How To Prep For Black Friday/Cyber Monday

November 22, 2016

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It’s that time again! Cue the jazz hands and the gratification I’m going to get when I finally buy that Bendel’s bag for a scary good price! #PopFizzClink.



If last year was any indication – this year’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sales are going to be killer and I have my “link list” ready (remember last year’s tips?!). This year we’re going in eyes wide open and ready to take on the best of holiday savings for gifts, investment pieces and who knows – even pull the trigger on next year’s Q1 trip!

So to study up – I’ve created a list of ten things not to miss when shopping post-Turkey day – from the couch of course. A few new and a few old all promised to help you make the most of your click time.


1) Think Holiday – From tinsel to even your tree, sites like Wayfair and HomeGoods “sleigh” the décor game. Anything you’re looking to theme out this year? It will allow you to dive a little deeper into the holiday cheer without breaking the bank on a one time a year investment.

2) Get Personal – What I love about giving gifts is that a monogram can make it that much more special. However, monogramming can take time – and may cost extra – look for shops like Jack Rogers, Henri Bendel and L.L. Bean for low cost monogram options and the ability to bake in plenty of lead time!

3) Pull the Travel Ripcord – With all my travels this year, the bug has got me again for 2017. Check out Expedia, your preferred airline (#DeltaLoyalist) and even cruise lines like Royal Caribbean. My exact Eurotrip itinerary with these ladies is even on “sail.”

4) Merry the Masses – This is simple – co-workers, secret Santa’s, Holiday hostess gifts – the little “thoughtful” gifts add up! Consider visiting sites like Etsy to shop for something unique and in larger quantities. But be sure they can accommodate the mass order – unless you plan to couple it with a Super Bowl gift!

5) Get Up Early – If your house is anything like mine, wine brain can lead to buying really ugly jeans at the 12AM break of Black Friday and around 9AM the house starts buzzing with caffeinated aunts making pancakes. So set your alarm for 7AM – bank on everyone else’s food coma and click click click!

6) Make a Wishlist – To ensure you capture everything on your list – create a link list in Google Docs. As you recover from your turkey coma – you can browse without the pressure and have everything ready to go come Friday/Monday.

7) Shop to Save (on shipping) –Big retailers, Nordstrom, Shopbop, Amazon and Target not only have killer sales but great ship/send rates and return policy’s like none other. When pressed for time shopping at big retailers also offer bigger savings, which also means better shipping rates and less boxes upon arrival.

8) Find The Better Deal – While your favorite stores offer great saving options – don’t sell out for just one. For example items from Topshop can also be found at Nordstrom. Couple that with a few other items and free shipping and you can even add that bangle you’ve been after for what you may have paid elsewhere. The beauty of the internet – no walking from store to store to weigh your options – #CouchClicksandCoffee.

9) Social Media Insider Tips – While brands love when you follow them on social, there’s never been a better time. Between Twitter and Instagram top retailers share some of their biggest sale savings via social media. So to save yourself the trouble of finding all the great deals – make a Twitter list of the favorite brands aligned to your wish list. Consider it your Cyber Monday directory.

10) Set a Budget – Hitting “Pay with Paypal” is probably the easiest thing to do on Cyber Monday – no credit card required. However, to make sure you’re not over spending, load money on to your Paypal account and set a budget for how much you’ll allow yourself to spend. Should you need a little less self-policing – work the credit card. Remember point’s people, points!

Make sure to check back Friday for a full guide and the best of sales.

Happy Black Friday/Cyber Monday Folks! May your wallets stay merry and your purchases be bright!

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