PR POV: How to Make A Blog Roll Work For You

January 23, 2014

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Who knew that today’s PR POV could be inspired by the “Rich Kids” series on E!. I know between Bachelor and my other show choices these days I get it, you think I am losing brain cells and/or burned them all at the office – which with the way 2014 is starting out, may not be entirely false.

How to make blogs work for you

Morgen Stewart – namely, entitled and blonde Rich Kid and now dangerously a co-star ofher own reality show, had me checking out her blog the other day – the equally deep “boobs & loubs.” Now while I don’t think she’s ready to rub elbows with several on “the blogroll” she did say something that after a little brain “nomming” – led me here.

So like Carrie sits down at the iMac “it got me thinking” – How much have I learned. Can you learn from the connections you make in the blogosphere and if you’re not a blogger – how can you make those connections work for you?

Create a Roll – How does anyone keep up with anything these days. We live off lists. Your Facebook news feed a list, Twitter an update list, Reddit – one HUGE list, so naturally when an apps like FlipBoard or Feedly can keep things organized and at your fingertips – it’s time to create one. No more Google direct people… All of your favorite content can be found in one place. Personalized to you – what you want to read, sites you choose…

Watch & Learn – It’s no secret that blogs are becoming more and more popular. Seems like everyone is starting a blog these days but as bloggers know it’s a lot of work. If you stick with it, it can become a second job – for some their primary source of income. What you can learn from these online mavens is so much more than a creative narrative. What images are captivating? What drives these “coveted” comments? What’s creating successful brand partnerships? As brands look to digital strategy blogs have it down. With clicks comments and engagement the bread and butter of site success – watch and learn, what can you take back to your brand?

It’s all chit chat – One element that makes a blog successful is its personality. There’s no question as to the type of reader the site attracts. Each time you read a post you feel like you are having a conversation. No elements of being talked to, or at. There are no headlines being delivered behind a desk, no witty a.m. banter on a couch, it’s like you sat down with the site and had coffee. That coveted voice is a niche form of communication often unmatched by brands. Brainstorm ways to bring that conversation and familiarity to your brand. How can you develop that personal relationship?

Engage & Contact – So your OOC (out of college) or about to be? Don’t have time for a blog, abandoned one that you thought would be the next Refinery29 or no interest in starting one, huh? That’s perfectly okay! You don’t have to be a blogger to make blogs work for you – hell you don’t even need to be a PR Pro. Each of these online hubs has a “digital home.” A Facebook, A Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr whatever it is – each with its own personality. Last time I checked so do you unless you live under a rock or in the desert with no Wi-Fi.

YES IT’S TRUE: Employers look at your online profiles – and just like bloggers want to work with brands you want to “work for” them! So after you’re done cleaning up your act, there are some great places for you to start building your online presence. for starters! Think of it as your online business card.

Blogging is all about authenticity and learning from the digital best is a great place to start. Now its time to get out there and make it your own! What are some other valuable lessons you have learned from the digital/blogger media elite?

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