July 1, I’m going – and going big!

That’s right – two weeks, minimal e-mail, maximum culture and tomorrow I can’t wait to tell you the first city (of 3!) I’m off to!

Happy Monday everyone – here’s to the start of summer!

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