Tulum, Mexico

Postcards and coffee cups – someone snag that blog name. If you haven’t already guessed – my mind is certainly not on work as I’ve traveled to Tulum, Mexico for a little sun, sand, adventure and relaxation. After two weeks of solid hard work and late nights – this girl was ready for her mirrored sunglasses, a good book and tequila!

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February 9, 2015

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Diaries of A “Sun-Kissed” Glow

Yesterday showed signs of spring. Yesterday also showed signs that I was days away from a beach vacation with nothing but white legs and arms that are so fluorescent I could easily stop traffic. So what’s a girl to do when she’s days away from dresses and dancing? Plan backwards…

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April 29, 2014

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“PR Prowess” Dateability – Four Things You NTK


While taking some much needed time to comb through @PRDaily I came across an article that basically is my life realized. Our world is dedicated to our “PR Prowess” sometimes rubbing off into our relationships – We can’t help that we are such dedicated social butterflies, but what we can do is help those that date us to understand a little bit more about our lifestyle.

With a nod to Tom Chambers’s post on five things to know before dating a journalist, here’s a similar guide to embarking on a relationship with a PR professional.

Here are four things you should know about dating a PR pro:

Our relationships are our top priority.

Because our job involves satisfying the needs of multiple people, we’re good at relationships. We’re good at mediating, moderating, and making things happen. “Fantastic,” you’re thinking, “this all sounds lovely.” Oh, wait, did you think we meant our “relationship” with you? Oh, goodness, no. We have vast networks of contacts; we have more “relationships” than Richard Branson has islands. (Actually, that’s a rubbish comparison—he has only one.) The fact is, we are people people, inherently social, and we will undoubtedly know at least three times more people in the bar than you do.

We’re very positive.

Come to us with a problem, and we will always give you a solution. We like turning situations around—so much so that sometimes you might forget how things actually were in the first place. Some people call this spin, but we don’t. We prefer to think of ourselves as incredible storytellers; there will never be an awkward silence over dinner when we’re around, ever.

We know what’s hot and what’s not.

We are very much on the ball in terms of what’s hot or not. We work six months in advance, so we live that way. Early adopters, some might say. When you think something’s cool, chances are we’ve been there and done that—most likely at an industry event. Some of these industry events require us to exist on a diet of champagne and the odd canapé, normally handed out at the latest “unbookable” restaurant. We can be a little tricky to wow at dinner.

We’re incredibly efficient.

Returning to the “everybody” of my first point, we have a lot of people to stay in touch with, so we are rather good at organization. However, this makes for an incredibly packed schedule, so you could find yourself being allocated a time in the ever-present BlackBerry calendar, possibly as a weekend or evening activity. You could also find dinner interrupted by the red flash of the BlackBerry, alerting us to an essential social media checking appointment. Please just allow us to ensure each of our social networks is up to speed; it won’t take a minute. The world could end if you prevent us from doing this.

and I think I will add one more… We’re lots of personality.

PR Pros go 1 million miles an hour so when you ask us to settle down were still moving pretty fast. @AbbyMalikPR said it best “We’re a talkative bunch. Excitable, with a lot of hand gestures and facial expressions. So, at a dinner party, watch your drink. I knocked over a glass of water on Saturday night almost into a woman’s lap.” – Amen sister!
With that, you are fully briefed on what to expect from your other-half—the good, the bad, and the sometimes-baffling traits of PR people. Treat us well, and you’ll become like a favorite client: We’ll want to spend all our time with you.

April 19, 2012

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Bring Ryan Home: For Six/For One

Well after recovering from a wonderful weekend in New England and NYC and a sickness that felt like the 8th plague – I am so excited to final share with you pictures and a recap of a great event I got to attend in my favorite city in the world with @46NYC.

Deciding on an outfit for this occasion was no easy feat as I was going to be in the company of some of bachelor/bachelorette’s finest and friends from the NYC area. Let’s just say Michelle Money had on some awesome yellow stilettos! After finally settling on black pants and a leopard top for an acoustics session by The CAB at NYC’s Webster Hall – I ventured down to the famous 3rd and 11th street venue to support the Faulkner family to bring Ryan home with old and new friends Robyn, Jenna, Jen, Jaclyn and Lizzie.

The ladies of the evening!

For some colorful background:

46NYC is a New York based charity run with heart and passion by Graham Bunn, Hal Kivette and John McGinn. I had the pleasure of meeting Graham and Hal and was so impressed by their candor, compassion and honesty dedicated to helping causes that would maybe otherwise be overlooked; shedding light on some of the biggest issues facing our world and how we as a younger group can make a difference and really feel its impact down to a family living on our own soil – just like the Faulkner’s.

