Pr Pov The Bucketlist

A bucket list is a collection of things that are yet to be done in your life. It is a to-do list, but with a difference.

Where did it Start?

Bucket lists are created by people who want to do something extraordinary or unusual with their lives.

They want to undertake challenges and live life to the fullest. The common thread among the items on their lists is that they are not the usual things that most people would do in their lives.

What’s a Bucket List?

The idea behind a bucket list comes from the concept of a bucket being filled with water and holes poked in the bottom. As you go through life, you experience different things and it’s impossible to remember them all. At some point, you realize that the bucket is starting to run over. That’s when you make a bucket list, which is basically a list of things you want to do before you die.