The White Dress

April 1, 2014

The beauty of living close to home – the closet space. New York City living, though with all of its outer perks, the innards of an apartment include cramped space and the attempt to maximize every inch that you have – thus common luxuries like closets, yep they rarely exist.


So when you get the chance in the spring to swap out your wardrobe for those summer staples – undoubtedly you must. So with PRBMom’s visit last weekend also came with a host of dresses and tops. Anyone that knows me will tell you that I am a sucker for a white dress. No its not some weird psycho-side effect from living in the south and the ‘run to the aisle’ race rather its just clean silhouette that I can’t imagine living without.  Here’s a few favorites –

But clearly it doesn’t stop there because if you really know me well, I seem to be a hoarder of white tops. A white top, maybe with a pocket and among the likes of Rag & Bone, Theory or Ann Taylor (one of my favorite spots) I am a sucker for structure.

I am sure that’s why I have a secret crush on the Marlboro man (the non-smoker obvi…) – white shirt, jeans, maybe cowboy boots – okay daydreaming swoon…