The night was about Ryan – a young boy living in Eastern Europe suffering from Noonan’s syndrome, a congenital heart defect and significant psychological and motor developmental (more…)

April 10, 2012

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Adventure Time: Trips to the Big Bad City for a Very Special Cause!

Packing I am convinced is an art form I will never master. Not only am I severe over-packer for some reason I find that drinking wine and talking to friends is going to lead to a productive laundry packing session. TBD whether or not I will have a fabulous outfit to wear to a great event on Friday in NYC with good friends – it could combine some form of neon and print in which case hipster chic may be completely fine at a Concert with The Cab.

I have been getting a lot of inquiries lately about what this “event” is that I am attending on Friday at Webster Hall in NYC and I can tell you it’s with an organization dedicated to great work. #46NYC is a “classic brand” serving some of the greatest hardships in today’s global society, from disease to abuse and poverty and committed to giving back in not only a fashionable way but while engaged in fellowship to bring awareness to these challenges.

One thing about this organization that strikes a chord with me is their commitment to connectedness to help the cause. Social Media channels fueled by the influencers behind this organization have garnered a network spanning cities all over the United States to support multiple causes. This group has served each cause connecting with the local community to bring outsiders in for these special occasions. I have been very lucky this community has welcomed me with open arms and look forward to spending time getting to know them.

I’ll be tweeting from the event so make sure to check out @LaurenAPruner. Look for a post on Monday chronicling my fun night ahead and check www.TheOverAnalyst.com on Monday for even more recaps!

For more details on the event click here:  4.6.12 Concert For Ryan

There are still tickets left if you’re going to be in the NYC area this weekend – Join us and help bring Ryan Home! Click here to purchase

April 5, 2012

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Blonde Files: Autonomous Living

Ever wonder what it would be like to live alone – is it really as great as people say or will you be forgotten about living in your own space? Well I gave TheOverAnalyst.Net my Top 10 ways to navigate autonomous living – trust me you’ll want to look forward to these! Check out my contributor article later today on TheOverAnalyst.Net!

More to come…

April 4, 2012

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Don’t Worry Be Happy it’s Friday!

It’s been a really great and busy week this week. I have been preparing for new roles – taking on new projects and finding the silver lining to some clouds that were looming. So to spread the Friday cheer see some of my favorite things that helped me laugh all the way through this week – I hope they bring a smile! Happy Fun Friday!

March 30, 2012

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Contributor Files: Lauren joins TheOverAnalyst.Net

Click Here to Visit today’s contribution: “The Foodie Leap List” | Click here for TheOverAnalyst.Net | Visit the twitter musings of Jenna Burke

March 28, 2012

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Holla Blogger Nation!

Break out the Hall & Oates – and the good wine – we have something to celebrate!

After collaboration with my friend Jenna Burke at TheOverAnalyst.net I will be signing on as the newest lifestyle contributor to help Jenna reach her audience with the many adventures and musings of the life of a 20-something.

I can’t thank Jenna enough for such a great opportunity and can’t wait to learn from her how to bring my writing to life and bring it “outside the box!” If you haven’t already checked it out venture over to TheOverAnalyst.net – I think some of you may recognize her! (wink! wink!)

I love getting feedback from you all so E-mail us at ThePlistBlog@gmail.com if you have any ideas you want me to explore here at The P-List or some fodder for outside the box thinking at The Over-Analyst! I am so thankful to have such a great following and can’t wait to get the ball rolling!

I have a feeling there are some more great changes coming to the P-List so keep checking back and I will make sure to keep you posted….

– Lauren

March 27, 2012

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Perfect Patio Sunday!

Hi P-Listers! To keep my foodie fetish alive I thought I would share with you a great and easy way to have fun with friends and cook a great meal – together!

It’s so easy to do a potluck dinner but sometimes getting three or four friends together for a warm summer patio meal is exactly what I want to wind down the weekend and get ready for a busy week ahead. Yesterday two of my good friends and I decided to cook a Sunday dinner fully equipped with steak potatoes and some good southern spinach. (We are in Dallas after all!)

Start by all going to the grocery store together – assign one person a side, main course, salad etc. make them responsible for that part of the meal – everything from preparation to plating. I had the easy task of potatoes – I chose one of my mother’s easy recipes – roasted rosemary and garlic bluet potatoes. Not only does it offer great plate color but add that on top of a great steak (cooked by the man friend of course) and a spinach side – we certainly had the makings of a good meal.

It may seem like to many cooks are in the kitchen but we managed just fine with plenty of counter space – my advice – claim your spot and stick to it! New Yorker’s best of luck to you and your small kitchen’s us Dallas-ites believe in wide open space J

You can find the recipes for our sides and wine pairings below – As for the steak get the man to make the meat!

Side 1: Buttery Spinach and Mushrooms |Side 2: Roasted Rosemary Potatoes |Wine pairing: Trapiche Torrontés 2010

March 26, 2012

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