My New Travel Buddy

January 21, 2015

This year I’m committed to a lot of new things – or amping up some areas that really shined in 2013 (whoa throwback!) One of those things includes getting a few more stamps on the passport and as you all know I’m starting off the year with a trip to Tulum. Ole!


But first confession, I am a horrendous packer. Congrats to the betches who have this on lock down. Newsflash – we all have our flaws. Among mine – packing. However, someone once said, “Packing takes as much time as you leave for it.” Well clearly I leave too much since my bag is ALWAYS busting.

Real story: PR girls are supposed to be some of the most organized chicklettes on the planet. Our signature is lipstick stained coffee cups not busting from the seems baggage. So on a recent trip to Chicago (one night mind you) my indecisiveness landed me with a toddler size checked back instead of the classy black roller. Shame face. Yes, I did, I checked a bag for one night.


With all that aside – my resolutions and plane plights ladder back to one thing – packing efficiently. So when Meg and Victoria asked loyal B Bar readers to identify one item that in the past year became invaluable to you can imagine I chose an item dedicated to my packing reformation.

When I first saw this Lo & Sons bag about 6 months ago it struck a cord the “I want to pack like that” cord. The girl that has the perfect packed carry-on, and doesn’t sacrifice space for nothin’ kind-o-girl.


Among other things, like utilizing Hitha’s killer packing list, receiving this bag was the highlight of my jetsetter makeover. Not only is the bag perfectly crafted – but it also represents my commitment to my “trav-olutions” in 2015. (Also an area I’m committed to writing more about – and documenting.)

So I guess you could say “I’m off” in more ways than one this year. What’s one thing that you added to your home or closet that defined your hopes for 2015?


**ya I killed that packing job!


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