On Empowerment

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Team, Today’s a different type of post.

This week I’m feeling particularly empowered and since there are several posts on the horizon this week about that strength, I thought instead of starting this week off with a glitter bomb – let’s grab a cup of coffee and “real-talk” for a second.

The Blogger Sins

Ready for the topic at hand? Blogging is HARD. Plain and simple.

For some its a full time entrepreneurial job. Others its a job/hobby on top of their building career and for the super women out there – the hobby, on top of the job, on top of the kids.

What used to be a series of posts in an online journey becomes this destination – a doorway into a world where other’s that read it get everything from a sympathetic voice, a laugh, career advice, relationship coaching to a totally new view on a different life lived. Now while us on the writing end LOVE that those that read (albeit fellow bloggers or site fans) sometimes there are posts just strike a chord. Those posts are meant to be shared and passed on, don’t you think? A true friend (which I think we are) would NEVER hog all the online candy!

Which leads me to a question that I got from a reader last week and I’ll admit I had to brain nom on for a bit before answering. So here’s the question, and my answer…

“Why do you link to other bloggers blog posts, and some times its always the same blogger?”

After thinking and coming up with an over-complicated answer –  all comes back to one idea – I like it! My blogger friends are my online family. Reading their posts and sharing their creative energy is part of what this crazy blogosphere is all about. Think of it this way – you meet a new friend and you hit it off, the next step is to introduce them to your friends right? Sure, there are other perks, SEO, recognition but ultimately each of us think if you the reader at the end of the line. You deserve not only an authentic story from me but to meet other’s that are just that real too!

So that brings me to this week’s edition of “weekend reading – a few days late.” Call it late afternoons/nights at the video editing table but I have some fun stuff to share with you this week starting with an ANNOUNCEMENT tomorrow! But for now check out these sharable finds…

STAYING WARM // The weather played a coy flirting game with us New Yorker’s this week. 2-3 inches Saturday and then a balmy 45 degree sunday! But sans the degree hike – you still need to tie/wear one killer scarf and here’s some cool ways to tie it.

INSPIRATION // New York has thins funny way of providing a creative boost but sometimes a new recipe to conjure up the juices needs tweaking – check out these Nine Ideas on how to shake it up a bit.

WANDERLUST // As you know I just satisfied my wanderlust addiction to stave off my “book a ticket” syndrome for at least another few months – check out a few places I’m considering next!

LEAPS IN LIFE // A few of my “online friends” have been making some big moves lately! Here’s a shout out to those brave girls Grace, Hallie and Viv! And – welcome back to one of New York’s Chicest Mama’s Lindsay.

CAMPAIGN TO WATCH // Ever wonder how a blind person imagines characters in her favorite movie? See how Emily “saw” her Oz with this amazing commercial and online series from Xfinity/Comcast. Grab the tissues people!


See you tomorrow for a little something special!

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Flamingo patent-leather sandals

  SHOP – Sophia Webster Flamingo patent-leather sandals // Commence the Mexico wish list now! With only a few weeks till my next adventure – I’ll need a festive pair of stunners like these from Sophia Webster.

BaubleBar Showgirl Fringe Crystal Strand

  SHOP – BaubleBar Showgirl Fringe Crystal Strand // I think the New Year should be met with a certain level of glitz and glam don’t you? I love this wreath necklace from BaubleBar – a perfect spring au step!

Linea Pelle Sybil Tote

  SHOP – Linea Pelle Sybil Tote // Friends meet my next black hole of a tote victim! Once I find one I like I can’t let go. Call me a loyalist or a black bag terrorist – they truly owe me nothing once I am finished with them. (I’m clearly watching too much TV).

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