FROM THE DESK: My Future PR Self

May 20, 2015

It’s been a while since we’ve gone back to the desk. Partially because I feel myself spending so much time there writing about it seems to almost make me nauseous. We’ve been so busy at the “Big A” that its been hard to take a step back and focus on the bigger picture. I’m getting really good at being “in the weeds,” so by all means consider this post a shovel because I want out of the work hole!

The Everygirl

Now while I love my job PR is a detail business. Sometimes its hard to pull yourself back and see the bigger impact when you feel like you have spent an hour talking about the crafted tweets and then another hour actually crafting something that is only 140 characters long and feels like it carries the weight of the world in such few words.

So when one of my daily reads “The Well Blog over on The B Bar” (Great blogging tips over there BTW) ask me in this months link-up to shift my focus into the larger expanse we call “the future” (cue the godlike voice) I welcomed the thought of taking a step back and giving the bigger picture a little thought.




Now if you’ve noticed – I’ve already started making this post about work. A few personal pep talks and a few glasses of wine later I’ve come up with a short list of not only things I want to do to create a better career future for myself but some tips and tricks that may inspire you to take a step back, get out of your own “weed filled” garden and gain some perspective on what it will take you to move forward in your PR career whether just starting out or a few years down the road.

1. Don’t Sweat The Small Stuff – The tweet wont break the inter-webs. You will not bring down the republic nor go viral like Kim K. did with her ass. So When your stuck, step away. On any task its easy to be immobilized for any number of reasons. Gaining perspective will help you see where that puzzle piece fits and get you moving again.

2. Cut Yourself a Break – We all make mistakes.When the dragon lady at work breathes even more fire on it yep, its worse. We’ve all been there. But remember you’re human, and while it may feel like you have to strap on a cape everyday to brave crazy clients or office politics, there will be some days that you will screw up. What more important is that you can acknowledge that you made a mistake and learn from it.

3. Add Others to Your Ballot – We all have managers that are tougher than others – but giving them all of your attention certainly doesn’t help the voting process. You should have many people weighing in on your “ballot” and what’s important is that you take the time to foster relationships with those co-workers and managers, earn their trust and let that positive relationship work for you when called upon.

4. Explore Your Passions – Often times its easy to turn into a worker bee and forget that you have your own passion project that will put you on the map. Whether its taking time during the day and scheduling “fake meetings” to explore that project a bit more or staying a little late to bring that “brain child” to life – its what will put the life back in you and show your initiative. Explore those passions.

5. Work Harder – One of the hardest things about work is to grow enough to admit that you make have to just work harder than others do to get ahead. It’s not fair, it never will be. But the second you own it, buckle down and get it done – it’s done! And who knows maybe your extra day uncovered even more details thanks to your thorough abilities.

6. Lean In – Similarly to working harder – work smarter. Sometimes that means even when you may disagree with your team or a manager instead of fighting, let them have their way. Though it may not have been a call you would have made, you will still learn something in the process. If anything it will allow you to accept that there is more than one way to do things and practice being at peace with that. All too often, something managers forget.

7. Balance Better – You’re a human. You require sleep, meals, showers, workouts, friend and romantic connections and that isn’t going to be found through your desktop boyfriend named Dell or Mac. Unlike other asshole cheaters those guys will still be there tomorrow. So if that means sending a “Can I take care of this tomorrow?” e-mail – do it! Live life – leave work! (and for god sakes shower!)

8. Stand Up for Yourself – Plain and simple – sometimes you’re not wrong. Even if the person that you may disagree with has years on you, sometimes your still right. Fight for it and show your team that you have a backbone. No one likes soggy toast.

9. Fight For Your Vision – While all roads may lead to Candyland in your head – other’s may need help through the gumdrop forest. So fight for your vision with a clear and strategic plan. But, also be willing to accept others ideas – it may lead to a short cut. (Come on who didn’t love those shortcut cards!)

10. Go With Your Gut – No matter what always go with your gut. It will always tell you right from wrong, good from bad and will give you the confidence to walk away or run towards something with a bit more confidence.

What are some of the bigger picture work mantras you live by? For more – check out how a few of my other favorites answered the same question.

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