Thursday Reading – Vol. 3

I can’t tell you how nice its been to be home. Forgetting about work for a bit and relaxing with my family watching old home movies and playing games has been both precious and therapeutic. Though our holidays can be a little over the top (ex. Dad twerking in his NEW dark jeans) I have loved every minute of being back in this house.

Cozy Style

I got up a little early this morning to take in some “me” time and get in a workout before another day of “Prunerpalooza” begins. With a cup of mama’s Columbian blend in hand I caught up on a little early morning reading…

Watching old home movies was both nostalgic and enlightening. Its amazing how far we have come since age five where “School n’ Stampin’” Polly Pocket was all that was on our Christmas list. Thanks to Elite Daily I think I am going to have a few other things on my list next year…

I love this Christmas gift from Elements of Style - I think I secretly wanted to be an architect in my past life.

With a few houseguests over the holidays I love these small touches thanks to I rock so What – How many times can one ask for the Wi-Fi password?

You know those perfectly crafted Pinterest boards you come across? Well this one makes me want to go on a vacation. Who’s with me?

You know “The Slow Fade” well I guess we have made that a thing now – thanks to New York Blonde.

Todays the last day to enter the Jouer Cosmetics giveaway – Here! Just enough time to add some glitter to your NYE!

I hope you had a wonderful holiday surrounded by family and friends. Hope today’s post  holiday hangover is filled with movies and cookies!

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One Response to Thursday Reading – Vol. 3

  1. rachel says:

    How amazing and cozy does that pic look?!?!

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