Monday Thoughts

January 27, 2014

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Well so I guess I didn’t get all my “Y’alls” out since the travel gods came calling and blessed me with three more days in the Lone Star State. A little more Tex-Mex, higher hair and heels everywhere certainly does make me feel right at home! Check out some of the weekend photos on the Facebook page.


Congratulations you crazy kids!

STYLE // While I’m here I have been taking a look at a few of my fellow Texas Ladies fashions. Like this killer TBT blazer from Lynsey and basically anything Merritt is wearing these days. Sometimes there’s just one blogger you get attached to for a while – guess we will just call Merritt Ms. January!

DALLAS AND MY WALLET // So if there is one thing that this city has its shopping. I raided a few Dallas favorites this weekend and ended up fairing well with this neon long-sleeve dress, this top from The Impeccable Pig and this Kendra Scott Rayne necklace to add to my growing collection.

HAPPENINGS // Watching “The Fashion Fund” has me really excited for Fashion Week. I feel so privileged to live in New York and be able to participate in one of the greatest artistic/inspired weeks around the world.

THE BACHELOR WEDDING // Last night my thumb stayed on the “back” button as I felt like frogger jumping between the Grammy’s and The Bachelor Wedding. Now though I am not going to give you all a whole host of my “would ditch those chandeliers” snarky comments on Sean & Catherine’s special day. I’ll give you at least my Top 5 moments:

  1. Watching Sean and Catherine asking his Father to officiate the wedding was about the most adorable family moment I have ever seen.
  2. Watching Sean pick out Lingerie at La Perla made me feel about as uncomfortable as an episode of Honey Boo Boo – for the record that is VERY uncomfortable.
  3. For the record I find it hilarious that Catherine got a Bible from Sean and she gave him racy photos for a wedding gift.
  4. Hearing Arie, Jeff and John (All guys from Emily’s season) ask if Emily was going to show up was pretty darn funny. Anyone else catch that awkwardness…
  5. I’m not a crier but those vows were pretty tear worthy – however watching Sean bawl like a baby after going back down the aisle married was about the most adorable thing. He was so proud.

* I know I’m a big pile of mush…

See you tonight for more Bachelor – Juan Pablo fun and if you dare follow me on Twitter for live show updates. For you that already do – may God have mercy on your Twitter feed tonight… God knows I wont!

Happy Monday!

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