PR POV: What you need to know – Blogger v. Influencer

April 7, 2014

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Good Morning! Happy Monday! I’m back, rested and I don’t know about you but some good R&R kept from my PR jargon cup/jar running over last week.

In my case the old joke “You know you’re a PR Pro when,” came up at dinner when I started throwing out terms like social listening, PR-able and blogger/influencer. All were rolling past my lips like my lovely glass of wine becoming as much a part of my daily vocabulary like ‘le fruit du vin.’


Now while I may seem like I am two ticks short of PR brainwash, there’s actually a lot of validity surrounding how common we are making these words. Sure blogger and influencer campaigns are spreading through PR campaigns like glitterbombs – But the bigger question remains are we using those references properly? And if not – who are we hurting when we don’t?

One of the best things about my new gig is that I actually am getting to work with bloggers and “influencers”– aka. I get to talk to people like me all day (I wish…). But while working with people that have a lot of social media followers, or a soap box to deliver a brand message in unique way what’s just as important is educating yourself (as the PR Pro) and your brand about the difference between blogger/influencer. Now those are some words that need some SERIOUS debunking!


Influencer – (n.) Someone who is able to deliver an above average impact on the way in which an audience forms opinions and thoughts on a subject matter and can insight action from others as a result.

Blogger – (n.) Someone who publishes on an informal site consisting of entries or posts that are typically displayed in reverse date order, with the most recent appearing first.

The dividing line comes down to two things – the captivation and the action, bloggers simply have the platform and influencers the voice. I know what you’re thinking: Then can bloggers be influencers? Sure they can!

Brands are telling stories to and through bloggers and influencers because they have a captive audience that will insight action and change affinity for some things we know and love. Think about it this way – if Regina George Tweets that she and Aaron Samuels are back together – you can bet that her 5K followers aka the population of North Shore High is going to care. If Janice posts a photo of her lunch on Instagram – She has 5 followers and gets 5 likes – she is still delivering an impact.

So remember this – the ROI is in the action – it’s in the engagement. By just calling someone a blogger, think – are you selling them short? By labeling someone an influencer – do they really have an impact? Since our society has embraced one touch form of communication an Instagram like, a Retweet – sometimes a comment (which asks a lot these days…) is a stamp of approval. So when  you are building a campaign and or content – give credit where credit is due. A blogger may only have 10 visits but if each visit has resulted in one of those actions – clearly they have an audience. That’s better than having 5,000 followers and not even a peep right? Does a tree fall in the woods?

What are some of the other misconceptions we’re dishing out in the blogger/influencer world? Let’s break out the “burn book.” After all it worked for Cady Herron…

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