March 3, 2014

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What a GLAMourous night! If you didn’t watch the Oscar’s last night you’re dead to me. And if you were among the other 43 Million that did, two words… Matthew McConaughey.

86th Annual Academy Awards - Press Room

Last night, I joined the GLAM Fam at Soho House for a Oscar’s Viewing Party and loved every minute of my five hour venture even though Jess, Julia and I were seeing cross-eyed by 11PM. Not only did I ace my Oscar picks but I couldn’t get over how amazing the red carpet was!  It was really hard for me to find some truly flawed outfits. I mean even Gaga classed it up!? Not only was Ellen also an amazing host with an hysterical monologue, pizza for all and took the greatest selfie of all time that BROKE Twitter…. it was a flawless show.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.36.13 AM

Kerry Washington – Jason Wu // Kate Hudson – Atelier Versace // Lupita Nyong’o – Prada // Jennifer Lawrence – Dior Haute Couture

Now while Matthew and Jared may have killed it in their matching dinner jackets it was his wife Camilla Alves and Lupita that stole the show. Those gorgeous pastels! Also, Jennifer Lawrence’s young star reign may be on hold but her killer Dior worshiping style certainly isn’t stunning in a Dior Haute Couture Red gown with peplum accents.

worst dressed

Anne Hathaway – Gucci // Jennifer Garner – Oscar De La Renta // Amy Adams – Gucci // Cate Blanchett – Armani 

Now while I didn’t think these dresses totally missed the mark I wasn’t head over heels. Anne Hathaway… what happened?!? Is that a cheese grater on your chest? Jennifer Garner you look like a pretty and sparkly version of my Swiffer duster. I feel like Amy Adam’s could have killed it in a plunging neckline and payed homage to her American Hustle character but she played it safe… next time less hair gel, Ames. I may be the only one that can’t stand the Best Actress winners dress. Cate this is the gown version of Britney Spear’s bejeweled body suit. A sleek red with a dazzling up-do would have classed you up big time.

Screen Shot 2014-03-03 at 1.36.43 AM

We didn’t see much of that guy on the left – (Okay don’t kill me – I FORGET HIS NAME, and it was either scour the internet for “that dude, in that movie” or post this. But he looked sharp, oh well, can I blame it on a blonde moment?) Well whoever he is (save me in the comments section please!) was amongst some of the most well known Hollywood names like Kevin Spacey, Zach Efron, Jared Leto who rocked the best ombre hair ever and may be Steven Tyler’s long lost son. Then, there’s also Benedict Cumberbatch who sounds like a really great breakfast sandwich and looks about as yummy as one too.

CouplesHere come the dazzling couples! HEEEELLLOOOO McConaughey’s you have arrived! As for Calista and Harrison – the flawless old guard has still got it! Show the new kids how its done Harrison will you? “When you want pizza THIS is how you take it!” (Hans Solo needed a napkin…).

Congrats to all the winners and thanks to Jess for sticking it out till cookies brownies and of course the end!

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