The 25 Days of FITmas

If you are anything like me you had some turkey, couldn’t resist your aunt’s sweet potatoes and ate some questionable yet really tasty stuffing last week. Friday morning rolled around and then again so did you for that matter – feeling a little more “obtuse” than normal.

25 days of FITmas

On top of all of that – there are Christmas parties piling up, another holiday less than 25 days away, you just bought a killer NYE dress/outfit that you need to fit into and also renew your vow to both living with new intentions and crafting that new 2014 mind/body balance. OYE!

“But it’s the Holiday’s!” – Trust me that’s an excuse I have used before. However this year instead of starting off January 1 round and proud – I’m getting a jump start!  The 25 days of FITmas dedicates you to making better choices and working to set 2014 off in the right direction. It’s not a program, no sign-up required, no crazy app to track (unless that helps you!) just a commitment to yourself that you are going to feel and look better than the Swarovski time square ball by the time it drops! 

25 Days of FITmas - Do This
After talking with a few friends - we have all committed to keeping each other honest, while platters circulate around the room, confections waft the kitchen and sitting inside because it’s “too cold” is just not an option. Jump start FITmas! 25 days – one commitment, one day at a time. Pinterest is always a great resource to get started – you can also kick start with a three day juice cleanse – its a great way to flush away thanksgiving and start off on a new foot.

Are you going to commit? COME ON! Do it! Tweet it and we can kick some New Years A$$ together!

For some additional motivation check out what @LuluLemon is up to with their #NoHumbug Challenge.

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One Response to The 25 Days of FITmas

  1. Becca Jacoby says:

    Love that I can continue following your life/musings from Texas! Can’t wait for the return of your Bachelor recaps. Miss you!

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