PR POV: The 2013 Low Down

December 17, 2013

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It’s review time. Time to reflect on 2013. As you have been working with your clients to draft plans to springboard new efforts into a new year – there’s one thing you can’t forget: Reflecting on 2013. Now looking at the year’s past isn’t only just for a pat on the back.

2013 Year in Review

You may have accomplished tons this year, grown the business or secured some great placement for your clients but there are a few things you can do that will not only showcase all of the hard work but also prove to your clients that you are still a valuable entity of their business.

1. Schedule a Meeting – Nothing is better than some phone/face time with your clients. Not only will scheduling a call allow you to have the floor and present what’s been accomplished it will allow you to put additional color with your findings. Maybe your top tier media placements were a little lackluster for 2014 but the success of a recently installed blogger relations program killed it! Taking your clients through campaigns and programming will let you emphasize the results for a positive conversation.

2. Report Cards – Yes! Create a report card that will showcase the results. How many media placements, how many social media impressions, how many client quotes made it into coverage? There are tons of metrics you can use to highlight a successful program. After you put it together share it with your client. Having a tangible takeaway will not only keep you on track in a meeting but will give your client something to share internally.

3. K.I.S.S. – “Keep it simple stupid!” Remember that we know this business better than anyone and your client may not speak the PR language. If they are just stepping into the social game define words in more basic terms instead of saying nearly 1.0M impressions – maybe say “Our twitter posts had the potential to reach nearly 1.0M people this year as retweets and mentions helped spread the word.”

4. Never Fear – Don’t be afraid to showcase where teamwork between you and the client could be better. Does the social media program need more attention? Do you need to find more speaking opportunities or events to attend? There is always room for improvement but if you are going to point out a larger hole – have a tactical plan and share offers and services where you/your firm can really step it up! Who knows – it may lead to some new and valuable business.

Best of luck with your reviews and 2014 planning!

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