Wednesday Review – Picture Perfect

March 6, 2013

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I’m back! Yep, I took a week off! Only 1 post during my hiatus. So despite the fact that I try and post as much as I can and most of my “witty” thoughts make it to paper – this blog isn’t what totally pays the bills. SHOCKER! In any case the last two weekends and weeks have been a blessing and a curse. Two weekends ago I was in Philly with two of my closest friends from New York – there for a little business and a little pleasure. Then a crazy work week, which led to the blog’s minor week long vacation/hiatus. Then I got to see my Dad and Brother this past weekend, while my Dad was in town for the brother’s college fraternity initiation – he’s a “Lion” now! See my weekends in pictures:

Weekend 1 – PRBlonde Takes Philadelphia

Fullscreen capture 362013 95820 AM

People ask me all the time – how come your face is never on your blog? Well kids – here you go! I guess I just thought that the clothes, PR tips and entertainment news was more important! In any case I had a fabulous weekend with two of my good friends from New York, Lizzie and Courtney while I was in Philly for work! What would a girls weekend be without a little pampering at the Ritz Carlton Philadelphia! What an amazing hotel. Philly brought all sorts of surprises including – Authentic Philly Cheesesteaks, martinis at hot spot, Sampan and some fun shopping on Walnut St and in Rittenhouse Square.

Fullscreen capture 362013 95825 AM We didn’t stop there as our new/good friend Craig got us tickets to see Tiesto on Saturday night! The last time I saw Tiesto I was in college – touched his leg and about fainted. So this time when we were stage side I again about fainted – needless  to say thank God I was wearing really comfy/cute shoes! Can’t thank Craig enough for his Philly hospitality and Courtney and Lizzie for an awesome weekend!

(insert RIDICULOUS work week and PRBlonde post hiatus here)

Weekend 2 – PRBlonde Boys Come To Town

Fullscreen capture 362013 95827 AM

Go figure, I still live in the same town as my Alma Mater and I get up there and visit once every few months – sad I know! But I couldn’t resist taking a few amazing photos of our GORGEOUS campus – the gardening budget for this place has got to be ridiculous!


 I was so excited when Dad came to town – haven’t seen the man since Christmas and arguably my brother as well since his fraternity basically owned him during pledgeship. After 7/8 weeks the little brother was finally initiated – now we have two “lions” in the family! Dad of course was a sport and took me shopping. While I was in DVF he couldn’t resist catching up on some light reading -he’s clearly and InStyle man. With a few visits to see some family friends (one whose house has the coolest carpet floral/zebra print combo,  see above) we had a great time!

So there’s a small glimpse into the PRBlonde world. Satisfied? Want to see more follow me on Twitter and Instagram – I kinda do cool stuff there….

More adventures to come including a trip to Los Angeles for #LuckyFABBWest 2013!

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