Preparar por “Juan-uary” – Bachelor is Back!

So if you recall – I broke it off, sent a text and ended my Monday night dating relationship. My virtual two-hour dates with Chris Harrison and the 25 men that vied for Desiree’s heart was over (it wasn’t you boys… it was me… I just couldn’t fully commit). After the drama was over, I felt liberated – single, fancy-free even…

Juan Pablo

But the “boyfriend” is back in the form of a sexy brooding Venezuelan who knows his way around matters of the heart.  (I mean, how do you say no to that!) He’s putting on the full “soccer field” press with not one, not three not 5 but the first 8 dates already planned! If that’s not getting swept off your Bachelor feet then well you’re a betch and I can’t help you…

This season of The Bachelor is banging down the door HARD – and just recently and exclusively announced that Chris Harrison and friends are cooking up and 8 night line-up that we simply won’t be able to say no to!

Check out whats going to take you from 0 to meet the parents this “Juan-uary” –

Sunday, January 5th at 8 p.m.  – The Bachelor Countdown to Juan Pablo will offer a sneak and inside peek into the life of the ex-pro soccer player. Aka what it looks like when Juan Pablo runs down the sandy beaches of Miami with his shirt off. See him in the classic swoon-worthy father roll with 4-year-old daughter Camilla, and a sneak preview at the chicks that are going to vie for screen time.

Monday, January 6th at 8 p.m. – The season premiere of Juan Pablo’s journey to find love and the doling out of +100 roses this season. Of course there will be drama and of course there will be some HORRIFIC night 1 dresses and first impressions – YES!

Sunday, January 12th at 8 p.m.  – Get to know the cast and crew behind the longest running TV show in dating history.  What do the late nights look like – and how much really goes into creating the ultimate fantasy date? This special will take you behind the scenes, as you watch the infamous and romantically inclined producers create a winter wonderland fantasy date.

Juan Pablo 2

Monday, January 13th at 8 p.m. – Episode 2 – We all know it’s time to break some hearts and shirtless scenes at this point are going to rival our last Bachelor Sean Lowe. So who’s ready to watch some girls cry, squeal and maybe watch one try and wash her skanky bra on his washboard abs?

Sunday, January 19th at 8 p.m.  - The Bachelor: Bachelor Love Stories will catch us up on the few success stories that have actually survived 26 seasons of an ordinarily less than perfect outcome. This special should give a whole new outlook for Juan Pablo – Señor – “may the odds be ever in your favor.”

Monday, January 20th at 8 p.m. – Episode 3  – More crying, more dating, some kissing, a lot of shirtless Juan Pablo. But who cares if it’s 30 degrees here… It’s Juan-uary!


Sunday, January 26th at 8 p.m.  - The Bachelor: Sean and Catherine’s Wedding – Truly a wedding and success story we have been waiting for – Sean and Catherine will exchange their vows in a live television event on ABC.

Thanks to ABC I am now dating my television – however this time around it’s with Juan-Pablo! Aye Carumba!  So, hey Chris Harrison – does this mean we’re going steady?

See you in “Juan-uary!”

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One Response to Preparar por “Juan-uary” – Bachelor is Back!

  1. so happy we never have to see des again and can instead focus all our snarky efforts on the 25 ladies going after the juan and only juan pablo.
    looks like mondays will be looking up again.

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