I know, I know – I’ve gone completely rogue. Twitter was about to put out an APB on me for leaving it high and dry, (that’s basically a crime right?) but trust me when I say it was for all the right reasons.

Black and Pink

BIG THINGS // So there are some big changes afoot! I can’t wait to share with you all – but as PRBMom tells me – “patience is a virtue.” (and anyone who knows me knows I really hate that saying…) Patience…ew…. but trust me the changes are worth the wait!

ANXIETY // It’s literally like Albertina knew what to do and Erin (though I was suffering from different ailments) was totally speaking my language. I am not one for worrying, but this weekend threw me for a loop! Even though it ended “happy” I am so thankful I got to be around friends and church yesterday.

STRENGTH // With a little anxiety always comes sources of strength. Somehow however -instead off suffering from lack of sleep I was able to take to the streets this morning for a 6:30 AM run.  Jenna would be proud. Ya, not a morning person so this was more or less a miracle. Top that off with my new squat challenge and HELLO spring!

STYLE // I don’t know why but I am loving pastel pink and black lately – in all of its forms. Brighton looks adorable in a trench and those blue heeled stunners and I am crushing on this Topshop structured blouse and for a more relaxed look this sleeveless overlay from Oasap. Pair it with this black A-line skirt (and maybe these booties and this bag and these sunnies!) and I am ready for some warmer weather!

BREAK-UPS // I have been break-up mode this past week with old habits, my winter wardrobe, comfortable things and toxic people – so needless to say though Juan-Pablo may be “breaking up with someone tonight” something’s in the water… Do you go through periods of “cleaning out?”

I wont be live tweeting tonight – spending some quality time with the GLAM FAM! But will catch up just in time for a final recap of El Bachelor tomorrow! – for the record TV – you and I are going to have another one of those “needy” conversations again….

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3 Responses to MONDAY Reading: WINDS ARE CHANGING – Vol. 8

  1. Oh girl, totally forgot that I’m taking you away from the Bachelor. Sorry! But there will be wine, so… : )

  2. Rose says:

    Really intrigued to hear what the big thing(s) are that are coming your way! Saw your insta about women who cut their hair ;) also, I totally go through phases of cleaning—in desperate need of a sex-and-the-city style closet cleanout right now!

    Blonde in this City

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