June 10, 2014

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NYC is a total rat race! One that can often keep our heads down and in my case out of the blogosphere for a hot second! (Sorry all!) Last week was the mother of all busy weeks – but funny how brunch with friends and a few reminders about our badass city/job /lives really are to snap you back into a very thankful reality. So how did I get to such a place – let’s recap….

Bucket List

Monday – 10 A.M. – Breakfast eaten, morning meetings attended, to-do list made before 10. ß A laughable subject since the PR Gods find a well-organized day too easy.

Monday – 10:05 AM – As the Gods would have it – CURVEBALL!

Tuesday – 12 PM – At this point I have had 4 hours of sleep, 1.5 meals and created a “deck” that even Richard Edelman would bow down to. #girlboss

Wednesday – 2PM – Through a client review, and they loved it – phew! Today is showing promises of leaving before 8 and a workout – no more sockbuns!

Thursday – Wait there was a Thursday?

Friday – 3:45 AM out of bed – 4AM car, 5AM media day… oh hey there GMA, Today and Fox and Friends.

Saturday – Someone hand me a mimosa…

Now while my week showed signs of impending exhaustion, it didn’t matter. I was checking things off left and right from my #PRBucketlist. New York is a rat race – and it’s just that time in our lives for small paychecks, minor breakdowns and if you work hard enough big breaks and at the end of the day it’s up to us to shape what that looks like.

So it got me thinking what’s on my professional bucket list? Those tangible dreams that are my daily reminders of why I get up in the morning put a brush through my mane and channel my inner Sophia Amoruso

  1. Book a Today Show segment
  2. Host am AMAZING blogger event (this one’s in the works! Wooo hooo!)
  3. Build up a killer “little black book” – (the perfect rolodex of editors, stylists and influencers)
  4. Win a new business pitch with a client I truly believe in
  5. Secure a national media exclusive story – because YOU pitched it Wall Street Journal 2011
  6. Buy my team coffee and donuts on MY birthday
  7. Work for a children’s brand
  8. Work at a standing desk
  9. Sponsor a major sports event (Superbowl 2011, Belmont Stakes 2014)
  10. Be responsible for someone else’s success
  11. Work with at least 5 celebrity clients in 2 years
  12. Be an integral member of an IRM team (Influencer Relationship Management) aka. be a “blog boss”
  13. Work for a top digital agency
  14. Create a groundbreaking campaign no one has done before
  15. Work on a fortune 10 client (AT&T)
  16. Develop a niche and become a go-to resource for some element of campaign creation
  17. Build social and digital strategy skills
  18. Be considered an expert in at least one social platform – Twitter is my b!T%h!
  19. Work for the Today Show on their #OrangeRoom team
  20. Leave every job with at least 2 close friends (Melissa & Tori – job #1)
  21. Sell in a $50K+ idea to a client
  22. Write a full press kit before 10AM (TODAY!)
  23. Work with a musician
  24. Save my bosses ass at least once
  25. Help someone cross something else off their #PRBucketList

Now here’s the funny thing about this list – you don’t have to be a PR Girl! Any profession – go for it! Thanks to rules adopted from Mackenzie’s 101 in 1001 you make your own – each time you check one off – document it, date it and keep going! So are you ready to be a #girlboss?

Join me – Leave your name and a link to your twitter/Instagram – After all we’re in this together – (hence #25)! Right?


Courtney, Alexandra, Eliza

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