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May 13, 2013

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One thing I have always appreciated about the blogger world is frankly its not that big. It may seem like everyone has a blog – but those that are committed to making it instead of faking it – those are the bloggers we all know love and follow.

PRCouture is one of those long standing portals dedicated to not only fashion but Public Relations and perfect marriage that exists between the two. Looking for a job? Need best practices for how to pitch a style outlet or simply recover from bad press? PRCouture has got it all!

BUT SOMETHINGS COMING! My new friend (yes, Friend – I think I can call her that which makes me feel like I’m friends with a celebrity) E.I.C. Crosby Noricks – shared with me that PRCouture is getting a face lift! After  The award winning site is bringing you a brand new “clean and savvy” look at Fashion PR. In a world where the most recognizable face is Samantha Jones, PR Couture is breaking down those barriers and giving a real take to those looking to break into the “biz” and how to succeed when you are in the media trenches. (Note: PRLadies – This should be YOUR BIBLE! along with PRBlonde and NYCPRGirls – of course!)

I started following PRCouture in 2008, started following Founder/E.I.C. Crosby Noricks on Twitter in 2009 and have been worshiping it’s content ever since. So when I found out that I was going to get to meet the infamous Ms. Norick’s a coveted voice in the Fashion PR world and a season Pro herself at LuckyFabb, I jumped at the chance!

Come celebrate the new PR Couture. Join Crosby for a conversation about the new site, the evolution of PR Couture and a chance to ask any questions you may have about fashion PR, Fashion PR Confidential or your career path. One lucky PR Girl (or Guy) will win a free 30-minute consulting session with Crosby, just for hanging out!

JOIN US: Thursday, May 16th here on Spreecast! I’ll be sending out links all week so keep checking the PRBlonde Facebook Page for more info!

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With college careers rounding out for senior’s if you are thinking about a career in Fashion PR check out Fashion PR Confidential. A two-day “intensive workshop unlocking all the secrets of Fashion PR.” To learn how season Pro’s build their media lists, engage with bloggers/influencers and network with some of the biggest fashion houses in PR as well as how to navigate events – this is the place to start. The master class brings in some of the most influential names in the Digital Fashion PR Space – Check out this video from last year:

Fashion PR Confidential: New York from Danika Daly PR on Vimeo.

If you are in the Los Angeles area or looking to take a little R&R and learn a thing or two this is something you wont want to miss – trust me, I’d be there!


Want to learn more about Fashion PR Con – E-mail:

I’m excited to say – I’ll be doing more with my “celebrity friend/Fashion PR mastermind” Crosby & Fashion PR Bible Portal site (PRCouture) in the coming months. Plans are still bubbling kids – and as any girl in PR knows don’t take the cookies out of the oven before they are fully baked.” – There’s some wisdom for ya!

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