Cortexi Reviews : Are Inefficiency Claims vs the Supplement True?

Reviews on Cortexi ear health supplements as featured by Hyman Hearing, rebut inefficiency contentions against the product. After all, Cortex manufacturers offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee to those who say so, even if an empty bottle was presented as proof of purchase. Besides, the product is FDA-registered as a dietary supplement and not as medicinal treatment for tinnitus and other hearing problems. As a supplement, it simply promises to improve ear health in order to reduce risks of developing hearing disorders during old age.

Known Causes of Poor Ear Health

It should be understood that tinnitus does not always lead to hearing loss. In some people, tinnitus is only temporary usually when caused by earwax build up; or due to increases in air and/or temperature pressures

Hearing loss that is more permanent in nature is caused by cochlear damage. The latter is an inner ear component that is responsible for transmitting sound messages to the brain. Cochlear damage can also be caused by constant exposure to loud sounds that ruptured or perforated eardrum membranes. A tumor or unusual bone growth, ear infection, and chemotherapy treatment are also possible causes of poor cochlear health.

Actually, most ear health experts believe that the lifestyle choices we make, can impact our ear health. A reference to lifestyle choices generally include the kind of food and beverage we consume as daily diet, our habits and behavior in the use of sound-producing devices, particularly the electronic types. which can cause a weakening of the entire auditory system. Yet the most common cause of hearing loss is aging, specifically when overall physical conditions are adversely affected by certain negative elements. Such elements may have influenced or limited a person’s food and lifestyle choices during younger years.

However, due to certain circumstances, some individuals are constrained to get into unhealthy habits such as not eating balanced diets, not getting enough sleep and/or exercise, not avoiding smoking and drinking too much coffee and alcoholic drinks.

In such cases, the best remedy is to take an ear health supplement. Just make sure that like Cortexi, the formulation is made only from natural ingredients. Cortexi was developed by a team of audiologists and ear health specialists based on the belief that many of the hearing loss problems suffered by today’s older adults could have been prevented by proper dietary supplements along with changes in lifestyle.

When reading the results of studies performed by the American Auditory Society, the researchers are convinced that a person’s daily diet influences resistance against or susceptibility to adverse conditions promoting cochlear sensitivity.