September 23, 2015

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Ah fall! The time when budgets run lean and you find the kismet space between holiday short and long-lead pitching. “What’s that? There’s a moment to breathe in PR?!” I know – shocker, but truthfully, the PR game ebbs and flows – scratch that, rages and flows! So when you have a few moments to organize your desk, perfectly e-file your e-mail and take care of some fall housekeeping before 2016 planning sucks you back in, you take it.

Desk Goals 2A lot of PR girls take this time in the year to do a few things for themselves, like leave the office before 7/8PM, go on vacation. However, I have always admired those that have used the time to seek out new skills opportunities and “reset” their PR selves up for the homestretch and mark the year a raving success. (They get double caf’s at Starbucks).

So in the spirit of pressing on I decided what better way than to honor the lull with a list of PR goals. Consider this my career take on Mackenzie’s 100 in 1001. An inspiring list of attainable and achievable mini-goals only my list wont be as long. Update: after making this list, 18 seemed to be the perfect number  to round out a successful 2016.

The below goals are tailored to the next four months to not only set myself up for success but help me to explore new opportunities and turn me into the double-caf drinking girl I always new I could/should be!

Housekeeping – The offline stuff!

  1. Take 1 night to order sushi, crack open a bottle of wine and OVERHAUL my outlook inbox
  2. Redesign my desk (Oct. 11)
  3. Buy a laptop stand

Media Relations – The PR dating game.

  1. Take an influencer, reporter or broadcast producer out every week till December 15th. Total: 15 meetings. Then we pour hot toddy’s and rest.
  2. Develop a killer 2016 influencer plan (and sell it in!) (Pt. 1 10/21)
  3. Put client in the middle of a trending story (10/5)
  4. Land 5 Gift Guide placements
  5. Secure one morning show placement – solo! (10/19)

Account Management – Herding the flock.

  1. Take ownership of a project I’ve never worked on before (10/12)
  2. Present campaign results to client
  3. Finish out my 2015 campaign with better results than its start.
  4. Help a junior staffer run point on a project and oversee progress.
  5. Teach an AAE five easy PR shortcuts that will make his or her life easier.
  6. Do my time entry – EVERY DAY. (We’re going to go for 80% accuracy on this one!)
  7. Come in under budget, at least once!

Career – moving forward.

  1. Get promoted – again.
  2. Present an influencer practice case study to my office.
  3. Lead a consumer group meeting. (250 people.)

/ / / /

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What are your career goals? Create your own tweet me your list and I’ll share your post here!

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